App Inventor Tutorials and Book Chapters

The Book App Inventor: Create your own Android apps
 is now available on-line:
  • Click on the links below to get to the PDF chapters
  • Most tutorials now have accompanying video screencasts
  • New video tutorials for an arcade shooting game, a note-taking app, and a stock market app
Intro        :   Forward and Preface
Setup      :   Setup
Chapter 1:   HelloPurr
Chapter 2:   PaintPot
Chapter 3:   MoleMash
NEW       :   ShooterGame
Chapter 4:   No Text While Driving
Chapter 5:   Ladybug Chase
Chapter 6:   Map Tour
Chapter 8:   QuizMe
NEW        :  NoteTaker
Chapter 9:   Xylophone
Chapter 10: MakeQuiz and TakeQuiz   
Chapter 11: Broadcaster Hub
Chapter 12: Robot Remote
NEW        :  StockMarket

Chapter 20: Repeating Blocks
Chapter 23: Sensors