Checklist 6

Complete a game which is significantly more complex than Mole Mash and the Shooter Game we worked on in class. Ask for and obtain your instructors approval for your idea.

You'll be graded on:
  • Completeness-- did you build the app you proposed? Is it significantly more complex than Mole Mash and Shooter Game.
  • Robustness-- does the app run bug-free no matter what the user does?
  • User interface design-- Does the app have a professional-looking design with well-chosen or created graphics?
  • App page-- is it complete and well-designed? Does your barcode work (TEST IT)? Does your source code link work?

    Besides the usual elements, your app page should clearly describe the features of your game and its complexity: how it is technically more complex than MoleMash and the Shooter Game. Also, clearly specify what you completed, what you attempted, etc.-- you can get points for trying things.

  • Creativity--did you build a fun, creative game?
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Give your app and screen descriptive names
    • Give your app an icon
    • Submit your app to the app inventor gallery at Put a link to your gallery page on your portfolio page.
    • Make sure your images have transparent backgrounds where appropriate.

Check out this sample app page: