Checklist 4

MoleMash with customizations

(50) Complete a "MoleMash" app with the following customizations:

  • Personalize the app. Use a different image instead of the mole, add a canvas background image, and add sound effects for when the user hits the target. Make it fun and direct it to a particular user base, such as your family or group of friends. Two extra points if it has a valentine's theme!
  • Add a timer. Have the game end after 60 second (or some other amount of time). Be sure and makes the number of seconds left visible to the user, either with a label or, even better, with a colored "energy" bar that gets smaller as time proceeds (you can use a colored label for this)
  • The game should have a single score (not number of hits and misses)
  • Add a second ImageSprite with a picture of something that the user should not hit, such as a flower. If the user touches it, penalize him by reducing his score or ending the game.

Be sure and submit an app page as described here. Include everything on that page and:

  • Make sure your QR code and source code (zip) work! You will not receive credit if they do not so test that you can install the app and load the zip back into app inventor.
  • Make sure to include snapshots of your blocks that are readable on your app page.
  • In your app description on your app page, include a bullet-item list of the features that work and don't work, including the requirements above and the extra credit below.

Extra Credit (5 points each, max 20)

  • add "levels": when the user hits the "mole" x number of times, alert the user that the level has changed (change a label, maybe the background) and make the mole go faster automatically.
  • Keep a high-score for the user and display it in the app. Note that even if the app is closed and re-opened, the high score isn't forgotten. You'll need to use the TinyDB component.
  • Add a feature of your own design. To ensure you get the credit you'd like

PaintPot makeup (10)

  • Change your PaintPot app so that the dotsize can be changed by clicking on plus and minus buttons. The dotsize should appear in a label (so the user can't modify directly). Clicking on the plus/minus buttons should modify the number in the label and have the circles drawn bigger/smaller. (Note: you can only get this credit if you didn't received less than full credit on checklist 3 and didn't get credit for such a feature on the last checklist).