Ball Animation Discussion

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Frames per second

Films play at some number of frames per second (FPS)

They say the human eye won't notice individual frames if they're shown somewhere around 25-50 FPS.
  some game players say more...

1. We want an object to move with smooth animation, so the "player" doesn't see the choppy "frames". If we want 25 FPS, what should we set the Clock.TimerInterval to?

2. If we want an object to move at 100 pixels a second, how far should we move on each timer event if the timerInterval is:

a. 1000

b. 50

c. 37

Back and Forth

Program the apps so that an object moves horizontally back-and-forth, changing direction when it reaches an edge.

How do you get an object to "move right"?

How do you get an object to "move left"?

What do you need to remember as the app progresses?

Instructor demo

Changing Colors

    setting an object to a color with a number
    changing it dynamically