MoleMash Tutorial

1. Complete the tutorial in the App Inventor Book, Chapter 3 (you can get to the pdf here )

2. Add the following features to your app
  • Customize the app with a different image (not a mole), a canvas background image, and custom sound effects.
  • Allow the user to specify how fast the mole should move by entering a number in a textbox. The number should be in "jumps per second" and this should be clear to user.
  • Constrain the app so that the user can only enter a number that is reasonable for the speed of the mole. If the user enters an invalid number, display an error message using the Notifier component and keep the speed as it was.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Show the user's score using a colored bar instead of a label.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: add "levels": when the user hits the "mole" x number of times, make the mole go faster automatically.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Keep a high-score for the user and display it in the app. Note that even if the app is closed and re-opened, the high score isn't forgotten. You'll need to use the TinyDB component.
3. Create an app page for your MoleMash like game. Clearly specify the features you've completed.