What is App Inventor?

Read the following articles and watch the video. Then answer the questions below on a new page within your portfolio. Provide the questions but answer in complete paragraphs and be sure to answer in your own words. Link to articles you reference and attribute any text you use verbatim. You don't need to be right, just thoughtful and insightful. You may need to do additional on-line research to answer some of the questions.

Steve Lohr, Google's Do it Yourself App creation Software, NY Times.
Clive Thompson, Coding for the Masses, Wired Magazine.
Howard Wen, The Ascendance of App Inventor: David Wolber on why App Inventor isn't just for novices, O'Reilly Rader Interview.
Hal Abelson, Mobile Ramblings, Educause
Mike Loukides, App Inventor and the Culture Wars, O'Reilly Radar.
Clay Shirky, Situated Software.
Igor Lansorena, Man Proposes using Harry Potter app ceated with app Inventor, EITB news


App Inventor at USF 2011
App Inventor at USF
BBC Webscape video
Business Week Video

1. Describe App Inventor in a paragraph. What is it, who created it, and why was it created?
2. Scratch, Lego Mindstorms, and Blockly Maze are three other Blocks languages. Explain how they are different than App Inventor? Can you complete the Maze?
3. With what programming languages is most Android software developed? What language is used for iPhone/iPad development?
4. What type of market share does Android have compared with iPhone? Is Android's share growing? What about tablets? You'll need to research this one.
5. In the NY Times article, Hal Abelson says that an experiment like App Inventor could only be done with Android, because  its so "open". What does he mean? Does he mean "open source?" For help answering this, check out Loukides article: App Inventor and the Culture Wars.
6. Clive Thompson argues that we need more programmers in his Wired article. What is his argument? Do you think its true? Do some research on-line concerning job prospects for computer scientists and software engineers, and provide some statistics.
7. In the Wen-Wolber interview, Wolber discusses the biggest mistake App Inventor programmers make and the "big bang approach". What is he talking about?
8. What is situated software, as defined by Clay Shirky? What does he mean when he says, "all software need not scale"? 
9. Go to the App Inventor Gallery (http://gallery.appinventor.mit.edu). Name, describe, and link to three apps that look interesting and that you might want to remix.