Checklist 1

1. (20) Create a class portfolio with Google Sites. It should have the following:
  • A homepage with your name, basic information, and your picture. To add picture, choose Insert | Image. Specify your major, what school you go to and some interesting info about yourself..
  • Specify the purpose of the portfolio on the main page. State that this is your core Math/CS course at USF and you're learning to build mobile apps with App Inventor.
  • A navigation bar with links to your work (initially your "What is App Inventor" page as described in 3 below)
  • A second navigation (text) bar with links to appinventor, the course site, and the course group from the home page and sidebar...
  • See these instructions for help building a Google site.
2. (10) Ensure that you are integrated with the course web site and in particular:
  • Filled out the form to register for the course site.
  • Make sure you have a pic on the Students page. If you don't appear there, or you want a different pic, email one to your TA¬† It needs to be the exact size as the pics there.
  • Ensure that your pic links to your Google Sites portfolio page.¬†
  • Be sure you have joined the class email group and your pic appears along with your Google account there.
  • Note: you'll need the help of your TA to make all this happen, so do not wait until the last day!
3. (20) Complete the What is App Inventor? reading response page.
  • Your response should appear as a page on your portfolio and the sidebar should link to it.
  • Provide thoughtful answers in your own words. Refer to and link to the readings/video.
  • Your response should include the questions and answers in complete paragraphs.