Final Project Ideas

  • Your last creative project is your final project and will be worth 3x the usual checklist (150 instead of 50 points)
  • Requirements are fairly open, but you must use advanced programming concepts and get your instructors approval. Advanced topics include user generated data, a (web) database, some connection to APIs, etc. It might also mean exploring App Inventor blocks such as video, text-to-speech/voice recognition, twitter, etc. But think of your idea first, and then talk to your instructor to make sure its technically challenging enough.
Things to consider in choosing a project
  • Choose something you are interested in, something you are passionate about.
  • Choose something "real"-- an app that could help someone in their life. This isn't easy to do. If you can get people to really use your app, major kudos!
  • Its great If you can find a client-- a person or organization that wants something built. A campus organization or a non-profit?
  • You might also build something of personal significance to you or some group you belong to.
  • You may but do not need to expand on earlier projects and tutorials.
  • If your idea seems impossible to implement over the next few weeks, you can design it and implement a subset (a prototype).
Some ideas
  • Quiz maker/taker app that uses fusion tables
  • "Where are we?" app showing locations of multiple people
  • Remix of some cool app at the app inventor gallery
  • Fully-loaded game
  • Game with shared data
  • Communications app like BroacastHub