Post-Hello-Purr Worksheet

After completing the Hello Purr tutorial, discuss these questions with a partner or small group, jotting down notes while you discuss.

: Events, event-handlers, components, properties, function calls, parameters, testing and deploying an app.

1. App Inventor has two main windows. What are they and what do you do with them?

2. Testing and Running an App  
  a. How do you test an app while you're developing it? 

  b. How can you download an app you build to your phone?

  c. What if you didn't have a phone, but wanted to program some apps. Could you? How?

3. For the HelloPurr app, name the:

  visual components:

  non-visual components:



  function calls:

4. There are no Image components in the app, yet a picture appears. Explain.

5. One function call requires arguments (also known as parameters). Which function is it and what is the parameter?