tailor STATELY at the Oakland, CA Temple
            "... that inward eye (w)hich is the bliss of solitude" - William Wordsworth 
                             (from "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" aka "Daffodils")                     
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On a wood stove once uniformly black Now aged on its sides to gray and lesser grays
amongst the black
There abides (easily
conjured up by the
imagination) the image
of a rabbit in twilight
before a great hole -
gazing upon runes

Sometimes I'm the rabbit contemplating the unknown; other times, like Alice, I follow into a world already created, or soon to be, separate to mine own
3/1/2013 r.3/2/2013 r.3/12/2013 * pix by gail nichols


A Poet in Garden Valley, by tailor STATELY

Original poetry, prose, epitome, haiku, and artwork:

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This is a dynamic document; my words are ever under my scrutiny and subject to edit.

( Dedicated to my loving Mother who taught me to spell beautiful  )

~~~ SECTION i ~~~


   Awhorled unto this
Of velvet petal and bliss
  The anthers revealed


Be Diligent

Entreat eternity carefully for hollow are yesterdays inexorably passed where pause unhurried betrays 12/12/2005


    A New Dawn	  

Sleeping petals of    
the flower embrace  
the sun's 						 
golden rays 
as dawn    
awakens anew 


      In Æther
Begins syncopation Rippling the æther Birthing light Separating time Each moving in unison 12/4/2005

Building Zion
Hopes are in plenty that keep us ever preparing for our Heavenly peace 11/5/2005

"Step on a Crack..."
   While cracked
   concrete walks
   burden the feet
   who is
   of the
   grief ?

HE Is !

HE is the light borne
Reborn of flesh and sinew
A light unto all



Life's Hope

      A struggling forth
     of gloomy existence
     need not
     be burdensome
     ... For life's hopes
     are kindled
     in the Savior

The Longest Days
   My true love
   gone on
   to reward
   these are
   the longest

Give pause to thine humble prayers Turn thy mind's thoughts to God's love ... and listen 11/1/2005

Wistfully Silent

Wistfully Silent...
Must I be so distant in
Your rose-coloured world ?


The Haunted Wood
   Wind echoes
   in the
   wooded mist
   rising eerily
   Giving a
   spectre's laugh

My Ephemeral Love

Arousing in the eternity I am become an Angel of light forgotten by thee... My ephemeral love 10/27/2005
A Roiled Pumpkin Sky

A roiled pumpkin sky
Like desert dunes convolved nigh
Where lies the wind's eye ?


Beautiful Spirit, Child of God
Hunger to do God's will like unto His beloved Son's love for the Father 10/26/2005


Silhouettes gainsay
An indigo sky begat
Of Moon's spectral glow

  A Glimmering

A moonlit dance caresses the trees Our silver being refined becomes us.... Redefining existence 10/22/2005

 A Quickening

Our days end in the very vacuum of timelessness ... Quickening headlong beyond unto tomorrow 10/11/2005

The Sanctuary of Tears
      There is
      in tears...
      though a
      cold comfort
      silent in
      its solace
      be found

All Hallows Fest
The hot breasty lovers with soft silky mask laugh... Awash in tears and broken smiles 9/26/2005

Tilting at Windmills
 Truth is a
 oppressed in a
 wilderness' garden
 tormented perforce
 in paranoiac


Be not thus deceived
Lest you disparage your worth
Rouse not the tiger


Cloud not thy heart Awaken to His will Wait ever patiently for The reward beyond 7/16/2005

    A Daydream
Daydream's indulgent
moments memory
Paints visions
before my sight
Of wind stirred
furious ocean


The Watchers

Vigilant watchers
Alert to harm from without
Lest the prize be lost


Crux "αωε" Knowing wisdom thought speaks clear From love words found voice By the cross man gained Forever 7/8/2005


Grasping for the Moon
Full faced in dawn's azure sky
To feed my vain pride

  Fair Beauty

Fair beauty...

Love's destiny
a visage rare

Desire softly



Mourning seasons lost
Leaf forborne an hoary oak
Laments the acorn


Thought wanders freely
Inspiredly tuned to one's
Mileau and spirit

  Fugitive Bliss

suits desire
Subtle and silky
in fugitive bliss...


Strawberry Moon

A mild Summer borne
Strawberry Moon's passing gift
To Garden Valley


The Derelict

White, I gaze hereon
Thither my mortality
Life's sting hard to bear



There's time enough for time...
but little else.

Time seems to slip by quickly and
silently when one is happily occupied...
dragging noiselessly when one is all the gloom.

Time whizzes by when we're rushing... in a hurry,
and seems to stand still when we wait.

Time is a paradox when you're a child...
a thief when you're older.

Time once gone is a memory... a dream,
when planned a rainbow.

There's time enough for time...
but little else.

May 26, 2005

Stars reward
our sight

Out of time
beyond end

Bejeweled lights

The heavens


The Edge

I'm on the edge, tee-
tering on the brink... engrained
upon fonder times


h8 Loathing walks amidst shadows of fire where dwells the fallen's desire 5/24/2005

The Hurrier You Go...

As we run
to save time...
Time shocks us
awake to the
still life
changes ever

Honor The Father

oft personal
best shared

The Son

Reminisce Tenderly doth precious memories share tears and laughter when treasured friends dear meet 5/14/2005
    Broken Sky

Mosaic reflections
of gentle wave
on waters
Mirror broken sky

   Enchant Me...

Your very being
a desire for answer

Lament not
your unassailable

Enchant me with
your dreams


Light sustained life

The fruits of love
His creation
everywhere found

To the end endure


Hazarding torrents
Jaunting to cataract's edge
Awe in foment boils


Spring Enchantment

Færies glide headlong
Down the frozen vernal flow
Mirthful in their play


Singularity Redux

Heavy unsteady
in the fabric
of space
A nubbly trace
... Singularity


the whims

doth dire



Night blooms, moth alights
Flower's nectar'd sweetness sought
Nocturnal delight


Glory Dark-enigmatic space contemplates a scintillating Sun ... Its light crowning beings with garlands of love 5/6/2005
The Gargoyle

Words without life
doth empty thoughts
comes illuminating
as stones must
under a flashing
cement sky



The Comforter

Still thy heart
of pain
Awaken that
peace found
Within His
heavenly love


Fare du Jour

I ben der b'fo
I grab 'n skittles so fast!
'fo d'bin be locked



The willow-the-wisp's abode
Misty fen, bane's den


      Les Trappeurs

Longtemps dans le abers
la roche restait
Sa hardis face
mais jetant l'eau embruns
battant dans passer
yeux du feu

* with apologies to
French speaking people

          The Trappers

A long time in the river mouths
the rock remained
Its bold face

but throwing water spray
beating in passing
eyes of fire

a rough translation
of "Les Trappeurs"


Snow-clad the mountain
where billow'd cloud no mete met
Ere err I went not



Autumn foregone
through days darken

The moon peeps
through trees
snow laden

Cold starry night



Embrace the Infinite's gnome


The Firefox

My attention piqued
I rest in wildflowered field
waiting your pleasure



At peace
Patiently waiting
Our Heavenly reward beyond
a certainty...
but do His will


Raindrops glisten
Their crystal moment
spirited softly fallen
through the light
verily in sway


Kyoto Discord

Fend not for the earth
Until the politicians
Are thus endangered ?


      Ever True

Star-crossed lovers
beyond the
bounds of time
awake to their
heavenly reward
... ever true

Dim E

Time is but a mote
Rushing through narrow waters
Leading to the sea


Whence the Tsunami

Islands in ruin
The sea a hard mistress be
Whence the tsunami



Vernal falls foment
Water whipped to frenzied wisps
Aerial cascade


The HoneyMoon
  the metes
  and bounds
  of desire
  as to a flame
  into ecstasy
The Stand

In the spotlight's glare
An albino crab takes stand
amongst the sparse grass


Moonbeam-Dreams Rhythmically the ocean rolls Welcoming a summer moon Evoking moonbeam-dreams Of love's fleeting nights 12/29/2004


Mains des Bien Peintre

Mains des bien peintre
cherchant pure larmes
pour la vie
trempais pinceau...
Fixant tes pauvre
coeur mort

* with apologies to French speaking
people everywhere


Hands of the Good Painter Hands of the good painter seeking pure tears for the life soaked brush... Fixing your poor dead heart 12/28/2004 * a rough translation of "Mains des Bien Peintre"

Repent Oft sin embitters men Should our souls be defiled... Repent Desire His will ... Salvation 12/28/2004


are the
poisoned paths
proffered of
singular desire
bade beneath


                                        Love Betimes Flees

                               Endless sighs ne'er
                                          relent through silent tears
                              Love betimes flees
                     Hearts linger
                                       O'er ceaseless yearnings
                             Love betimes flees


The Light

See the Light

Jesus was sent
to save all

Peace and love
and joy


Dreams of Summer Whence flowed these fond sparkling dreams? Memories of hot days and cool gentle streams 12/24/2004

  En Passant

Tropical jelly
long tendrils

Sea horses,
mouths agape,


Les Papillons Sont Libres

  Nous papillons
  voulant fuir cet
  espace sentions entre
  les ronces,
  toutes que temps
  d'etre rompu

  * with apologies to French speaking
  people everywhere

        Butterflies Are Free

We butterflies wanting to flee
this space felt between brambles,
all that time traps to be broken

* Rough translation of "Les Papillons
Sont Libres"


Epical apex
O, Lawrence... Who dared to test
The mire of ages

 The Ever-Never

Stars nor planets
are beyond
the Ever-Never
& Time is a
as elsewhere
to end

  Phantasmagoræ Deux

Spectral showers of love
suffers cast upon
the rocks below...
An eternity of meteoric
sighs borne


Spectral showers
of love
cast upon
the rocks
an eternity
of meteoric sighs

A Lover's Mettle

Petal by petal
Love's riposte plucked of red rose
A lover's mettle


  Beyond Time

Time ends
as never
nor nothing was

Ever the end

But Heaven
will still be
... beyond time


Strange impromptu
swellings of the
the artist


Carpet Diem... Littered greasy oil-stained rags seizes hot... Ignites Carpet diem... black 12/13/2004
    Be True

Heaven beckons...

Our reward
is in sight

Desire His will...

An endless peace
and delight



Pastel petals splay
Flower's passioned reverie
Heady summons play


     X Alt @ Ion

Souls ensured dearly
days of perfect
rapture be

Pressed on ye
not stiff-necked
but eagerly


I, Arboreal

I, Arboreal
Spatial pervasion total
Null geodesic


  Time's End

Time draws wan
stretched unseen
only to end in
an endless


Of Tears and Angels
  Her eyes
  were like jewels
  glistening from
  tears wrenched
  Surely a vision
  stolen from
  the heart
In Illume

Grove's visitation
Three bathed in blessed pure light
His faith rekindled


 Starlight Dreams

Romantic souls
starlight dreams

Our fervour
shone luminous
... a perfect fire

we were lovers



Take blindly
with sting

Venal ennui



Barren the shade's path
Ancient megaliths cast down
Runes in ruin strewn



Arms outstretched... Glory!
My soul drenched in the sea spray
I feel so alive!



In agony
I realize
your tears shed
are a cry
of yearning
for what
I am not




Shadows in the midst
Cold limestone walls primed to limn
But lack of canvas



A living star rests
Salmon amongst the pebbles
Tidal treasure trove


Poets are

Words well
through fingers'
poignant path...

Languishing only
as soft whispers



Yellow sunflower
Eatable, spittable seeds
Such a funflower!


Awake Ye Heavens! Awake ye Heavens! Long last will He reign His very love ever beyond time 11/25/2004

Ylem spumes and spews
Space and time null convergent
Dark matter phased, skews

The End of Darkness
  Rising angel
  messenger bright
  darkness passing
  His arrival within
  white loving light

Trumpets eastward blare
Auroræ dance in the night
Behold the Lion !


Flower to flower
The deeds of the bumblebee
Fascinate one's soul



Negatively bent
An hundred leggy plumed beast
Marches distant sway

Capering Psychoses

The very workings
of a porous ego
flagrant raw desire
Psychoses capering



Enter His
eternal love

The completion
of resurrected
Beings immortal

Love's Lament

Distress rises

Crystal dreams glisten
bleeding ruby red

Desire slain

Our glass soul's
untamed crescendo
love's lament


Romantics muse bent
Entwined souls inspired
Enduring life's
alluring charm rent
Love's embrace desired


The willow-the-wisp's abode
Misty fen, bane's den


  Chromatically Radical

Though I craft my verse
in my mind's eye in color
my thoughts are interpreted
and punctuated by spiders
casting their silky spells
of words strewn black
upon the canvassed page

11/6/2004 r. 12/3/10


Wry elephant eyes
Whence enchanting dermalscape
Perchance a mud bath


With eggs in despair
time is a mosquito's fury

Dispatched it wings

Its feast a desperation
bent on bloodletting



Ether clouds aglow
Projected astral matrix
Nebular mist sowed


Phantoms laugh
coursing transient thoughts
pondering inhabited
unbidden covert desire

An instrument
so caught unshielded
wakes possessed
knowing darkness' mire



Staid... the course of right
O, Ohio, beacon bright
Graced this land with sight


His Glory ! His will be done True peace... Love our reward Life eternal in Heaven Stars, Moon, Sun 11/2/2004

Which Glory ? Tears of pain cold-soled shod moonscape weary man trod across starlight sunsets bound upon God's great love found 11/1/2004

Be not as
the Earthly sylph

His love
thy purpose

was hallowed
before thy birth


Night's maw prepares nigh
O'er sienna clouded sky
Day waits soon to die

The Heron

Fed of fish and frog
Striding the shallows slowly
Herein the heron


untitled Sea... Calm serenity Rising, falling, soothing I long for thy closeness ... ocean circa October 2004
    Kama Caress

Touch me softly...
awaken true desire
Still patiently that
very tingling of
nerves set afire


Subliminal ascendancy
spiraling unbenignly
deceptive finitude smiling

Behold the
nameless hedonist
apocalyptically laughing


BlueBlossoms... Bayou

Bayou becalmed midst
Water hyacinth blossoms
Watercourse sore brooked



Warped of glimmer gone
Non-dimensional being
Intrudes upon space


Titania Delightful desire awakened She wings softly quickening to the shelter of my being 7/20/2004
The Bosom of Abraham

Would that Zen and Faith
Flow as rivers confluent
Into forever


Sapphire Set Sun

Coronal crowned flight
Eagle soaring... regal, midst
Heaven's diadem


Rose Moon

Rose Moon in daylight
Pearl set in an azure sky
Canyon's rough crags fête


Desolate Tree

Lone stark witness stands
Against a desert of snow
As ranch hands drive herd

Fall Leaves... Golden

A trail of gold shines
O'er hillock a quiet falls
Fall leaves, sunlit bright


Seeking Celestial Seek to be as The Savior Love beyond time in Heaven is our reward 6/30/2004

Love Wings... Love Wings... upon paths invisible Whispering softly as a butterfly through silky shadows 6/29/2004
The Phiz-ical Gnome

A gnomish visage
seems midst Winter water course
bound by snow packed trees


Years After the Fire

Tall dark oak mourns still
Bereft of its cloak of leaves
Spring all else renews


Love Past

Time itself
is past forgetting

Would that love
never forgotten

a remembrance
sweet be



Village hazards all
Midst lush moraine valley 'neath
Glacier receding


Imagination and creativity
is found of
mind and soul soaring
at their peak


Seaside Sensibilities

Fog far off from view
Curlews rush the kelp strewn shore
Salt breeze chills... night nears



Dreaming of shadows

My blue thoughts
obscuring logic
with pause

Faint cries only
a soul's breathless
lucid desperation


Intrin(sic) Too Imagination and creativity belies mystique ... but mind and soul soaring at their peak 6/25/2004


Tendrils of light splay
Bolting near gives pause to sight
As 'strings of beads' play



Ascendant Our mortal test is in becoming His loving disciples ... ascendant 6/15/2004
REMnant Were life only a dream What of thy soul's desire forever languid 6/12/2004

Stifled cries...
a soul's desperation

My breathless
dream veiled
giveth pause

Obscuring lucid

6/11/2004 r. 6/4/2011
Gold Country

Hills of gold provide
Nuggets washed to stream below
EUREKA !... the cry


Gold Fever

Hip deep in the stream
Back bone-weary from panning
The dream beckons on


   The Missionaries

His message of love
will be heard
Eternally blessed
are the ones patiently
spreading The Word

6/7/2004 r.6/30/2012

The Brook

Brook wends burbling through
Bedded stones exposed between
Banks festooned 'midst green


A Flower

Lilac colored bloom
Fringed of red-violet whorls
'bout frail gold button


Canvas Dynamique

Dawn and dusk skies glow
Pillowy clouds daubed with light
Give pastel relief


Beyond time
our desire patiently

Heaven is
the reward for
being true

Inherit the stars !!!


Mask of a Cat

Abstract from nature
The mask of a cat revealed
Spawned of pool and brush

Vacuous... but not Confused
      Walking purposely
      he figured
      the lady,
      her eyes designed
      without wit
      and impossibly
      hardly a mind,
      ... wasn't
See ?

Seascape scenery
Scenario seems seemly
Seeing siege selah

6/3/2004 r.6/7/2011
Angel Attending

Angel attending
Shimmered of coherent light
Directing yon course


Seaside Amber Dawn

Seaside amber dawn
Tide filters through the beach sand
Ebbing to shoreline


The Nature of Prayer

Ethereal light
Midst trees lofty of purpose
Come pray and be heard



Boats hung out to dry
Another day at Fundy
Tide's aberration


Harison's Yellow Rose

Yellow rose blossom
Thou heady fragrant bouquet
Repletes my being


Hummingbird's Flight

Hummingbird's wings
resonate in flight
Diving, turning...
a kaleidoscopic
earthly delight

5/29/2004 r.6/6/2011
    Death of the Unicorn
The unicorn trapped
tormented falls
Cries echoing against forever
Hot Breath gasps
the last of this world


Wending unearthly
Wood's path... æry labyrinth
Færie's deceit veiled



The Shadows Avoid the shadows Fantasies, escaped, existing black guarding their pretended faces whispering beyond Dying to be found 5/26/2004

Færie's Stage

Oyster mushroom steps
Lead to Færie's plane... waiting
Moonlight's revival


Don't Feed the Birds

Tempt not the fowl beast
That wing-ed adversary
 Doth one's repast plagues


Envelop me in
your love
Spark that desire
of being
for our souls
to be as one



These Black Nights /or 
           Ces Noire Nuits

The black one
reduces hope... then
cherishing last blood
seems infernally without fatal fear
Illusory color languishes with splendour

* a coarse English translation
from my original French poem...
lost to the ether

* - a re-creation:
These Black Nights/Ces Nuits Noires
( with apologies to French
speaking peoples everywhere )

             Ces Nuits Noires

Le noir
réduit l'espoir... alors
dernier sang aimant
semble infernally sans crainte mortelle
La couleur illusoire languit avec le splendour



Lake's Landing

Summer thoughts evoked
As Fall's dusk tends to lake's charm
In remembrance sweet


Autumn's Effusion

River's serene flow
Woods mirrored off water's face
Autumn exults twice


The straight and
narrow path
forges a testimony
The very process
revealing love,
The Creator adored

Yellowstone's Bane

Most evident... see ?
Mirrored lake encroaches west
Yon upheaval... east

The Dragon

I stare frozen, awed
as dusk looms orange to scarlet
before the dragon



Ephemeral clouds
Sunset's favorite canvas
Mystique... Sky's passage



Clouds Too

Trees in silhouette, the sun past the horizon
Clouds capturing the changing hues of dusk on errand
Their textures and shadows heightening the effect

    Spiritual Bliss

Wondrous thoughts...
feelings of love

Desire no man
can plunder

Mind and soul
blossoming... deep


Desert Yearnings End

Desert flowers bloom
Bursting forth after sparse rain
Clouds relent their hold


 Parthian Angst

Don't stare...
make me
Do you want
my heart to hide ?
You hurt me...
why ?
I leave
... don't care


~~~ SECTION ii ~~~


Time and space
in strife

Curving inward
then out

Shocks striking
... planets
... life



The Gulls Seagulls meander before my gaze Mocking me beneath... laughing their mastery of the sky 5/17/2004


Eventide's approach
Viewed 'neath palms' lush canopy
Tropical calm sets


Sky molt'n in toto The very earth scourged Time melts .......... ended 5/5/2004

The Parrots

Scarlet feathered love
Paired forever, the Parrots
Preening, nestled tight

    Night Golf

Thoughts deep in
the moonlight

Only stones
found beneath

Where lies the
white dimpled ball ?



Probing the lilac
a butterfly's proboscis
Seeking nectar sweet

The stars are
shining bright
in the dark
so we may
touch them, again,
close at hand


Thinking of You

Thinking of you
somewhere, out there
May love always
be with you

  Wherefore I ?

Alone in the
middle of reality
The way closed...
the road ever
leading nowhere
in the dark



Great bird spooked in swamp
Alert, I hunker down, quick
The brush should hide me


Hot Air Balloon!!!

Look up !!! What a sight !
Hot air balloon fancy free
passing vistas bright


        A Sunday Spring Walk, in Garden Valley

Warm morning sun
beams, through pine trees, bright
Geese trumpet, discordant, a pair in low flight

Bull and cow mulling, pastured together, peer
Dogs barking on passing, incessantly clear

Squashed, dessicated, lies a luckless Horned Toad
Sadly, in repose, decorating the country road

Bumble Bees fly about, light, and comically stumble
On clover heads precarious, invariably tumble


Lake Sunset

Scenic lake sunset
A clouded pink pastel sky
mirrors serenely


Wistful Desire... Ocean

 The rhythms of
 the ocean alive within

 My absence
 too heartfelt

 Solace distant calls
 always beckoning


The Orange Rose

A dewed orange rose
appears sculptured... born anew
A dove bursts forth sweet


We were first with the Father,
heavenly beings... untested

Our earthly existence begins
veiled from before, as lives
barefoot in the wilderness twilight

Our mortal test lies through agency,
a gift given bound in His infinite
wisdom and love

Obeisance to His word will guide the
faithful, and His light will reveal
to the worthy the path to life eternal
with the Father once more... the way
laid down through
the Savior's atonement

As it begins, so must it end, and
Jesus Christ will have the final judgment
over all


A Father's Blessing

Angels of light tend
to one's walk through earthly life
A Father's blessing


Busied in dreams
staring with indifference
at dying

My very being
grasping electric streams
now wakened

The Bay at Dusk

Serene bay... dusk plays
Scarlet and mauve mood appears
Surreal in scope



Youthful tiger stares,
Zoo bound from a tree crook snug,
Upon danger... we


Delicate shining dewdrops
hanging gems of light
Myriads shower softly
off silky pine needles
a summer morning splendor



A divided sky
Gloom of storm oppresses nigh
Heaven's bow protects



Singularity Broken light tortured Lasing hot as a sun born 4/23/2004


Were I not alone
Would my self remain... remain...


Immanent Domain

T'was cold reflection
Thoughts rack through icy veil's glare
Dreading portal lost



Evil roots exposed
Lie not in thy purse of coin
but in thy soul bent



Know ye !

That hope is

found in Prayer

Love is upon you

knowing He !


Bunnies !

White ravenous beast
assails the lone red flower
Beware of bunnies !


Dark Days

Dark clouds gathering
The day already sunless
What portent forebodes ?



I near the abyss...
unsettled... What was that black
diamond thingee ?


Apathetic Want The broken shards of empty desire passing reflections piercing my mind 4/16/2004

Etre Test the tempest... best be prepared Lest thy being... zest be impaired 4/15/2004

Desert Yearnings Redux

Spiked sentinel waits
Mocking clouds hazarding rain
Desert entreating


My Vista

Far off Sierras
Spied from 'neath the shady pines
Home's panorama



Envision Sight certainly breeds desire... hopes happen touch tingling nerves afire curves crash loving lasts 4/11/2004

An epoch etched deep
The bay scoured in long years past
Glacier retreats


Desert Scapes

Tall spired mesas
Citadels of the desert
Grace the bleak wasteland



Weep not...
the bitter season passes
The wind becalming
to a caress...
Whispering amidst
willow's boughs sweet


When the light of love
had dimmed and its
warmth grown cold
She carried the
loss within
Her desire left
of her own accord
A tragedy of
love left threadbare

4/6/2004 r. 1/13/2011

The Swan

Singular swan glides
upon turbulent water,
turgid, on errand



Forked tongue held in check
Raised... red eyes transfixed ahead
Gazing for its prey



Tall savannah grass
Death concealed most cunningly
Patient lioness



The hot breath
of life escapes
My Ethereal
Being revealed

           Absence of Mirth

Childless park on a warm afternoon
Though light breeze blows
and birds sing and frogs creak...
somehow a desolation seems
... an absence of mirth



Tall thin stalk rises
Crowned with a thousand wishes
Waiting the child-like



Foliage hugs ground
whilst vibrant yellow petals,
clustered, hazard forth



Cat-tails cloistered tight
Tall plumes, white, flag their locale
Blackbird's call beckons


The Swing

What better fashion
to pretend one's in flight... than
when pushed on a swing !



