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The companies Apostolou Bros and Stamatios Apostlolou SA in the context of corporate social responsibility program organized contest through the official corporate page on facebook, enabling himself in a chance to win prize value, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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Errand Boy campaign @ indiegogo

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A really groundbreaking crossover between real filmmaking and wedding video..

A Crossover Prewedding Film? What is this? Who are you guys?

Award winning wedding cinematography team "Wedmoments", (Kostas & Dimitris Mantalias) came up with a really ambitious and unique idea for a crossover film almost one year ago, an idea that if completed successfuly may be a total industry-changer.

You read right in the previous paragraph. We mostly do weddings, but we consider ourselves approaching the genre in a really unique and personal way. And we also love cinema. So, when we met Vasia & Sotiris during July 2011 and talked about their ideas for their future pre-wedding video, we came up with this groundbreaking (for European standards) idea. Instead of creating the usual mellow and romantic prewedding films, we would go for a real short film! 

Yes, a real short film, with the couple as main actors. Now, don't imagine some shiny love story here. When we discussed this with the couple, we thought that we can take many risks. This movie will NOT be something that you should watch with kids. It's a gritty action thriller, it's violent, dark and sexy and it has its moments of dark humour. In other words, it's something that will create a stir when it will be shown at Vasia and Sotiris wedding reception (and maybe some film festivals).

Ok. What the film is all about?

Some things you should know about the script. As we've said above, it's an action thriller. It is a story of a guy named Sotiris, who meets a girl outside a hotel in Athens and after a steamy night, he loses her traces completely. Trying to find her, he travels to Rome, Italy, only to discover that the girl he met is involved in something very big and dark, that involves high-tech heists, psychotic Interpol cops, in a story that nobody seems to tell the truth about anything.

Unfortunately we can't say more in order not to spoil the story which is full of twists and ends in a really wicked fashion.

We consider the project as a groundbreaking one, an achievement of a scale that has never been tried before in this side of the pond (with the exception of the USA), and we really believe it has the potential to change the European wedding video as we know it, and bring it closer to the real film than anything before it. That is, if we make the film as we plan it. And this is where you all potential contributors come in.

So, have you done anything yet? What's the plan?

Last September we travelled to Rome and did all the filming required there which covers around 35-40% of the total movie. But during all this, we realized that the potential of the project was getting really big. We wrote the initial script, we tried to keep the thing under control, but during the whole process, we discovered the tremendous potential for something really unique. And since the script was written in a modular way, which means we can add or remove scenes, we decided we want to include all those interesting stuff we thought of. Representation of high-tech heist? Check. Action scenes with Phantom-like high-speed cameras? Also check. And much more than that.

So, you think that you have the potential required to make this happen?

Yes. We have our personal style, we are experienced and we know how to film what we scripted. We also have the gear (well, most of it). The filming will be done (as did in the Rome filming), with Sony NEX-FS100 and two dozens of various interchangeable prime lenses. You name the lens, we probably have it. We also have most of the other gear required, steadicams, rails, anything, as well as some DSLRs for filming in places where it's not allowed (like we did in Vatican or the Rome underground train stations. :) ).

Why you need me as a contributor then?

Because it's not going to be an easy task. The couple are the producers of this project, but at such a scale, it's not easy financing this. So, we need your help in order to go there. If we don't do this, we will probably go for the smaller-scale stuff, but if we manage to convince you guys, that this one will be absolutely amazing with your help, then we will definitely go all the way.

So, what all that money will be used for? That depends. We have set a minimum price in order to make this start walking steadily. The bigger the funding, the most ambitious the whole thing will be. If we go for 6000 for example, we will have a good amount to cover travelling and accomodation expenses to and from Athens, lighting crews and gear, make-ups, crane and audio recording equipment rentals, buying music, assistants, booking hotel suites and restaurants for filming etc. If we go to 30.000 we can go for high-speed cameras, helicopter rentals. And if we go for more? Well... maybe the infamous SWAT team chase (and those things are not cheap), a scene that was written and forgotten because of the obvious costs required.

 But rest assured. We have a great name in our industry and we'd like it to remain like this. So, for ANY money we will use, we will have all the receipts available, right down to the last cent. It took us a while to build a respected name and we intend to keep it this way. And no matter if we will gather 500 or 50.000. ALL the money go to the film, and have no doubt about it.

 Of course, everyone will be interested to know what they will get in return. So, you can see the perks we have set for this project.

The Impact

 As we stated above, this one will be groundbreaking, not only because it has the potential to add something really new to the European (and more) wedding industry, since it goes to "real film" era, but also because of its way of funding. If this works (and I really value that especially our videography and photography colleagues will appreciate what we are trying to do here), it will set a standard for other wedding projects to be funded like this. It happened recently with video games, it can happen again with this industry.

Also, because this one is actually a Greek project, we'd like to show the world that no matter what happens in this country right now, we can still go for the best, and achieve it. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Your financial help will be hugely appreciated in all this. But besides that, you can also help us some more by telling everyone you know about it, either through social networking or by using the great sharing tools of Indiegogo! Help us do it and you will not regret it!

Follow this link and make it happen !!!!

"il greco a roma" - The new blog

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"il greco a roma"... The new and promising blog about the Greeks that travel to Rome !
Learn survival strategies and living your best time ever in this historical city!
Feel free to send us your questions or your opinions about it!
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I want to thank you , and welcome to my new web personal page!!

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