Checklist 7

1. (25)  Build a "Love You App" with the following specs and create an app page for it.  link 

Your app should allow a message to be sent to a phone numbers with a single click. It should have the following features:

  • With one click the user can send a text to three numbers. The three phone numbers can be fixed for this version. 10
  • The user can modify the custom message sent to the three people by entering text in a textbox. 8
  • The custom message is stored persistently and recalled when the app opens. 7

Extra credit:

  • The user can input the three phone numbers and these numbers are stored persistently. +5
  • The user can specify the numbers using a PhoneNumberPicker instead of text boxes. +3 additional
  • The user can specify any number of phone numbers (not just three). You'll need to use a List and be sure and show numbers already selected to user.(+5)

2. (25) Customize the "Where am I app"
  • Begin with the app zip file attached at:
  • Personalize it so the app shows you the distance from some place of interest to you (your dorm room, USF campus, etc.). You'll need to change the parameters sent to the distance procedure, and change the UI so that it mentions your place instead of "Wolber's office".  5
  • Talk It: instead of just vibrating and changing the display on updates, have the app also speak your current location aloud. You'll need to add a TextToSpeech component and its speak function block, and you'll need to use makeText ( the text drawer) to build the text that is spoken. 5
  • Add a WebViewer component that shows your current location in a Google map at all times.  5
  • Add a feature so that if you receive a text "where" from someone, the app will automatically send that person your location information. You'll need a Texting component and its "when Texting.MessageReceived" block. In your auto-response text, send the location and a link to a Google maps URL. 5
  • The distance from X label shows the distance in miles. Change this so that it shows the distance in meters.  5

Extra credit: Make the "place" dynamic-- let the user click a button to set the remembered place and then use that location in computing the distance. See Android Where's My Car for help (10)