Animation Part 1

These notes introduce animation-- transforming objects over time. They are a good introduction prior
to the MoleMash tutorial.

review of apps and events explored so far
        click events, touched, dragged (user-initiated), sms events (external)
        teacher: draw diagram

Timer events: something occurs as time passes, i.e., on each time interval

     A Clock component is used.

Clock properties
        timerInterval -- default is 1000 (ms)
        timerEnabled -- default is true, meaning Timer event will trigger every timerInterval

Any components can be transformed.

    Within a canvas, you can put an ImageSprite or Ball. They only "live" within a Canvas.

        they behave exactly the same. ImageSprite is different in that you can specify an image file for it.

    demo: A sprite that moves back and forth across the screen
            1. move sprite  one second after a button is clicked
            2. move sprite back and forth continuously after button is clicked (alternatively when app begins)