Final Project, Version 0.1

For this version, you should create a prototype for your app. A prototype is a working but somewhat incomplete and unrefined version of your app. The idea is to use it to flesh out what the app should be in the end. Your deliverable for this project is the prototype and a project page  with the following:
  • Title and list of developers (you) with your pics
  • Short one paragraph overview of your app. What problem/pain point does it solve? How does it solve it?
  • Short 2-3 minute video of your team giving the "elevator pitch" for the app.
  • Screenshots of your app (the prototype) with interspersed explanations of how its used.
  • Barcode for downloading the prototype
    • The prototype need not be a complete app, but it should provide a first run at all screens
    • It should also "solve" most of the difficult programming problems you will encounter.
  • Business plan for your app.¬† This is a longer version of your overview and includes 1) a discussion of existing related apps and how your app is unique, 2) the size and characteristics of your market (potential users), and 3) a discussion of your marketing plan-- how will you get customers to use/buy your app, e.g., how will you make it go viral?
  • A link to a page with a detailed specification of the features you will complete for the final version of the app. The specification should be in outline format, e.g., 1. a. b. 2. a. b. c.
This version will be due with checklist 4. To get started, see this page.