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Marnee Thai Menu

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marnee thai menu
marnee thai menu - Tiparos Thai
Tiparos Thai Fish Sauce 23 Oz. X 2 Blt.
Tiparos Thai Fish Sauce 23 Oz. X 2 Blt.
Fish sauce is the single, most important flavoring ingredient in Thai cooking (also well-loved in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and the Philippines). Used like salt in western cooking and soy sauce in Chinese cooking, good-quality fish sauce imparts a distinct aroma and flavor all its own. Large bottle will get you on the right track to start making all of your favorite Thai dishes. Simply put: if it doesn't have fish sauce, it can't be considered Thai. We are proud to offer Tiparos brand, made by one of Thailand's premier food companies, First Grade export quality. All natural.

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Another Tie sticker sighting and Marnee Thai
Another Tie sticker sighting and Marnee Thai
This one was at Irving near Marnee Thai and nuff tapioca/dessert spots. Eat at Marnee Thai. The angel wings are bomb! (and anything else on the menu). If you're lucky, you can get your fortune told. Don't ask for it though. Definitely in my top 5 list of SF restaurants.
Thai Student......
Thai Student......
Thai student .. Beautiful Thai Smile.. Please No Graphics. .

marnee thai menu