Checklist 9

1. Build a quiz app (30)
  • A custom quiz with your own content
  • All the features of the Quiz tutorial in book
  • Change the "grading" of the user's answers so that a provided answer is correct even if it not the same case (upper/lower) as the given answer. So 'NEWSOM' or 'newsom' or 'nEwSoM' would be correct for the answer 'Newsom'
  • In the chapter, when the user gets to the last question and clicks next, the first question appears. Change this so that 1) there is a previous button (along with the next button) to go back in the test, and 2) the next and previous buttons are grayed out (disabled) at appropriate times.
  • extra credit:
    • Play question-specific music or video along with each question (+5)
    • Create a multiple choice quiz. Create a separate app and app page for this (+10)
2. Build a music recorder/player as described/started in class (20)
  • The app should have at least three keys (buttons) that play different notes.
  • Use a clock timer to play back the notes
  • Submit your own code for this, and do not copy code from elsewhere (e.g., Xylophone app).

3. Explore the App Inventor Community Gallery (15)
  • Change your name on the gallery to your real name.
  • Post one of the apps you've created this semester (your favorite) to the gallery. Provide a nice description and screenshot of the app.
  • Download and try some app you find on the gallery (not a tutorial app). Comment on at least one app.
  • On your portfolio, create a page describing your experience with the gallery. Discuss how the user interface for the gallery could be improved, and describe one of the apps you downloaded