The Garden Spider

Orbed web denizen
In repose... senses strung taut
Doom nigh... alfresco



Crystal clear
my desire...
I will love
You always
... beyond end


Prairie Orison

Wizen'd old groundhog...
appears deep in prayer, devout
" Thanks, Lord, for green grass... "

3/31/2004 r. 1/13/2011

Verdant meadow grass
hides both predator and prey
Nature's scheme balanced



Dogwood 2

Broad shell-pink blossoms
lined with thin light-maroon veins
adorn the Dogwood



Spring Oak Leaves Forth

Leaves emerge, unfold
from limbs dormant through winter
Hued salmon and jade


The Bamboo Bush

Prim bamboo bush trim'd
Red berries clustered, aglow
Delicate, long leafed



Grey-brown bearded palm
Green fronds slapping in the wind
Long, thin, coarse trunk sways



Dogwood 1

Butterfly jewels
Flowers of the Dogwood cling
Ivory wings wide



Vibrant orb jewel
Turbulent mystique fills view
Ganymede's delight


Easter Island

The ancient
tongue unfamiliar
Coarse stones
of island
ancestors capped
A humanness found
wide-eyed... shadowed
Their spirit waiting
unhurried... long


Bandit fur ball pet
Gail's loving raccoon... sore missed
Heavenly Benners

 Rhyme ? No Reason !
   To rhyme
   a rhythmic
   a lyrical madness
   The rhetorical prose


Cows caught in headlights
Day turned to night from ash fall
Horizon on fire


Love and Prayer
of earthly souls
His will
... our desire

Path to Reason

Enter yon path's sway
Cleanse aside thy deep despair
Muse still... thoughts perplex'd



Dawn Fancy

Near dawn light inspires
Evokes distant trees afire
'neath cloud dappled sky


   Love Demeter

Gentle spirit
Her face
soft and furrowed
from laughter
Tender passion
... love
... desire



Autumn colors fuse
Scarlet to yellow-green hues
Calm reflection pools



Multi-chroma hues
paint the sunrise sky of home
God's glory affirmed



Follow the Son Heaven our reward All of us Peace... Love His will be done 3/18/2004

D' bass dey hide now
leav'n dem d' shallows be
nite-time he'ya soon



Tidal ejecta
strews shore... washed of gentle waves
Driftwood bleached sun-kissed



Love Blossoms Silent float the cherry blossoms softly on lovers clinging Their souls a oneness together 3/17/2004


Mephisto... soul seeking
wings grimly with vigor

Success found
of Faustian desire

New-claimed dead spell-bound
his persistence never ending



The desire... deep
to continue
ancestral histories

Very important... indeed
to our
family passed



Dragonfly !

Iridescent wings
ablur... harlequin body
reposed... Dragonfly !


Desert Yearnings

Fingers point skyward
from cacti scapes long searching
aching for rainfall



     Morceau Celestial

Of transcendental poetry
one composes
of love unpretentious
... exquisitely fashioned
as a sculpture
conceived of a
suspension of glass...


Winter Tableau

Powdered snow abounds
the stream wending lazily
through woodland dream-scape



Ethereal Being Awake I am ...seemingly Floating patiently beyond time A peace found like no other Heaven in sight 3/10/2004


Nescient offspring...
children of the moment
thinking but of themselves
complacency obviates
His great love


A delicious muddle...
... love
Lessons mastered
found through desire
Exploring joy
of mind and body


Storm at Sea

CRASH... the breakers spray
Surf roils from onset nigh
Heaven and shore tried




are as a
lest silence



Light-orchid daisies
Sun kissed, they're faces gladdened
Butterflies cavort



SNAFU Moaning groanIIl toes it is at has delivery This now beginni-l done something's my 3/5/2004


Patiently I wait
seeing beyond time...

Life in Heaven desired...
certainly the only
true peace

      The Choice
shrieks cold
drowned in the oceans
of hot dust
by displaced souls
if Love and
Salvation forsaken



Trees abruptly end
Nature in ruin dies where
course the paths of men


Mountain Lake

Pristine mounts on high
Snowcapped marching to the shore
Lake glass reflecting


     Ad Astra...

The stars wait
never to be crossed
lest we go beyond
the need for


The Garden Path... Not

The garden's path wends
much too uninspiredly laid
I seek the obscure


     Forever... Love

On this moonless shore
a shared desire found
Their first hot kiss
Delicious, assuring
Forever... love



Not a Trophy

Stalking through the brush
Quarry found - caribou buck
... not camera shy


  Everything !
Oh how vain...
naive, I must be
a longing to
behold all that
is inconceivable
and good

Pensive Wont

I channel myself
a child intent on the shore
thoughts viewed in situ


Panic Attack

The road closes in
my vertigo runs rampant
skewed aspect indeed


A bench
in the shadows
of the mimosa tree
a shimmering quiet found
a delicious serenity



Dream and reality
manifested in causality
contains one's self
replacing non-existence

On the Bayou

I squint my eyes tight
see a witch on broom in flight
trees reflect bayou



Foul ruins
Hearts of dung preying
on the flesh of tears
... shattered, harried
Death desired



Vermilion leaves
as tears cascade to ruin
Flourishing en niche


Alpine Spring

Springtime blossoms nigh
Blue lake placid as the sky
Alpen mountains shine



My prayers
to God
soft-spokenly said
reflect His love
warm Light
living in me


Empty days
not found
where love
and laughter
fills the void

Tropical Depression

Palmed islets witness
Tropical moodiness change
Dark storm gathering



Devouring hope
primal trappings
of death wait
inside my mind
Dark and cold
a dreamscape
of shadows



Shallow Fording

The stream humour bent
Provides the stepstones slippy
A soaking proffer'd


 There... 'Their They're'

Men stumble
soulless in darkness...
broken, lost
Shadows of the damned city Desperation pulses in its foundations 2/9/2004


Ethereal Waterscape

Dew'd fingers stretch nigh
Toward rushing moonlit brook
Tendril mists wander


The Key

The very desire for love
is the key to the soul
An obligation lost
to none



Painted layered rock
Canyon carved by ancient hand
River winds below


Gossamer Dreams Interlude

Falls cascade bathed in
ethereal light misting
Færies intercourse



Choking... I struggle
lest burned Flames blazing
dancing in the wind
No chance remains...



The shadows...
something's there
A hissing laugh
inside my mind
I crumble
... mad


Tubular !

I, rathe surfer spy
Waters yet unsullied swell
Gnarly forth Dude, I



Each life reads like
a treasured book found
Each day a new page
inspired by The Lord

The Coast

Azure sea tranquil...
lapping sands of bronzed hills
Proximity yearned


Stand of Trees

Dizzyingly high
Staring skyward the trees bare
Hydra-like standing



       The Artist

The Master reworks
each canvass painted
of pale blue souls
whose crimson hearts
beat in desperation
Heavenly Love
is never beyond reach

2/2/2004 r.12/3/2010


Tree stands sentinel
o'er ancient layered mesas
'neath clouded slate sky




The timeless dream
doth darkness cling
lest our spirit
love The Son
and be above



My mind entreats
my poet's muse

the very purest love
I myself need


     Process Poetic

The poetry of
innermost thoughts

blossoms like a flower
found in chaos

to the poet
a dream manifest


Patiently we keep true
our love for the Son
Heavenly reward found
God is lasting peace


Onus I consider'd great shame alone our unborn scandal discover'd Was desires enthusiasm but work to one's own end ? 1/25/2004

GUT Feeling A charmed quark out on a jaunt beheld a mu in dimension seven strings unharmonized... slow the quark inquired " your energy spent ? " " No - just split " the mu responded belching tachyon emissions 10/29/2003

                      The Curse, revisited... 2003

The Rocket against Pedro... Game 7... ALCS!
The New York Yankees at home against Boston's Bosox...
Another classic... what else would you guess ?

But The Rocket was chased, and by the 4th he was gone
Hindered by home runs, one by Millar and two by Trot Nixon
Clemens head down, through the tunnel... a walk too long

Though Jason Giambi was demoted, rightly so, to 7th in order at bat
With two mighty launches of the ball in the 5th and 7th inning
the comeback was alive ! In their seats Bosox fans just sat

Score 5 to 2, bottom of the 8th... Boston leading the Yanks
Jeter doubles to start the rally, then Williams and Matsui get hits
Jorge Posada doubles to clean up, score now 5 to 5, and Torre gives thanks

While the Bronx Bombers chip away, their bullpen, in the past, a disgrace
send a parade of pitchers their way to the mound... biding time
... setting up for Mariano Rivera... their prolific reliever ace

The Bosox boys are now baffled, their swings most untoward
Mariano goes three long masterful innings of relief blanking Boston
His series heroics to soon win him the coveted ALCS MVP award

It's now the 11th, Wakefield's pitching mastery of the Yanks has been most hot
but New York's Aaron Boone swings at Wakefield's first offering...
Jim Bouton might have said: A knuckle-ball's fickle... a walk-off home run is not !!!

