Welcome this site is intended to provided a few leads that might help you find a new apartment, duplex or house to rent. Please click on the appropriate link that I hope will help you find an apartment or home that suites your needs.
Always ask a lot of questions and read anything you are asked to sign before signing. Make sure if it's a month to month aparrment or rental you want then that is how the agreement is written. When commiting to a long term lease and a friend is moving in as a roomate and on the lease find out what kind of penatlies there will be if one of you decide to move out and break the lease agreement.
Before commiting to any kind of rent to own home find out what the fees or loses would be if you decided to move out and if there would be any kind of refund if you find a new tenant to take over the land contract. Even make sure there is no penalties for early or over payments.
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