Checklist 3

CHECKLIST 3, Fall 2013

1. (40) Complete the PaintPot tutorial with the following customizations:
  • The user interface does not display the current chosen color-- the user can only tell what color is chosen by drawing. Add immediate feedback for the user so that when he clicks to change color, the UI changes to make it clear which color is chosen (e.g., change the text of the chosen color button to bold, and unbold others)
  • The dot size used for circle drawing can only be 2 or 8 in the version to the right. Change this so that the user can enter the dot size within a TextBox component and thus change it to other values besides 2 and 8. For more information on input forms and the TextBox component, see the No Texting While Driving app of Chapter 4
  • Provide a way for the user to control the thickness of the lines that are drawn, similarly to how you did for dot size.

  • (10) extra credit 1: Only allow the user to enter numbers in the dotsize textbox, and numbers within a certain range (e.g., 1 to 20). 
  • (10) extra credit 2 (difficult): Instead of using textboxes for the dotsize and line thickness, let the user click or drag to move a slider.

NOTE: Create an app page for your app using the publishing an app instructions. Be sure and:

  • Clearly describe the features you completed in your app description.
  • Include readable snapshots of all blocks in your app.

Note: This is an individual project. Create this app completely on your own without use of an existing zip file or copying code of another student. The app code will be checked to identify plagiarism.

2. (10) Soundboard: User Feedback and app modification. 

  • Add a section on user feedback to your Soundboard app page, and add at least two specific user suggestions for improving your app. If you didn't get suggestions in class, ask some friends to try your app and get their suggestions.
  • Modify your app with at least two suggested features. On your app page (in the new user feedback section), make it clear what changes you've made and update your qrcode/source.