Communications App: Creative Project 3

Create a communications app that makes use of SMS texting, location, a list and and a database, i.e., it uses most or all of the Texting component, the LocationSensor component, lists, the TinyDB component,  the WebViewer  component, and Google Maps. If your app doesn't use all of these, make sure to get the ok from your instructor.

The app should be more complex than the "No Texting While Driving" and "Android Where's My Car" apps. And it should serve some particular group of people. Be creative!

To get you thinking, consider the following apps:
  • An answering machine for incoming texts (No Texting While Driving). This one used sent a custom response, including location information, to all incoming texts, and it stored the custom response in the database.
  • Love you app. This one allowed for one-click custom messages to particular phone numbers. The custom response was stored in a database.
  • Contest app. This one allowed people to join the contest by texting into the phone running the app, then called a random number from the list of contestants. This one used a list of data, something we haven't yet covered (see book)
  • Android Where's my Car? This one recorded a location and drew a map from a different location to the recorded location. It stored the recorded location in a database.
  • SF Parking app. The city of San Francisco provides an SMS texting interface to parking garage info, such as what is the closest garage and which garages have open slots. Its a bit cumbersome to use-- could you write an app that provides a nice user interface to the provided SMS interface. See for details.
  • Quiz app involving texting
Work in teams of 2.

Create an app page for your game. For this app page, include a half-page describing at least three existing apps (in some market) related to yours. Describe the related apps, and explain how yours is different? What is the "value-add" of your app?

At the top of your app page, clearly describe your app's features and the programming complexity(components, lists, loops, if-else, etc)

Add your app on  your portfolio page and submit it to the App Inventor gallery

Complexity and creativity
User Interface (professional, artistic, complete, understandable)
"About screen" explaining app
Descriptive app name and custom icon
App page, professional looking and with all required features, and with description of related apps.
David Wolber,
Apr 23, 2012, 8:46 PM