TinyDB and Location/Map Followup

These questions concern 1) the development of apps with user generated data-- data the user enters that is stored by the app in a database, 2) a particular UI component, the PhoneNumberPicker, and 3) Working with LocationSensor, WebViewer, URLs, and Google maps.

1. Consider an app, similar to the LoveYou app, in which the user can enter two phone numbers using PhoneNumberPickers. The numbers should appear in labels after the user chooses them, and the numbers should be stored persistently. Sketch the blocks for this app.

2. In a URL, what does '?' mean? What does '&' mean?

3.Consider the following blocks. The goal is to show the user a map to USF, from their current location, on app startup:
These blocks have multiple errors. What are they? How could you fix it-- sketch blocks for an app that meets the goal.