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Below are some links to external websites that I have collected over the years. While many of them faithfully represent Catholic Theology, it should be noted that these are all unofficial websites just like mine (unless noted), run by people interested in promoting the faith. Additionally some of these links are for educational use and not strictly Catholic. I have tried to break these sites down into sections to make it easier to understand the goal of each link.

News and other Noteworthy

National Catholic Register

Catholic News from a faithful source. Unlike the "National Catholic Reporter" which makes a mockery of Church teaching, and is quite unfaithful. Do not be deceived!



The following is a list of noteworthy blogs I have encountered. I will be adding to this as time allows.

The Deacon's Bench (Deacon Greg Kandra)

Catholic Hack (Joe McClane)

My Other Projects

Catholic Downloads
Movies, Music and ebooks for the Catholic. Torrents etc.

Software by mawst

Programs and things I've written. Mostly unrelated to the subject of Catholicism, though I mention anyways.

Divinus Mentis, My Official Blog (Updated Daily Most of the time):
This is my blog, a companion site to Apostolic Apologetics. News stories and topic discussions regarding current evenst, Catholic Issues, Science, Politics and other topics.
Note: Currently Not Updated - I may relaunch this blog.

Commodianus Esnips Folder:

My personal esnips folder. Due to space limitations, some files related to this apostolate can be found here.

My YouTube Channel
I've only now begun putting time into this. It is mostly a collection of pro-Catholic videos, some of which have great apologetic or catechetical value.

Apostolic Apologetics Store (by Amazon)
Books, DVDs, and information regarding the Catholic Faith, Apologetics, Bibles and writings from great Catholic Authors. Purchases from this store go directly to support this apostolate.


Textkit: Learn Greek and Latin

Documenta Catholica Omnia (Latin)
This is perhaps one of my favorite websites on the web. It contains nearly any document you could need in Latin such as Church decrees, Papal Bulls etc. This site is of great educational and apologetic value.

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (Treasury of Latin prayers)
This is an excellent resource for Latin prayers and side-by-side English and Latin are shown.

Encyclopedia Judaica
"Published originally in 1971, Encyclopedia Judaica has been the leading source for information on the Jewish people, the Jewish faith, and the state of Israel.  The Second Edition continues the tradition of the Encyclopedia as the best source of coverage of how the Jewish people have influenced history and shaped the modern world."

Since access is somewhat restricted, you must enter the site via the page below.

Sacred Scripture

Biblia Clerus: Reading the Word of God with the Church (Free Catholic Bible Software

Veritas Bible
Douay-Rheims with Haydock Commentary, a lovely site!

The Douay-Rheims Bible:

The Latin Vulgate Bible:

Agape Catholic Bible Study

Apologetics Resources

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Hosted by St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church; The Catechism of the Catholic Church (or CCC) is an official exposition of the teachings of the Catholic Church. This is an excellent place to start researching Catholicism, and what is actually taught by the Church.

Catholic Biblical Apologetics:
Bible Based Catholic Apologetics.

Catholic Answers Forums:
Ask an Expert any question about Catholicism.

Aurem Cordis
Aurem Cordis is a Christian evangelization and apologetics organization dedicated to disseminating and promoting Catholic values, principles, and teaching in complete faithfulness and total submission to Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium (Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers).

Catholic Convert
Renowned Catholic Apologist Stephen K. Ray's website. This guy is one of my absolute favorites.

The Cardinal Newman Society

Catholic Primer:

Papal Encyclicals Online:
Writings of all Popes throughout History.

Saint Wiki (Catholic)

Catholic Wiki:

The Original Catholic Encyclopedia (16 Volumes Online)

New Advent (Catholic Encyclopedia)

The Vatican

Vatican: The Holy See

Official Website of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

The Vatican Library
Official Website of the Vatican Library.

The Vatican Observatory
We have scientists and telescopes, here's our observatory's website.


These pages relate to social, political or other activism.

Catholic League
For religious and Civil rights. This organization as far as I understand it, is fighting modernism, and liberal elements within the Church. It is also standing against the pro-death policies of so called Catholics, and the Obama Administration. Have a look.

Shining Light on Baptist Clergy Sex Abuse

A collection of news reports on ministers who have sexually abused children

The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc

Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Archive

Traditional Catholicism

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
(Fraternitas Sacredotalis Sancti Petri)