Project 1 Highlights

The following are highlights from the 1st creative project of the Fall 2012 App Inventor course. For most, this is the first app
they've built other than the HelloPurr and PaintPot tutorials. Check them out: 

Scuzeme -- the app to get you out of a bad date!

Josephine Li    Chiara Marquez
    Software Developers

This app provides a very creative solution to a bad date (or any situation in which you want to get away!) It displays a fake home screen and you touch parts of the screen to get a fake phone call or tweet that will give you an excuse to skeedaddle.

Coast-to-Coast Rap

Derek Buckwalter, Sean Gressons
   Software Developers

An app where you can play rap notes from various locales.

Monopoly Guy Decides Food-- can't decide what to eat?

Brian Liberman Dash Lindsell
Software Developers

This app lets you put in the choices and then Monopoly man decides for you.

Ask Everyone

 Claire Neubauer Sara Gonzales
    Software Developers

A funny version of the magic eight-ball game

Disney Quiz -- how well do you know it?

Rand Hardy Ariel Matos
Software Developers

An app that steps you through your childhood days at Disneyland.

The Piano Keys

Jonathon Ng and Justin Toralba
  Software Developers

This app lets you play the do-re-mi.

Global Greetings -- learn hello in five languages

 Elizabeth Tenorio  Laura Reilly
Software Developers

This app says hello to you and quizzes you on which language is being used.

Who said that? -- actor quote game, its fun!

  Gary Gardner   Conner Slakey
   Software Developers

A quiz app with multiple levels!

Purse Frenzy -- check out these styles!

  Alex Prince     Caitlin Glazebrook
  Software Developers

Can you identify the Chanel purse?

Mean Girls App -- Just really funny!

Lindsay Mackenzie, Nicole LoCicero
  Software Developers

Makes you want to see the movie again!