Final Project Deliverables

1. The App

For your final app, you will be graded on:
  • completeness-- did you complete the features you agreed on with Wolber. Does the app have an icon and descriptive app name?
  • user interface-- Is the app well designed? Can a new user figure out how to use it? Did you create/find nice graphics, e.g., for the buttons/background?
  • bug-free-- does the app have bugs? Be sure and test all possibilities.
  • creativity and complexity-- Does your app have complex logic? Does it use sophisticated app inventor features? Did you come up with a creative idea?
To ensure full credit, 1) Discuss your plans with Wolber 2) Show Wolber versions as you go (and get help while you're at it).

2. Project Page (on your portfolio)

Your page should include:
  • Title and list of developers (you) with your pics
  • Name of your clients, or description of prospective users.
  • QR code for downloading the app (put this near top, perhaps right justified)
  • Short one paragraph overview of your app
  • Short 2-3 minute video of your team giving the "elevator pitch" for the app. This is required. Please find a quiet place and do a nice job on this as it is what most people will look at!
  • Screenshots of your app with interspersed explanations of how its used.
  • Business plan for your app: what "problem" are you solving, key related apps, how yours is different, target audience, secret sauce...
  • Future Directions -- a paragraph or two explaining what the next steps will be if the project is continued.
  • Detailed specification of your app's features. In this section, you can list all features you'd like the app to have, but clearly state what has been completed (e.g., mark features you haven't completed as "future work"). This section is important as your grader (Wolber) will use a compare to the actual app.
  • Submit the app to the App Inventor Gallery and link to your gallery page from your portfolio.
  • Implementation Section -- this can be a separate page or a different section on the project page.
    • Link to source code (zip file) for your app. Be sure and explain how a person can upload this into app inventor and customize the app.
    • Screenshots of blocks with explanations. Please put in explanations as comments within app inventor (right-click on a block and choose Add Comment). Explain how your app works!