Working with media files

How do you find images, audio, and video for your apps? Once found, how do you download and edit the files in preparation for use in App Inventor?

App Inventor and media
  • Use small files
  • Manipulate media files outside of App Inventor
       for example, use photoshop on images and don't try to set the width of an image in App Inventor
       USF lab computers have GIMP for image processing.
  • Be respective of copyright
Finding Media
  • creative commons search (
  • -- find and share audio
  • use to download youtube video
Editing Media
  • -- edit audio and images on-line, in "the cloud"
  • -- slice and dice video in "the cloud"
Integrating Video into Apps
  • Upload the media (<1 mb)
  • Set the source of the VideoPlayer to a URL (directly to mp4,etc.)
  • Play using ActivityStarter
    • Add an ActivityStarter component
    • Set ActivityStarter.Action to android.intent.action.VIEW. 
    • Leave ActivityStarter.Package and ActivityStarter.Class blank. 
    • Set the DataUri to the URL of the video.
  •, find using creative commons search
  • grab a short segment of the movie
  • publish it
  • use to download it onto your computer
    • either upload to app inventor or put mp4 on web and grab url