Appalachia Volunteers of 

Boston College

Serving Boston, the eastern United States, and beyond in solidarity since 1978.

About Us 


The Appalachia Volunteers program is committed to working with the people of the United States who are marginalized.

Our mission throughout the year is the following:

  • To learn about the structural and societal realities in the United States that leaves some people impoverished and marginalized.
  • To discuss the injustices that create entrenched poverty
  • To consider a theological and faith perspective on social justice, and
  • To participate in local service opportunities throughout the year.

This yearlong process culminates in an annual spring break trip to struggling regions of the United States. With these goals and our work, the Appalachia program seeks to build a better future by entering into solidarity with the people who are poor in Boston and beyond.


The Appalachia Volunteers of Boston College was founded by Gregg Cassin in 1978 as the BC Appalachian Volunteers Group.  Gregg and 11 other Boston College students traveled to Vanceburg, KY over their February break to serve the community there. The group lived simply with the people of Vanceburg, working long days and spending the evenings getting to know each other and their hosts. The BC Appalachian Volunteers Group offered one of the first reflective, immersion service experiences in the country.

Today, the Appalachia Volunteers of Boston College has expanded to include more than 650 volunteers spread throughout 36 different locations within the Appalachian region, making it the largest spring break service organization in the United States. Despite the large number of participants, the program strives to deliver the same fulfilling experience to volunteers while serving an even bigger population in the Appalachian region and beyond.