Appalachia Volunteers of 

Boston College

Serving Boston, the eastern United States, and beyond in solidarity since 1978.

Service Trips

The program has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. As a result, the group's reach has extended beyond the Appalachian region to include much of the Atlantic seaboard. In 2008, more than 580 students worked with 36 communities in thirteen states.

Throughout they year, our members grapple with oft-ignored structural inequalities and social injustices that are a part of life for millions of Americans. Each spring break, we enter into solidarity with a cross section of our nation, from urban centers to rural coal mining towns, Cleveland, OH to Biloxi, MS. We work and learn by day, and reflect by night. Of course, there's always fun to be had.

The Appalachia Volunteers work in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge, the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project's Volunteers for Communities, and various independent work sites.

Due to uneven demand for sites, there is a strong possibility that you will not receive a site that was among your preferences. Students who have completed all fundraising requirements and have attended most meetings are more likely to receive their preferences.