Post MoleMash Worksheet

Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group. Jot down answers as you discuss, and later enter your answers on a portfolio page.

1. MoleMash has an event that doesn't really fit into the category of user-initiated event or external event. What is it?

2. What function blocks can you use to move an image sprite within the canvas? What are the function's parameters?

3. If you didn't have a MoveTo block, what blocks could you use to move the mole?

4. What is the unit of measurement for location on the canvas?

5. The Mole is moved to a random place on the Canvas with the following blocks:

a. Explain the blocks in English. Why is the subtraction performed?

b. The X and Y property of an image sprite specify the location of the sprite. But a sprite is not a single point, so what does X and Y really denote?

c. How is color defined in App Inventor? How is it defined in HTML?

6. The MoleMash tutorial (pdf) has you define a procedure.

a. Name it.
b. Could you write the MoleMash app without defining the procedure?
c. Why do you think the procedure was defined?

7. Sketch the blocks to increment (add a point to) the score in MoleMash. How would you subtract?

8. When a row of blocks is performed, in what order are they performed?