There's no joy tonight in Beantown... yes, that's a given
"The ghosts will show up eventually" Jeter confided to Boone
Again... the Mighty Bambino, curse invoked, has arisen


Luna I left the Earth last night to see the stars on the other side of our galaxy near the rim and what did I think of while taking in this glory but of how sad they don't have a Moon like ours 10/10/2003


                   Homage to Fromage ? ( or: To Brie or not to Brie )

For a salad delightful of the green-leafy sort
crumble in Blue Cheese, Feta, or Roquefort
or add them to a dressing thick and creamy
to your avocado, chick-peas, and tomato... mmm, dreamy !
To make a fondue... into the pot: Cheddar, Gruyère, or Swiss...
a bit of wine, and cherry liqueur; salt, pepper to taste
Use fork or tong with breads or meats... or perhaps skewer all this...
creamy, delightfully rich morsels... to add inches to the waist
Pizza, pizza ! that calls for Mozzarella !
add pepperoni, ham, olive, "shroom" in the pie crust dishy
with Parmesan or Romano sprinkled liberally on top
and I'm in Heaven, dining... ( sans fishy !!!)
To snack on an outing with wine, bread, and thee
wedges of Colby, Cheddar, Gouda, Camembert, and Brie
Or if sandwiches are want to be made ( with mayo and mustard ) instead
add Provolone, Jack, Colby, Fontina, or Muenster to your favorite bread
Queso Asadero for nachos, Cottage Cheese with fruit or alone,
cannelloni with Ricotta, Asiago with bagels for your appetite edge to hone
The list goes on... Gorgonzola, Edam, Limburger, Havarti...
Jarlsberg and Curado... Bring them all ! Let's have a PARTY !!!

10/9/2003 r.7/6/2017

                 gOT roOtS ?

A family tree of the Nichols clan
a search for our fore-bearers
we must plan

Stories heard 'bout links to the Adams'
most likely false, when
considering the chasms

For time has erased those who were best
to chronicle the family as
they migrated west

And so it is left to us, now, to give thought
to seek, query and badger
lest all is forgot

A legacy sought for generations to possess
for their family retinue
to ably assess



this is not a poem, but a pome, so I make the rules
one of the rules is, well, secret... there aren't
any other
rules. accused over and over of being unfeeling:
so why do I ache
and hurt with breast feeling all knotted, twisted
and tight of throat. Paranoia Trust Hope...
Mind wrestles with
variables too incalculable to fathom,,, easily.
Prepare ? Is preparation giving up to
the inevitable ? Lost already ? inevitable ?
Bide, biding. survival mode, bidden
tired, trod on... depressed... tredding life
dreading life... lucid future disappointments loom
unhappyThis is not a poem/?but a pome
I make the rulez

      The Hunter

Stalking the wood
where I know
they oft pass
Dusk falling quickly
warm Autumn day
light breeze wafting
Down wind approach
I can smell
them, so close
Camouflaged, they
but I see
most easily enough
For they noise
when movement made
though slight, seen
Preoccupied they seem
lying in wait
for unknown reason
Through the brush
I wend silent
toward my quarry
Unnoticed, nigh there
excitedly I attack
blood lust complete
Satiated I leave
to find water...
lay my eggs


  Autumn in Garden Valley

Moderate weather
blessed with light breeze
Grasses and tree limbs sway
as waves on the seas
Apples are ripening
so too the prune plum
Oak leaves and their acorns
dropping by the scores, drum
Geese overhead piping
seen flying in V's
Turkeys still milling about
as are quail in their covies
Hunting season open
eager hunters oft found
albeit more... seemingly,
than the deer abound



I see myself in my mind's eye 
Thoughts unbidden
welling from deep memories
of old wishes of yore
Reflections of my life
all pass before
with lucid distraction

            Expressions of Love

Anticipatory... a touch, a caress, a kiss
shivers of warm, heated passion
yearning bliss

Familial... bonded with bright children's faces
heartstrings tugged at arrivals and leavings
hugs, cuddles, and teeth braces

Lustful... with vigorous desire
passion felt, rigorous
an unquenchable fire

Mature... impassioned through life's span
a state of mind, not an age
no bounds on woman nor man

Mournful... heartfelt, achingly lost
an ending, a leaving, a loss
world upended, tossed

Unrequited... 'twas never to be
unanswered, unknown
unwanted, by thee

Youthful... furtive, mischievous, artful display
exploring, self doubting, life's too slow
knowing all, all for today

Religious... of God and His teaching rapt, devout, warm love we, Heaven beseeching

9/17/2003 r.10/19/2015

Watering My Garden

Rose and Iris
Apple and Periwinkle
best tend to the darlin's
and give them a sprinkle

Pine and Cedar
French Plum and Oak
'tis off to garden
to give them a good soak

Holly and Crepe Myrtle
Lilac and Oleander
these I'll set down the hose
and let the steep meander



God bless those who pass before us
Blessed are those they loved
and left behind
Bless us, dear Lord, in our grief
and see us through this time
as we search for solace
Thank You, dear God, for our time on earth
to learn how best to serve You
when our time comes
Blessed is the Son of God, who teaches
that those who believe in He
shall know Eternity

9/12/2003 r. 12/3/2010
       Dinner ????

Dinner is ready,
time to eat,
just peel back the cover,
to reveal faux meat !!!



My soul is gray
my id black
loathe am I
that which can not take back

An errant word
a withheld kiss
an unkind deed
my mind shunning bliss Grace un-given shadow falls heart wrenched slowly 'til life ends all 8/27/2003

       Hell on the Mount

Whilst camped in the mountains
not a care in the least
bedded down for the night
not aware of the Beast

Heard a rustle of a sound
woke me up from my sleep
out I peered from my tent
what I saw made my flesh creep

Unearthly figured
all swathed in gloom
with a din like a banshee
I felt nigh my doom

My son seeing me thus
ventured his gaze about
I tried to warn him
but couldn't shout

He froze and was stricken
with horror and fright
turned pale as the moon
on this moonless night

Our companion then roused
startled by our imminent dismay
gave call to our tormentor
not comprehending the foray

Wits gone from my mind
tearing back through the tent
the wraith shrieked forth again
my soul thoroughly rent

We no longer tarried
grabbing no kit nor provision
fearing perfervid chase
to carry us to perdition

I won't go back to the mount
that horrifying black region
where dwells the creature unknown
in demonic legion


                                      June 8, 2003
Woke up to the alarm clock at 6:00 a.m., something I seldom do
Had wild expectations of something new
Proceeded through the morning as if all was the norm
Had a late breakfast - no trepidations of a storm
Hopped into the car... asked Gail "right turn or left"
Right we went - and on we travailed, my hands deft-
ly on the wheel to Georgetown, Cool, toward the American River Canyon
Not wisely did I choose past the River we had just abandon'
And right, wrongly, I chose at the fork in the road
Forgetting the canyon bridge ahead, mere miles away ahead... lest I forbode
For bridges and spans, whether over land or water
Are terrifying to my mind, creating a fodder
Of thisses and thats... that create panic attacks - as I approach their length
On I drove, woodenly... asking Gail for her strength
Half the legal speed we crept, 1000 feet over the river did we tarry
On the other side, an eternity spent in the attempt, I broached reality once more, no longer the scary
And thus did the better part of the first leg of our travail end
$20 worth of gas to buy... a soda and water drunk... a penny to spend...
And we were in Reno, to celebrate our second nuptials times twelve
At the "El Dorado" did we park, fifth tier, then down two, to the skyway... and into the casino did we delve
At five cents a drop did we iterate into the beasts
that take more, than give back, or at the very least
give one false hope of a fortune to be made
whilst lights glimmer, and sounds shrill, and olfactory overload from a man smoking a cigar, dressed in his plaid
But a late rally, by me, playing my pocket change of quarters, a pittance saved
put us "down" only a few dollars, and in search of dinner... a sumptuous feast we craved

