So you're in love. You've talked about it and you've decided that you truly want to spend the rest of your lives together. You've told all of your family and friends about it.  You're getting married...
There are a few things that you need to think about as you plan and prepare for this special event and prepare to begin your family and start your lives together.
Marriage is a gift that God has given to all humankind for the love and wellbeing of the entire human family.  For many people, marriage is a civil contract between a woman and a man.  For Christians, however, marriage is a covenant through which two people who truly love each other are called to live out together their lives of discipleship before God.  In a service of Christian marriage a lifelong commitment is made before God and publicly witnessed and acknowledged by the community of faith.
If you have decided that you would like to be wed here at Appleby Manor, give us a call at (724) 763-1010 or send us an email or through the Contact Us page of our website. We'd be happy to talk with you.

Please review the general rules as listed on the OUR FACILITIES page, and in addition, here are a few things that we'd like you to know in advance:
  • Weddings, like all uses of the sanctuary, require Session approval.
  • All marriages will be conducted by Rev. Werth unless he gives his prior consent.
  • Any other minister may be invited to participate in the ceremony with our pastor's approval.
  • Couples being married must attend a minimum of 5 pre-marital counseling sessions.  All 5 sessions must be completed at least 60 days prior to the wedding.
  • A wedding is a service of Christian worship. The couple is to plan this service in conjunction with the pastor who will have the final say as to what is acceptable.
  • Music should be reverent and in keeping with the service of worship.  Presbyterian polity gives the pastor authority to approve music.
  • Should the couple decide on using the church organist, they should consider meeting with her regarding the service details.  The standard stipend for our organist is $125. If you would like her to also accompany a soloist, her stipend is $150.  If you plan on using a private organist, we would like that person to meet with Renee at her convenience.
  • Weddings require additional work for our custodian and an increase in utilities.  The standard "use of facilities fee" for weddings for non-members  is $200 ($60 for janitor).  In addition, a deposit of $100 is required of all couples who are non-members.  A janitor fee of $60 is required of members.
  • If a printed bulletin is desired for the service, the church secretary will provide one to members at no cost. Nonmembers will be charged $12 for the first one hundred copies. Additional copies will be $2 per each hundred.  Members and nonmembers alike need to request bulletins at least one month prior to the wedding.
  • The pastor will lead the rehearsal.  The specific time for rehearsal should be arranged with the pastor.  It will last approximately one hour.
  • All stipends for organist, soloist, pastor, facilities and bulletins (if needed) should be paid in full to the pastor at the rehearsal.  
  • A $200 fee for the pastor stipend is suggested for non-members.  This fee incorporates all counseling sessions, rehearsal, and service.  A pastor honorarium is suggested for members of the church.  
  • An official Marriage License must be presented to the officiating pastor at the wedding rehearsal.
  • No flash photography during the wedding service.
  • One video camera may be permitted at the back of the sanctuary and another remotely controlled camera may be placed upon consultation with the officiating pastor.
  • No rice is to be thrown. Birdseed or bubbles are only permitted outside the building.
  • No smoking is permitted inside the building.
  • Alcohol will not be permitted on church property.
  • The church property will be inspected at the conclusion of the wedding festivities.  If the state of the facilities is the same as prior to the event, the $100 deposit will be returned to the couple.