Beezer is a GUI-based archiver program for Haiku, Zeta and BeOS. It's functionally similar to WinZip on Windows, Ark on KDE or Archive Manager on Gnome.

Beezer is currently only being developed/maintained for Haiku. The final version available for Zeta and BeOS is Beezer 0.09 and no further updates are planned.

Beezer is now open source and hosted at https://bitbucket.org/cpr/beezer. Beezer was originally written by Ramshankar (Teknomancer) and after he open sourced it, Chris Roberts (cpr) has ported it to Haiku. Beezer is now being developed by the two of them in their spare time. Contributions in the form of patches are welcome.

Beezer supports several archive formats through use of worker add-ons such as zip, tar, gzip, bzip2, lha (lzh). Beezer is a native BeOS/Haiku application written from scratch with the aim of having an easy-to-use & responsive GUI while offering powerful archiving features. Beezer drives command-line archivers (workers) most of which come pre-installed with the base operating system to seamlessly do the brunt of the work. Additional formats can be plugged in to the application due to the modular design of Beezer. Developing an archive format plugin for Beezer is also relatively little work.

Some additional formats supported by Beezer that require you to download the binaries are listed below as they don't ship with BeOS. Please be aware that these are completely optional and only required if you want Beezer to support these file formats.

Beezer's version history is available at this page at BeBits
Or you can read the documentation that is included when a Beezer package is installed.