And now our real journey began... looking for the "bargain" meal... the "real" deal to cut our fast
and high and low and hither and fro, 'til at last
we settled at "Fitzgerald's", their buffet spread before us, doors invitingly drawn
our plates soon heaped with beef and chicken and salad andprawn... and delectable fish and chicken and even more... prawn
Yes, I did visit the buffet more than once - the last trip impaired by my overhearing of the bi-lingual help conversingly utter the word 
"Gato" - yes... I swear at which point I hesitated over making my selection... "Gato ?" I inquired to those who had uttered - yes... I dare And smiles lit up and a guffaw was heard for my selection of what I thought was fish was not "cat"... just my poor timing of hearing a certain Spanish word Then on again to the monsters we strode with no trepidation of what lay upon our return road and dark night, though warm and breezy, enveloped our locale, we tarried... perhaps too late We played games at five cents a drop, feeding now the monsters their plate We've not lost our britches, through gambling ills, perhaps $10 - $15 did we allow away our dear money to roam Now time for coffee, though no alcohol have we drunk... it's 11:30 p.m. - time to start home We've a validated ticket - so no parking do we pay Out into the night for our last foray Where the hell is the highway home ? ... and why is the road looking all the gloam ? As I try to work things out driving - dodging thisses and thats with a tired eye It's evident that our head lights are as impaired... as I Passing triple pullers, and triple pullers passing me, on a highway of hell under construction by the devil him(her)self through narrowing lanes - just able to see 10 feet in front of our van on the left when darkness is about, my left eye from conjunctivitis blurring over at not the best of times - I make it to the outskirts of Truckee in California... brain fried, eyes dried, and 25 miles or so from Reno and pull over off onto a side road in the middle of nowhere, although I think that's a big freaking lake over there, probably Donner Lake that we maybe driving next to now, and yes - Gail, I'll turn around and stop when I think it's safe, oops next time, NOW. Gail's driving now... My wits are at end, and now Gail - the 2nd worst driver in the universe besides... ( oh @#&@! - who am I kidding - Gail's the worst driver in the freakin' universe !!!!!!! ) God help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.K., we're moving now. What's that Gail ? Yes, I wasn't kidding about the lights... yes, it's hard to see - watch out for that turn, go slower, that's the freakin' lake there !!! O.K., yes it's hard to judge distance... WATCH OUT FOR THE LAKE !... O.K., O.K., just a little farther back to the freeway. Yes, I know you don't like it here in the middle of nowhere, but I had to turn off somewherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr What the heck was that ??? You hit a what ??? I know you couldn't see it, otherwise you wouldn't have hit it ! O.K., just a something something next to a railroad something that we ran over like a concrete abutment or something VERY solid... just don't drive into the lake !!! O.K., there's the freeway, good, yes, here we go, yes, I know you're driving, but that means you're the pilot and I'm the captain. Gail - you don't need to go over the speed limit !!! - O.K., turn the brights on now, no, the trucks too far in front now to get blinded. O.K., O.K., ... yeah ! ... I smell oil too !!! We stopped outside Truckee a bit and noticed a nice little oil leak from "somewhere" and bought 2/quarts of oil and put 1/quart in - checking the oil every 20 miles or so. We made it home in the wee hours, 3:30 a.m. or so, both quite frazzled to the axon. Turns out the oil filter had been dislodged and we had a very large dent in the oil pan. I can't wait 'til next year !!! 6/9/2003

~~~ SECTION iii ~~~

 For the Nonce

O for
a cool stream

From which
to drink

An afternoon's

For the nonce

to think


Love Is Want Strawberry moon and love is want ending desire's empty romant 12/21/2005
  Love Anon


An aspect
of desire

Is soft



      Love Cries

Dusky eyes

Faraway past
velvet moments together
remembered last

love cries


The Missionary Be a light unto the hearts of them whom receives thee 12/28/2005
    Twilight in the City

Twilight shadows emerge
into the streets
of flesh

Illusions savage
reality behind
carnal smiles

The abyss stirs
and forbidden whispers


The RAIN 2006

Be known the bald truth remain Once I desired the tender rain Forgive me my insanity Yet a tired gain



The serpent,
coiled, beckons
to sting
Its retinue
held captive
as victims
are wont



Pixilated swirls
cascade lingering
as liquid
voice to
overflow my
familiar thoughts
a relaxation
through enchanted
eternal prose

 We Are...
to love
... do His
very will


Bear witness of He
The rock from whence Heaven's light
Shines from sea to sea


Honor Thy Priesthood

    Chasten thine
    To desire
    To be
    faithful men

    Then sing
    of the
    iron rod
    not forsaken


Righteous men
pointlessly meet
A glorious
bloody hell
Bullets rage
mass graves
Honour but
poignant memories



Butterflies alight
Lilac heady sweet blossoms
Intent on nectar



No twilight
transience cold
without we
Sealed to our
pillars of love
today and
generations to be

  Waken to His Love




       He Lives !

Great I Am
our Saviour
suffered death
unlocking the heavens
so there be light



Blessed Birth
crossing golden

Son born
bearing pure
white light


A Flowered Meadow

O, how light the heart
When flowered meadows chanced on
Bringing soul to pause


   The Sea Rolls

Seagulls decry
the salt-air mist
under dark sky
Harbouring mournful
of shipwrecked souls
... the sea rolls



Golden hills forgone
Leaving hither, swift river
Yea, for desert home

 Thy Treasure

Not jewels
nor golden
riches possess

Desire the gifts
heralded by
the Angels



Deep sapphire blue eyes
Intent upon His children
Stream rivers of tears


     Of Hymn

that touch
upon His glory
solemnly speak
to one's
in joyous love


Enters Light

The darkness withers
Enters light and salvation
Heed the Prophet's voice


    The Council

The poplars shake
... plead their cries
Whilst King
Winkly Willow
echoed his
disapproval nigh

The High Seas

A popsickle stick
Over the gutter's falls goes
4-year-old's ship

Ever Building Zion

    We ar
    at peace
    For our
    be true
    building Zion


   Fear Not

Fear not
earthly dream

Place thy
in His
loving care


The Tempter

From the tempter's mouth
Flows the effluvium
of despair and fear


     My Reactor

Linear dude !
cavorting in The Pile
wrinkles the lips
all bothersome
and snarly


He Cometh !

Open His Temples !
Wear ye thy garments of white
He cometh ! our Rock


Ye Saints: Heaven Calls

       Heaven calls
       ye Saints
       Keep the lights
       of Zion
       ever bright

Ye Saints: A New Day

   Awake ye Saints
   ever true
   Zion calls
   There's work
   To do

Ye Saints: Renew...

Awake ye Saints
ever true
The hopes of Zion
calls anew


Plaited-cloudy sky
Morosity engulfs me
In a spate of blues


         O Joy !

O joy !
To be
A chance at life
through trials, to love
O joy !


   Awake !

We are
the chosen !
May we
to our


You've found our home's seas
Observe now our vain folly
Lords of invasion



A caress sweet
Soft as a
sighing breeze
the moon's

Arctic Winter's Day

The shadows grow long
The sun but a low wan orb
In Arctic winter

   Ebb Tide

The sea ebbs
for treasures
amidst the
tidal sands

The Fishwife

Selfish the fishwife
Who scorns her mate unpossessed
Of prior issue


 The Judgment

His judgment
of those
of childlike faith
will bear
testaments of
His infinite love
and sacrifices
for all

 Hold To

It needs
be well
to keep
seemly in
... hopes
ever true


A stiff upper lip
a cracked
indentured smiles
practiced by the
impolitic are want

A reward
Our probation
A time to love
Our time of strife



Strife need

His love


         In the Zone... Bowling

The nerves anything but calm
One more
And nothing (else) seems to matter


 Called to the Sea

White-green waves
whisper freedom
to them that
are called to
the sea
hot blood
to light


To Wit ?

I bid thee what for
To thus sting and belabour
Thy stalwart neighbor


The Sleepwalker

leaving Kyoto

red sky

Stolen my bread

I sigh

A buffalo stands
fit for a silver nickel
Bracing for the storm


They that
cast life's
light freely
into the ashes
shall behold
the tears
of God


Empyrrhical Peace

  Peace changes
  The status quo
  but for

  For strife
  is ever
  in man


The Children of War

Innocents trapped
look in fear
fragile behind their glass tears

Enter The Light

 Don your 
 of white 
 Embrace His 
 boundless love 


painting clouds 
into airy forms 
oft mythical 
The solitude of 
summer silhouettes 
and blue skies


The white dove of peace
Departs on errand elsewhere
Darkness needs follow


The Sea is My Mistress

     How I desire 
     to sail the seas 
     and be kissed 
     oft of soft salt 

