Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance has emerged as a pure health insurance company in India. It is a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health. The two partners specializes in the field of healthcare and insurance respectively. By coming together they use their competency to provide best health insurance options to people at large.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is formed to secure the health of people in an uncomplicated way. Serving people with simplified and quality healthcare services, the company proudly says, “We know Healthcare. We know Insurance.”

The Apollo Group of Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals Group is Asia’s largest healthcare provider. Having established some of the best hospitals in India, it serves people with extensive healthcare services. Spreading its roots across the world, it has made a mark of best healthcare service provider with over 8500 beds across 54 hospitals In India and abroad.  Treating millions of people across the world with due care and warmth, it has earned their trust.

Medical and paramedical education, holistic medicine and clinical research are few other areas wherein the group specializes. Building upon the expert guidance, Apollo Hospitals unites the exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology to come up with superior quality healthcare facilities. The group performs all the required measures to come up with best standards of patient care. It is an integrated heathcare organization that brings the quality healthcare to the doorstep.

Munich Health
Munich Health is a new business segment of Germany based leading insurance and reinsurance company, Munich Re. Based on uniques ideas the company aims at providing quality healthcare affordable for people worldwide. It works with the unsurpassed expertise and experience to make the world class insurance services accessible to all. Identifying the healthcare needs of people and adapting the global learnings, Munich Health ensures the fulfillment of diverse needs of clients.

It has emerged with several innovative and intelligent solutions to secure people against the healthcare risks. The company efficiently works upon the challenge of maintaining the right balance between the quality medical care and the cost. Having spread its roots across, the company operates in diverse market environments and thus keeps a track of all the related concerns. Serving people with the unique know-how in insurance and reinsurance accompanied with global presence, it efficiently spot the client requirements to serve them with the best health security options.

Apollo Munich, a combined effort of the two proficient partners, draws from its tagline “Let’s Uncomplicate.”

Being a pure health insurance company it has emerged with wide range of comprehensive healthcare policies. Understanding the varied healthcare needs of people, it offers the plans for individual, family coverage and also group medical coverage. To secure people from all sorts of health risks, it has formulated plans like personal accident insurance, travel insurance and other health insurance policies. Moreover it gives the option of comprehensive healthcare coverage through its Insure Health and Maxima health plan.

Apart from this,
Apollo Munich Health Insurance builds on various unique ideas to come up with new and more beneficial options for people all over the country. For instance, its newly launched plan Optima Restore is one of its kind. Based on innovative idea, the plan weaves unique features that have been newly introduced in the health insurance sector. With this it enhances the scope and enriches the field with wider range of variety.  The plans imbibing along several distinctive feature resolves the healthcare worries of people.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company aims to achieve the target of customer satisfaction. Living upto its promise Apollo Munich initiates a reliable hand to demystify the health insurance for all.