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Catholic e-sword Modules


e-Sword is free Bible Reading software. It's designed for Windows Operating systems though it will run in Linux under the wine compatibility layer. I will provide instructions on that below. This document is a collection of Catholic Bibles and other modules for use in the e-Sword program. They include invaluable Catholic Scripture commentaries and other such things, to make your e-sword experience that much more beneficial.

Installation Instructions

1. Download an install e-sword.
2. Download and extract modules, placing them in the e-Sword directory.
    C:\Program Files\e-sword under Windows
    /home/<YOUR USER NAME>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/e-Sword under Linux.

Linux Installation Notes

Check Google or your distribution's documentation for instructions for installing wine.
2. You will need mfc42.dll - which is easily installed via winetricks.

run winetricks vcrun6 in a terminal prior to installing e-Sword with wine or you will have problems.

Download Modules


Douay Rheims (DRB) (Preferred Translation)
Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
New American Bible (NAB)
New Jerusalem (NJB, .bbl) -*OR*- New Format NJB (.bblx)
Latin Vulgate
Greek Septuagint (LXX)
King James 1611 - Authorized Version (KJVA) Note: Original King James 1611 with Deuterocanon (provided as a reference).
The Jerusalem Bible 1966 (JB or TJB) - Currently unavailable. If you have this file please send it to me and I will post it here.


Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary
Cornelius a Lapide's Commentary
Catena Aurea Commentary on the Four Gospels by Saint Thomas Aquinas
Early Teachings of the Church (2.5 MB)
The Summa Theologiæ (5.5 MB)

Special Thanks to Michael Jacques to authoring many of these modules and allowing me to host them, also to Bob England for porting some to the new format.

External Links

Other Bible Software

Folks have e-mailed me with suggestions of other Bible reading software that's out there and that's fine, but I'm providing a recommendation for Xiphos simply because it's quality software, on it's way to becoming compliant with Catholic versification, cross platform, and best of all, free and open source. I also happen to be the author of some Catholic Modules for the program (e.g. the Complete works of St. Patrick).