Manuscript Evaluation: Your manuscript is done at last. Bravo!!! Now you probably want to know if it's any good...and what your next steps should be. This is the perfect time for you to have your manuscript evaluated. I'll give you my honest impressions and will provide you with detailed, incisive advice on what you should do moving forward. This will include an overview of the changes that will help make your manuscript shine.

Developmental Editing: Does your plot need some re-servicing? Have early readers told you that your characters feel like cardboard cutouts? Do you want to know where you've made repetitions and how to eliminate them? If you're suffering from problems like these, and you feel that your prose is also in need of smoothing and polishing, then you need a developmental edit. This in-depth service includes editorial comments, line edits, and a thorough cover note regarding any and all larger issues that need addressing. I offer both one-round developmental edits and two-round developmental edits.

Please contact me for information about my rates. I'm always happy to do a complimentary 3-5 page sample edit for first-time clients.