Our Facilities

We are happy to provide the use of our facilities, provided that the following rules and protocol are followed.  Please review these general rules that apply to ALL of our facilities and church property at Appleby Manor.  Then review the information specific to your area of interest (Social Hall, Gymnasium, or Sanctuary). 
  • All activities hosted at the church must be approved by the Session. If you'd like to host an event, please call the church at 724-763-1010 or send us an email applebymanor@windstream.net 
  • All activities hosted at the church must have adult supervision.
  • Those providing adult supervision must be furnished or approved by the Session.
  • The gym is the only room suitable for dancing. 
  • If dressing rooms are needed, provisions can be made for specific classrooms to be designated.
  • Youth admitted to events in the building will not be permitted to leave and return without the express permission of the adult sponsor of the event.  Once having left the building, they will be expected to leave church property.
  • No alchohol or abuse of equipment or facilities will be tolerated.
  • Each group using the buildings or facilities will be expected to leave things in a clean and orderly manner. All equipment (chairs, tables, balls, etc...) must be returned to their rightful places. An additional $15 cleanup fee may be assessed if facilities are left in a less than desireable condition.
  • Church organizational events take priority over other events.
  • Non-members may not host events on Sundays. 
  • Church members may not host fundraising events on Sundays.
  • Adult supervisors are responsible for turning out all the lights, faucets, and locking doors when closing the building.
  • Requests for monthly or regularly scheduled events must be cleared by the Session.
  • 10% of the gross income, or a minimum of $25 per event is charged to any group that uses the facilities for non-church fundraising events and/or is charging admission to the gym or kitchen.