The following are apps designed by University of San Francisco students and Professor Wolber. Some are now tutorials on App Inventor site, others are in the pipeline.

No Text While Driving

29% of accidents occur when a person is texting while driving. This app auto-responds to texts, telling the sender, “I’m driving right now, I’ll get back to you later.” It includes the ability to record a custom message, to record custom messages for specific senders, to speak the received texts aloud, and to let the sender know the driver’s current location.

Components: Button, Label, TextBox, Texting, TinyDB, Text to Speech, LocationSensor
Programming: ifelse, event arguments, make text, app initialization
part 1   part2  screencast

Android, Where’s my Car?

How many of us have forgotten where we parked our car? This app lets you record your current  location, e.g., where you parked, so you can recall that location later. It also displays a map from one’s new location to the one recorded earlier.

Components: Button, Label, TextBox, TinyDB, LocationSensor, ActivityStarter
Programming: if, app initialization, text concatenation



In many developing countries, phones are prevalent but the Internet is not. FrontlineSMS is a system that’s been used to help people communicate. The FrontlineSMS system serves as a hub. People text a special code to the hub to join a group and thereafter receive text messages funneled through the hub. FrontlineSMS has been used for broadcasting weather warnings, voting booth irregularities, and many other purposes.

This app is an Android version of FrontlineSMS. Whereas Frontline uses a computer and a plugged in phone, this app runs on any android device. One advantage is that the hub itself is mobile, which could be a life-saver in a politically-charged setting.

Components: Label, Texting, TinyDB
if-else, foreach, nested if-else, text concatenation

Quiz Me

You are an expert in some subject and you want to create an  app that quizzes people onyour topic.This sample is about perfect games in baseball but you could write yours about art, literature, math, or family trivia.

Components: Button, Label, TextBox, Image
Programming: index variables, iterating through a list, image switching


You’re driving with the kids and want to keep them occupied with some fun math questions. You’re a college student and want to help your study group out in a high-tech way. Create-A-Quiz, which extends the QuizMe app, is a two-app suite which allows a “teacher” to create quizzes, and a student to take them.

Components: Button, Label, TextBox, Image, TinyWebDB
Programming: index variables, iterating through a list, image switching, storing and retrieving from a web database, input forms, text concatenation, splitting text

Map Tour

You’ve just been to Paris, at least virtually through Google maps, and you want to share what you’ve discovered. This app lets the user choose from a list of destinations (the Lourve, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame), then takes the user there by launching zoomed and street view maps handpicked from Google Maps.

Components: ListPicker, ActivityStarter
Programming: lists, concatenating text, working with URL parameters
tutorials: part 1  part 2

Miss You Honey!

You want a one-click way to tell all the people you’re dating that you miss them. This app let’s you do this, and let’s you customize the message and the message receivers.

Components: Label, Button, TextBox, Texting, ListPicker, PhoneNumberPicker, TinyDB
Programming: lists, foreach
tutorials:  part I  part2

Amazon at the Bookstore

You're browsing books at your favorite bookstore and want to surreptitiously check the price of a book at Amazon. This app lets you slip your Android phone out and scan the book to get instant pricing informatin.

Components: Label, Button, Textbox, TinyWebDB, BarcodeScanner
Programming: lists of lists
description and sample code

Stock Quotes App
Get stock quote from Yahoo Finance


Storing Data Persistently: TinyDB and TinyWebDB


Using the Location Sensor


Tutorials on App Inventor site

still to come....


Record your routine and each workout


A crowd-sourcing dating advice app


See appinventorapi.com

Android Muni
Next bus information customized for your favorite lines.

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