Quiz Tutorial

Build a quiz app with the following specifications:
  • Use the quiz at http://www.appinventor.org/quiz as a model, but your quiz will behave differently (see below)
  • You should design your own questions and answers, and find images that correspond to each question.
  • Your quiz app should have both previous and next buttons to iterate through the questions.
  • Your quiz should NOT jump to the first question after the last. Instead, gray out (disable) the next and previous buttons where appropriate.
  • Change the "grading" of the user's answers so that a provided answer is correct even if it not the same case (upper/lower) as the given answer. So 'NEWSOM' or 'newsom' or 'nEwSoM' would be correct for the answer 'Newsom'
Extra credit:
  • Play question-specific music or video along with each question (pretty easy)
  • Create a multiple choice quiz. Create a separate app and app page for this (difficult)