Final Project-- Getting Started

The deliverable from this worksheet is a project proposal site/page for your final project

0. Create a project page on your portfolio. This should be on one of the team member's sites, with the other team member linking to it. Make sure your portfolio menu points to it. Include your names and pics, with your pics linking to your portfolio page.

1. Find at least 3 existing applications that are similar to your proposed application. You should search on the web,the Android Marketplace (on phone or at, and on the iPhone market (on iPhone or at

An important part of any creative venture is understanding context-- doing research to find out where your product will fit in to the world and marketplace. For each of the most related apps, write a paragraph describing it and how your app is different.

2. Write a short overview of your application for potential customers/users. With a paragraph, let potential customers know why they need your application. This is your elevator pitch.

3. Mock up a visual prototype, not worrying about behavior. Use App Inventor to quickly create a mock-up of your app. Don't worry about the interactive behavior for now, unless you want to add some (e.g., to navigate between screens). Add these screenshots with explanatory text to your proposal page.

4. Write a business plan for your product explaining its potential in the marketplace. This part is for those Angel Investors you'll be pitching to, your "high-rise elevator pitch". It should include:

  • Present the problem or pain point that the application solves. Who needs it? How many people could benefit? What is the market?
  • Discuss existing solutions (apps) and how well they solve the problem.
  • Summarize how your application will solve the problem. What is your secret sauce?
  • Describe your marketing plan-- how big is the market, how will you induce people to buy/use your app.
5. Create a movie explaining your app. Explain all of the above on film, think of a fun action-based way to show what the app is all about.