Itinerary & Mail Drops

We aren't planning to develop our own day-by-day itinerary, but we are hoping to average about 15 miles/day. The best estimation of our itinerary can be found here:

AWOL's plan, however, is northbound, so you have to look at it backwards and realize that his plan accounts for the building of miles over time--we'll have to start shorter and build up in the other direction.

If you're planning a hike of your own, I highly recommend AWOL's site and book--he gives a great description of what you can expect along the trail.

Mail Drops
If you'd like to send us a bit of trail magic, here's how:
  • Mail must be sent USPS (no UPS/FedEx)
  • Label:
                Jess Quig/Andy Jensen
                C/O General Delivery
                CITY, STATE, ZIP
                Please hold for AT hiker
                ETA DATE
  • We'll be periodically posting these addresses & ETAs on our blog! Thanks for thinking of us!
  • Mail Drop Advice

Tips for Getting Started - SoBo Thru-Hike
It can be difficult to assemble all of the information needed to start this hike (especially, I think, in the SoBo direction). Here are our plans for getting to Katahdin and the 2 resupply options we're considering for the 100 Mile Wilderness (which lies between Katahdin & Monson, the next major town).

Menu Planning
I'm no pro backpacking cook--at all--but here are recipes I've compiled from much more experienced sources.

Backpacking Recipes.docx