Mediaboard Project

Working in teams of two, build a "mediaboard" app of your choosing. A mediaboard app displays some image buttons. When each button is clicked, some media is played. The app can be about almost anything, but it must have:
  • A complex user interface arrangement, using a TableArrangement and/or Vertical and HorizontalArrangement components.
  • At least four different media played in response to different events (e.g., button clicks).
  • Some decision-making (an if-block).
Here are some ideas to get you thinking...
  • A soundboard playing notes from your favorite songs or favorite people and speeches.
  • Educational software for kids, e.g., farm animal app
  • A name that tune game that plays song notes and displays the song name (answer) after the user clicks a button.
  • A name that movie game making use of the video component.
  • An app that does different things when it receives a text from another phone.
  • A USF-specific app providing info about different places on campus.
  • An app that lets you click on pics of your classmates to see their name and hear their voice.
  • Anything you can think of-- just run it by your instructor
A prize will be given to the top app and the finalists will be asked to submit their app to the App Inventor Gallery