     8/30/2006 r.5/31/2016 (oft)

The Sea is My Mistress II O how I long to sail the seas To be kissed oft of soft salt breeze 8/30/2006

My Mistress

The serenity
Yea, the sea is my mistress
Caress me fair tide



White I 
a glimmering 
creeping in 
the shadows
lingering in the darkness 
glowing ghostly bright

The Wood Nymph

The wood scorned, yea dead
Petrifying the spirit
Fair hamadryad


Spirit to Spirit

Spirit interplays
Not unlike gentle ripples
On a placid pool


Comes the Millennium

  His hands 
  and sky 
  The immensity 
  to become 
  as silent 
  and then melts away 

The Silvered Pane

  Step into
  my glass
  The journey
  the depths
  of memories
  midst wanting
  and weeping
  and pain
  Be True 2

Be true
to His sight
for the
fire of God
is with them

  The Last Dispensation

on the Lord's ascension
a deeper faith
in this last dispensation



Centered on
Lord's ascension
The path lost


The Gift

I profess my love
A pendant of bleeding hearts
I gift unto thee

End Strife, Love Life

    End strife
    Awaken that
    of spirit
    true to His will
    Love life


Bundled in parka
Pants, boots, mittens, & Muffler
My nose is frozen

 Anchor Man

Silenced my
force is
7 - 10
Too cold
The hope
of a win
... spent
...... tattered


'Tis fall yet again
Time to harvest and rake leaves
...Fire up the wood stove

  All Your Base...

The Oort Cloud men
Teach of the
Planets of the sun
As ten


Inquire of
the Lord
thy needs

Upon a Moonlit Night

Angels gaze in wonder Breathless as under a spell Bright the veil swiftly falling This last moonlit night 11/2/2006


Talents are God's gift Thy earthly pay Purpose to His glory every day 11/4/2006

As Soft a Kiss

   As soft
   a kiss
   as now
   to bliss

  Soft Rain

A tingling
wet touch
a cloud
and cast
the sun away
soft rain

To Redemption

child of God
The Master
has prepared
The way
To be


The Snows of Autumn

The snows of Autumn
A promise of sweet water
For the lands below

 Forever Hopeful

white of depth
Man countenances
and endures
the moment
in His name
Forever hopeful


Children's Footprints

Children's footprints
amongst the
beach sands
trace where
briskly played

Outer Darkness

Demons laugh
in answer to
The forlorn
For the light
of hope
is silenced
fiery shadow


The Death Mask

The death mask
displayed a
of comfort
and insidiousness
most Daliesque



that you are
a child
of God
and stand
for civility
and love


Upon a Tall Ship

Dancing sunsets
an enchantment
at sea
upon a
Tall ship
peaceful breeze


         Love & Death

encaged in my
icy breast
O Lord
Release my crippled heart !

Daily Blessings

 humble me
 to God's
 true love
 filling my
 very thoughts
 with His
 infinite myst'ry


     Men's Tears

Men's tears come from on deep A silent reflection naked in its wakening 12/6/2006

JK I Cry for the hero cheated of life The cold path too want 12/7/2006


The cold... it stings so
One more step... (and another)
So tired... so hungry


Joseph sought in prayer
God the Father and His Son
Holy did appear


On Bended Knees
Peace be with thee who whispers their prayers softly on bended knees 12/8/2006

The Endowment
Through the Lord's grace is man endued Restoring His purpose 12/9/2006

 The Myrmidon

the myrmidon
not as
grazing sheep
but a love
of silent


 Take Listen...

Take listen
to whom
sing on high

Holy Refrain

Angels raise their voice
Singing of eternal joy
In holy refrain



Embrace the
Holy Spirit
Seek ye
the palaces
of the Saints
The Temples
of God


Waves (Crashing) I miss the ocean with her sounds; scrabbling 'round the tide pools... taking in the sights 1/23/2007

The Plan The words of The Master that the sinful may be made holy evermore Restored 2/9/2007

The Swift Stream

Though the stream be straight
Beware the eddies that may
Snare and let thee stray


Ever Notice...

Ever notice the
Incongruity between
Asphalt and the tree

  Milky Way

Our sun floats
in the
Milky Way
A sea of
stars beyond
in harmony


Silence Cries

silence cries

The dove
is slain

Her spirit
calls for

The end
of days

 Before the Storm

Elemental whispers
tranquil silence
before drawing
upon deep
riotous voice


 My Eternal Beloved

Renewed in strength
We rush together
So fierce our breasts
ache to burst
Endowed with Heaven's
sweet passion
Apart never more


                        New Gabbatha

Nine sit judgment before us, their victim
Nine riders upon the beast
Nine abrogating HIS law but unto themselves
Nine without authority bound to the people
not in the least
Nine to be judged by HE, yea, seriatum


In a Light Breeze

   Leaves make
   a perpetual
   Twisting on
   or fallen
   in a light


Anticipatoræ White robes Immaculate the heartbeats fluttering unceasingly Gone The end of days 7/26/2007
In Plain Sight

Manic minds
wend through
Gordian mores

Their masks
left behind


Victory !

HIS besom wielded
The dragon flees in defeat
Comes forth the rainbow!



Slope of scree
Precious are the
Grinding querns
Precariously borne



Tender is
the harvest
HIS fruit,
heedless of
Lucifer's call,
not unforgiven


A Wafting of Rose

   The faint
   of rose
   on soft
   brings desire
   To realize
   its petals


Losing You

O my heart
Its pain
an endless
Losing you


    Jesus Is

Jesus is
perfect love
His path
the only
way home
To our
Father once
more... above


Lightning: Sight&Smell

The lightning nearby
Very close... white leggy veins
O-O+O- Ozone!



Comes a Summering Rain

    a summering
    golden sunshowers
    wrapped in
    Celestial rainbows
    Sanctuary - None

No sanctuary
from grief
My sorrows
upon dreaming

The Rapier Wit

Clever words
slash scarlet
misty paths
as with



Shedding my
worldly fears

Filled with
HIS passion

Solemn streams
a silence of
lingering tears

Angels Sing

 sing above
 on high
 of love

The Calling

thy calling

Love one
to another

and serve
The Father


The Sabbath Day Is Here The Sabbath Day is here ! The Sabbath Day is here ! I'm grateful for the Sabbath Day The Sabbath Day i-is here 10/21/2007

The Tower's Face

    misty white

Looking for Rainbows

 Looking for rainbows
   lets clouds pass by

    a simple blessing
        in disguise



Even castles conceived
of the finest sands
must anxiously watch
for the inevitable
foundering swells


In Repose

Eventide's fancy
Mind and body in repose
Musing over clouds


I Dreamt You Were Gone

Misty eyed a rain of tears awaits but to awaken 11/16/2007

A Toast of Amontillado

    Edgar Allan Poe
    was in a class
    of his own
    He wrote of the
    macabre most
    eloquently and
    left unturned
    no stone


Ethereal Colours

   The ways
   The living
   song of
   singing to
   in praise


Walking on Airs

O'er icy froth stream
Back-arched stride, Pirouette to
Tiptoe back again



our reward
of sight
crescent moon
planets and
stars like fire


Take Me Back

Take me back again
A child barefoot in the park
The road back in time


Rush Rush flows the city numb with pain thundering to its breaking point intently insane 12/19/2007

... Dreaming

How wondrous
to wander
the canyons
of my mind
at the moment
created when
all is possible
when I'm

The Living Gospel

     HIS truths
     once lost

     No longer
     and thus



Underneathe bright azure
sky spun desire
The winds of love hesitated
breathless by a flower


Love Alights

Love alights
and Angels
on us
we mortal


Seek The Light

  He whose
  love within
  will bring
  You to
  know the
  only way
  back home
  To Him


Laughing astral stranger
Starry eyed
of the evening winds
Oft walks among us
Blessed to be
our guide to



drives the
blues away
Be forgotten
then the


    Snow Day

so softly
the snow
floats and
flutters dusting
rushing children
in airy play


A Cry in the Rain

 softly to
 mingle with
 warm tears
 drawn from


  Children of the Day

Tarnished puppets
poisoned minds
contaminated by TV
barren as the
false idols infiltrating
their soft
static flesh



What fire
from Heaven
alight in
our souls
true to
His desire
is love



Misty minded mi
Like fog-bound branch of frail tree
Touch doth make me weep


His love
And light
To awaken
In us
This very


So lonely
gentle sea
crept abject
breeze to
never again
to return
my desire


 A Maiden's Prayer

      ye priests
      shriven of
      and sin
      solemnly to
      the altar
      as endowed


Realms of Rhyme

Realms of rhyme
a poet's mind
retreats to
what wondrous
in pursuit
of worlds untold
to muse



Hapless mistletoe
Thy shame is not thine to bear
But was foreordained



within your
Desire the
power to
focus the
psyche to
thoughts of







Against the
shadow of despair
desire a purity
of mind found
only in the
living faith



it beckons me
desire to
hear the roar
of surf on shore
of the sea


Past Prescient

The past is what the now is predicated upon
and hence that to be
Would that I could prune that which is past
but then I wouldn't be me


Faith & Prayer

  If thou
  enterest the
  lonely night

  Follow not
  to be led
  astray to a
  refuge cold

  Bring faith
  Bring prayer
  Bring Light !


Lords of Light
  Lords of
  lead the
  people from
  the pain
  unto the Son


