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Dr. Tom has written a classic Common Sense Purchasing for anyone who wants to establish relationships along the entire supply chain. His straight-forward manner and stories are outstanding! I particularly enjoyed all the parts about building supplier relationships and tales of purchasing department bureaucratic culture. An excellent reference book for all levels of professionals. If I could give it six stars, I would!

    I highly recommend the very accessible and hands on book Common Sense Supply Management: Tales From The Supply Chain Trenches by Dr. Tom DePaoli, to any business leaders, entrepreneurs, and negotiators seeking a practical and no nonsense guide to improving any supply management process. This book will transform your supply management system from the ordinary to the outstanding, while boosting your overall bottom line.

Sometimes it is good to stop, reflect on the past, and remember where you came from and perhaps change around just where you are going. This book will serve several things. You will enjoy sharing Mr. DePaoli’s memories in Growing Up Italian in the 50’s, but you will also stir up the precious memories of your own. You will think, perhaps laugh, perhaps cry, but your heart will be awakened, if just for a moment, and perhaps you can recapture a memory that will change your tomorrow. Very heart felt and well done.

In his new fun and creative book KaizenKreativity (Oops) or Don’t Be Afraid of Looking Stupid. I’m an Expert at It! author Dr. Tom DePaoli offers an entertaining and creative approach to improving work design and work processes. Dr. DePaoli uses a variety of techniques including story-telling, imaginative training exercises and ready to go outlines of PowerPoints on Kaizens.  Dr. DePaoli uses self-deprecating humor to recall the many times when he stumbled, when trying to implement Kaizen events. The reader can gain much from these lessons.  The book also serves as a good desktop guide to Kaizens with a wealth of information on how to organize for Kaizen events. This is not a dogmatic book that insists on a rigid methodology for Kaizens. Dr. DePaoli often shows that just using a few Kaizen tools can often result in significant gains. The book will help both the novice and the experienced Kaizen leader.

     In his guide to organizational transformation, author Tom DePaoli simplifies the strategies learned from his diverse career in many organizations. The book does an analogy of the Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts Quest for the Golden Fleece.  In this new tale, Jayson and the Corporate Argonauts - the Quest for the Golden Fleece of Transformation DePaoli suggests strategies for transforming an organization.  The book follows the adventures of the Greek hero Jason and his Argonauts and draws on the lessons learned from the crew and the perils that they overcome. These adventures are used to recommend strategies for modern Corporate Argonauts trying to transform their organization. The quest for organizational transformation is a more perilous journey than the Greek quest for the Golden Fleece.  The book remains true to the myth of Jason’s journey and the need for organizations to constantly transform.  DePaoli provides practical lessons learned from his real-life cases of transformation and tested in harsh competitive reality. The emphasis is on the key tips that can make transformation successful. Since every organization is different the author concentrates on the important strategic principles not the tactical methodology. The reader does not have to be familiar with the Greek tale, but the author does recommend at least becoming acquainted with a summary of the adventures. The author makes the adventures relevant to dealing with change and organizational transformation. DePaoli kept the methods simple and to the point. The fun is in the quest or the journey.  He reveals the right methods that can help avoid the missteps of change and transformation. The author admits that there were many failures in his career especially when attempting to have people not only accept change but proselytize change. Organizations need both compassion and integrity to succeed. Corporate Argonauts should be given the chance to join the crew of the Argo and begin transformation.