Midterm Topic List

NOTE: this topic list will be modified for Spring 2012 midterm. Check back here....

This is an overview of the topics that will be covered on the midterm. See also a list of study questions.

What is App Inventor?

  • Review this worksheet and notes and see solutions

Overall Architecture of an App  (ch 14, 16, 18)

  • User vs. Programmer (internal) view of an app
  • Internal View (static)
    • Components consist of properties
    • Static view is roughly the “look” of the app (component designer)
  • Internal View (Dynamic)
    • An app's behavior is a set of event-handlers
    • Event-Handler: Event and Response,
    • Event types
    • Response consists of a sequence of function calls
        • function calls:
          • perform phone functionality and
          • change properties/variables, 
        • response can have conditional blocks  (if, if-else)
    • programmer-defined functions (procedures)
    • variables and properties, initial values, how they change
    • labels and textboxes
Programming Behaviors (tutorial chapters 1,2,3, manual 16,17, 18)
  • How do you remembering things?
  • How do you increment data (x = x +1)
  • Conditional blocks
  • randomness
  • animation
    • Clock.Timer event
    • Clock.TimerInterval and Clock.TimerEnabled
    • moving horizontally, vertically, diagonally
    • moving from top-left corner to bottom-right corner.
    • moving back and forth
    • moving a particular speed
    • smooth animation at a particular frames-per-second