Welcome to the App Inventor for Android with Studio-Based Learning site! These pages are designed to help you create an engaging and exciting learning experience for your students by combining two key elements: quick and easy smart phone application development using App Inventor for Android with the proven  high-impact pedagogy of Studio-Based Learning.

These pages are designed for instructors, specifically those designing introductory computing experiences for non-majors ("CS0" courses). This is not a canned curriculum but a framework that can be tailored to individual needs and constraints. Note that all the material on these pages is licensed under a Creative Commons license, and I encourage you to share your course designs in kind.

Those who are not instructors are certainly welcome to use this material and learn from it. There are no answer keys, no secret information, and no tricks: just cool technology and sound pedagogy. Studio-based learning requires practice in community, so if you are an individual learner, you may be more directly served by the main App Inventor for Android page.

I believe that an instructor's primary responsibility is that of a designer of learning experiences. What I am sharing here has worked for me, but you should feel free to pick and choose the elements that will work best within your institutional constraints. That said, if you have not taken the plunge into constructivist pedagogies such as Studio-Based Learning or Project-Based Learning, I encourage you to try it in this context. My own experiences teaching with App Inventor for Android and Studio-Based Learning have been deeply rewarding, professionally and personally.

A two-minute video explaining how App Inventor for Android fits within computing education and emerging media can be found at the Emerging Media Initiative page.

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Special thanks to Google and to Ball State University for supporting this work.