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Archeology and Artifacts

Apostolic Apologetics: Archaeology and Artifacts

For now, this page will be a list of links to interesting if not controversial artifacts and archeological information. Admitedly, some of these topics are highly debated. For this reason I leave you with links to Wikipedia articles, subject to peer review.

The Shroud of Turin:

Seamless Robe of Jesus:

The Spear of Destiny:

Miracle of the Sun:

The True Cross:

The Holy Grail:

The Ark of the Covenant:

Aachen Cathedral

The Venerable Bede:

Noah's Ark:'s_Ark

The Holy Prepuce:

Sudarium of Oviedo:

The Iron Crown of Lombardy (Holy Nails):

The Bridle of Constantine (Holy Nails):

The Crown of Thorns:

Veronica's Veil:

Image of Edessa:

The Holy Sponge:

The Gifts of the Magi:

More Interesting Links:

Albright School of Biblical Archeology
Free Courses in Archaeology and Biblical Archeology

Biblical archaeology (excavations and artifacts):

List of Biblical figures identified in extra-Biblical sources:

Scientific foreknowledge in sacred texts:

Science and the Bible: