SMS Broadcast Hub and a Review of Lists

Broadcast Hub: The Story

Ken Banks and FrontlineSMS
           USF Student Carly Kralj and Helsinki event

Programming a Broadcast Hub
Here are the key blocks for lists:

You'll also need some Texting blocks for the questions that follow.
1. Sketch blocks so that when a person texts "join" to the app, they are added to a list (broadcastList) and label showing the list is updated.

2. Sketch additional blocks so that the broadcastList is persistent.

3. Sketch blocks so that the user of the app can enter a message in a TextBox, then click a button to broadcast a text to all numbers in the list.

4. Sketch blocks so that a person in the list can text the app in order to broadcast their message to everyone in the list.

5. You could define a procedure "textList" for this app. Why would you? Sketch the blocks for the procedure and calls to it.