Part of the Appleby Research Organisation (ARO)
 We have set up this site to put on line various sets of data mostly in the form of spreadsheets that we hope will be of use to the Appleby/Applebee researcher. Certainly you will not find everything here but I hope there maybe some odd record that may be of help in your research. 
If you have something that you think would be of use to other researchers please do send it in and I will include it on the site.
The ARO has been in existence for some time, dedicated to all things APPLEBY but mainly surnames, if you are interested in joining us (you don't have to be an Appleby) just send us a few details of your research to the contact address below and we will get back to you, membership is free. 
Some of the team are also members of the Guild of One-Name Studies (ONS) and we have a Newsletter, a strong DNA site, a Rootsweb forum site as well as a ARO general website, all these can be accessed from the contact list below. We are adding data almost daily so please take a look from time to time. 
Please remember to scroll down each page as most headings have more than one entry!