Welcome A.T. Hikers!


Updates: I haven't updated this site in a while....I'm still alive but over-employed and doing shuttles very infrequently. I am only doing shuttles for Thru hikers. If you don't get a response from me - its not personal or anything - I'm just busy and writing emails to tell people I'm unavailable isn't a good use of anyone's time. 

Charges:  I don't have any, so don't bother asking. I only take donations. Everyone I have shuttled has been generous.

How to get a shuttle with me: Due to work I can only really do shuttles Friday afternoon through the weekend. You can ask about other times but 95% of the time you won't get a response - again not personal. 

Write me a succinct email with your start day and time that you will be arriving at the  Atlanta airport or the Atlanta or Gainesville Greyhound. Be willing to ride MARTA to the northern most train station (I drive through ATL traffic for no one). Be willing to share your experiences.  I am particularly interested in "the other trails", foreign travel, gear making, long distance cycling..... so sharing your knowledge about those things is valuable to me - mention your interest / experiences in these areas in your email if you feel inclined. Arrange your travel to arrive at times that are convenient to me - Fri evening, Sat / Sun Morning.

I am certainly not the best, most convenient or flexible shuttle. If that is what you need you SHOULD use a professional service or a taxi.

Happy trails,


Need a ride to the trail? or a shuttle?
Email: AdamRossJones@gmail.com
About me:
I am a section hiker, and a one day thru-hiker. My wife and I both love meeting interesting people and finding excuses to get outdoors. 

What I can do:
I can shuttle to Amicalola - in rare cases (usually when it aligns with my own hiking or biking interests I go as far as Fontana)
I can give some advice / trail knowledge
I can typically give you fuel for your stove
This is a HOBBY - all shuttles are schedule and wife dependent!! (dependent dependent as we like to say).

For the ladies:
If you are concerned about heading off with a strange man into banjo country, we understand. My wife who is also a hiker and outdoors person, has offered to help out and may be able to shuttle you. She does have a "real" job so please email to discuss availability for this option.

What I might do (No promises):
Give you a meal
Help you unpack / pack / ship / repair gear
Take you to the store

My vehicles...to be chosen based upon the trip:
Honda Fit - Best for on pavement hauling and MPG!
Nissan Xterra 4X4 - Best for anything else, but not MPG.
Nissan Truck (old) - Best for Stinky hikers and sketch trail heads.

The cars like to get out too!  Here they are on trips in recent years:

Appalachian Trail Conservancy