CARM Infractions


This is a collection of infractions I have received during my time representing the faith at Carm Forums, an anti-Catholic website. Infractions work (at Carm's Forums) as a measure to keep the troublesome folks (e.g. truth telling Catholic Apologists) under control. Enough Infractions, and you're silenced. Plain and simple. The frosting on the cake of course is that under no circumstances are you allowed to publicly question these decisions, or debate them except in private, thus, the creation of this page. It goes without saying, I wear these as tiny invisible badges of Christian Honor.


For responding to an ad hominem attack, I received an infraction. Note the contrast in the opposing statements. "Catholics" have "no Clue" teach a "multitude of heresies" etc, but pointing out this is just an oft repeated unsubstantiated claim is a "personal attack". Larf!

Here, it's obvious that questioning the infallibility of Matt Slick's interpretation of Scriptures, or pointing out that Calvinism can't even create unity of thought between two prominent Calvinist apologists (Romans 15:5), is a "personal attack", meanwhile, claiming that Catholics practice idolatry is perfectly fine (cf Exodus 20:16, Colossians 3:9).