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Mission statement:
Defend the Catholic Faith Throughout the World. We Stand Ready.

Apologetics is about explaining and defending the truths of the Catholic Church. We hope that, through sharing and furthering the understanding of one another's faiths, we will all come to the Truth we recognize to be God and thereby come home to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

By explaining and defending the Catholic faith, we spread the truth of our own faith to non-catholics as well as other Catholics and each other. Setting out for a direct conversion may not always be the wisest tactic, strategy, or idea as the process can take decades in some cases and lead to frustration on both sides. This can easily lead to both sides being uncharitable to each other and neither side listening to what the other has to say. Therefore, we recommend concentrating on the explanation and defense of the Church rather than the direct conversion and reconciliation of people. In that way, we focus on the truth rather than a specific individual. After all, we are part of a worldwide entity that many people not involved in the conversation can see. A good general and charitable defense is the best for delivering truth.

Although geared towards younger Catholics who participate in online forums, we invite all Catholics to become a Knight for the faith, first to train and learn the faith better and then to put yourself  "on the line" and share your own experiences and view point on the faith.

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