~~~ SECTION iv ~~~


    Without You

The least of things
that I desire
Is to become
an Angel of Light
without wings

circa 11/1/2009


Wan leaves spared from fall
Figs shiver upon their tree
Ecstatic in fruit still sweet

Mid-November morn'
Sliver of a crescent moon
With promise waits to appear


a modern knight's tour

war black and white stares
duty death fear remorse hate
find peace where you may


 photo Alt3.gif


casting the first stone
yet sinless be not I
help me dear Lord
to gain true repentance
for having a critical eye


    dark (for nightshifft)

all is not bunnies
and sunshine and puppies
and rainbows and kisses
and vistas bright
nor angel's wings
hugging one tight

sometimes it's dark
damn, it's dark


       A Poet's Pregnant Pause

In sterile electric comfort
we toil content in our imperfection
crafting words to our vainglory
yet ever wanting

Pray thee, may we, turn our
words into manna to feed the
starving sensibilities of our fellow
brothers and sisters

That united we might bring
an end to the suffering
of His children who need not
live in want evermore


  My Lady

beauty mine
my love
my life


Bird of Paradise

Desperately he tread
Heels over head


3Nephi 17:21-22

Jesus wept,


The Silvered Pane Redux

     What a brave face
     you put on
     before you look
     into the mirror

     As if you were
     afraid you might
     lose yourself
     and find another

    Beneath the Dogwoods of May

a rock garden
tenderly raked
attracts a dragonfly
who alights
upon a bamboo
chime oblivious
to the susurrus
of the city
beyond its gates

aroused a toad
ignoring a pond
of lazy harlequin koi
beneath a row of
white flowered yarrow
slowly wends her way
through intricately
placed stones

where conflict
was unknown
a one-sided waiting
game ensues

keeping nearly still
head askance
mouth quivering
ever so slightly
the toad
the wing washing
of the dragonfly

a puff of wind
resolves the conflict
prodding the chimes
to woodenly chortle
startling the innocence
of the dragonfly
who departs whirring
to otherworldly
gardens beyond the
toad's grasp

released from her
vigil the toad
hobbles a pace
to sun herself upon
a favorite stone
inscribed with the word

and peace reigns
once more in
the garden

(with apologies to hack in this incarnation)

5/1/2010 r. 1/29/2011

Addendum 3/8/2016 on my discovery:
"Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads."
 - Marianne Moore


A Merry Lis

Red moon
naked ladies
færie dance


                  moiaussi (for hawkman)

such a vile nom de plume for a moiaussi to view
why not cheesenip or woodbine or even curlew
still he writes with such verve with so much flair
rarely the doggerel he crafts with words quite debonair
not profligate but profound pounding out his tome
of posies of prose and here and there a poem
i skitter he starts and both of us halt
the silence screaming out an unearthly gestalt
now is the time to be more discerning with food
perhaps if i shower him with gifts like shaved wood
sprinkled liberally with nibbled bits of book
of inurbane authors undeserving a second look
might i escape his snares and prolong my fate
might i escape once more to the bosom of my mate

Commentary and context at Litnet

                              moiaussis reprise

allons mes enfants the struggle is nigh
our friends the bats his decree have espied
the hawkman has declared his enmity
theres no time nor reason nor plea nor rhyme
poetry for peace prose best for these times
sound the alarm see who else we may call
rally to my side who fear not death all
assemble strings and rocks and keen edged steels
then sharpen your claws your beaks your great stings
first cut the power then set the deadfalls
ticks hedgehogs rats wasps spiders and vixens
you are the ones to offer first sally
then well raise a call of ululation
keen is our resolve surprise our ally





death of pious the hedgehog ( moiaussis best friend ) first to answer the call first to the fray first to enter into that final peace that to where hedgehogs spend eternity was barely a test a trap less cunning of wire and mesh construct a hidden spring partially hidden with gingham bunting perhaps greater hedgehogs have lived and died but pious was dear to me and i cried then with a wrath i knew not existed twelve skunks i marshaled to the arena alas our intelligence was faulty nowhere was hawkman to mete out his worst perhaps its best not to trust in a bat in light they can barely make out a horse 7/20/2010 r.9/13/2017

          The Sands of Cali

Oh how I love the sands of Cali
From fine white grains the beaches vary
to a coarse pebbly matrix
mixed with jades and
sea-worn glasses
Oh how I love the sands of Cali
Too long have I longed
I long to tarry


some might see
the pot o' gold
i see the rainbow


The Erstwhile Poet Epitaph: He brought A pen to A gunfight 8/20/2010 r. 4/15/2011


The Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy
or so it's called astronomically
Wheels around our Milky Way
red shifted at a distance of LY 260K
And if you judge time in terms of eternity
it makes its circuit in only one day
But what of Draco's dark matter halos
entombed in its puzzle of stellar densities ?
Perhaps when Draco emerges then will we know
when we watch the great red Dragon fly away


Ah Bait Say

Another balmy cartoon day Entwistle fishing gets hooked indeed justifiably keening lip-synched mantras notably: Ommmmmm... Pulsating quiet relaxes
stilling transcendent unknowns Veritas ! Withdrawn xylotic yeasts: zymurgy 9/16/2010



The universe is 
truly wondrous
Just imagine
what we miss



      Hold To

The Iron Rod
the full armor of God
prevents the beast
from entering within
keeping sin
forever at bay
Repent ye !
Repent ye !
and follow Him
who lights the
way for men
on to Celestial Glory !


The Long Night O sleep, how cold To cast away the daydream And bring forth the nightmare Evermore 10/7/2010
                              Spam Gems 9/18-10/14

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10/6/2010 r. 10/14/2010 r. 3/2/2011


   Of Dark Poetry in the Virtual World
                (for nightshifft)

I love the pathos that you prose
so modest of pitying rhyme
I love the black poems you've shared
of thoughts near, overtly exposed
I hate the fact I know not whence
nor why your darksome thoughts o'erflow
I hate the helplessness I feel
for lack to bear your sufferance

     (Inspired by a poem by Lamar Cole)

Moon busied above, kissed the stars to bed
A cool breeze sighed, shivered upon my spine
My love's moon-eyes flashed of aquamarine
I breathed deep my love in the silver light

Toe to toe caressed by impish ebb tides
Her lips tasted as sweet, as sweet a rose
The sea becalmed as betide we embraced
Old Moon blushed with knowing averted gaze

10/15/2010 r. 2/11/2011 r. 6/29/2012



             Thoughts on Poetry

Sometimes prose is a rose is a rose
and poems flowery dee-dum, dee-dum-dees
But the verse I love above all the rest
Is one that sets one's spirit free
Free to explore beyond one's sensibilities


     Of Sonnets, Couplets, Rhyme, and Trees
Write first of the trees, their lives, their loves
their philosophies
Then dare to compose with stricture, or none

Parse each verse, testing every line
Be elegant, eloquent with your words
Loquacious if you desire

Write for yourself, for your love, again for the trees
Lastly, ever lastly, for the critique
Let eternity bear the final test
of whether you've wasted your time, or no, on your tome

And then maybe rhyme


Futile, it seemed, my errand casting for sign
This dingle of tree and fern obscurity
Brought me to all but cry in anguished resign
Visions of visceral haste still mocking me
O my sweet færie maid, tarried err too long
By sweet-water's falls to a hippogriff fell
That nightmarish beast with brazen claw of song
As loath a beast this side of a demon's hell
Lo ! a feather, another; there ! a print by
Clearly marking the way to perdition's den
Then in a tangle of pipal trees I spied
The hippogriff gorging on foul carrion
Beast roused from its lair with a perfervid roar
Thrice I struck with shafts; fallen, fell beast no more


         The Ravin  ( ekohcitra )

A crown of thorns I wear for all to see
The flower of youth spent one with the breeze
'T Was content in pastoral reflection

When one day made ravin, a knife to throat
Bringing an unwont freedom in terror

In innocence tossed into the cauldron
Esteemed, suffering in silence, to be
Ushered before my tormentor to face
As surreal a nightmare tableau set

Layer by layer off my garments stripped
As layer by layer my flesh ravaged
Savaged till last choke mete and cast aside

Am I not tortured enough in your eyes ?
Do you yet seek one more indignation ?

No ! Mine heart ! Mine heart you seek to devour !
Succumbing to your ravening - ne'er more

10/29/2010 r. 3/2/2011
A Terrible Poem, by tailor STATELY

Why am I caught in your web ?
Eight-legged you were beneath
the sole of my boot when I found you
The one with the large hole in it

You reminded me of the day
Wednesday or Thursday
Maybe it was a Saturday
I know it was raining

Your breath like a duck's armpit
Awakened me, "so foul" I croaked
With a frog in my throat
"What's for breakfast ?"

And so another day goes by
I think it was Monday
The sun peaked from a cloud's behind
No, it definitely was a Friday

We walked, me with a little limp
You, all eight legs shuffling along
With a bright bandanna to hide your scar
To the Chemist's to buy a calendar

And a funny compact with pills
If chased down with prune juice
They're not all that bad
O, how I hate prune juice !

And today I find you in a corner
All eight legs pointing up to the ceiling
Awfully quiet when you aren't breathing
"Wake up Bob - We're pregnant !"


   ∆4o  ( Delta 40 )

O, Child of the Night
present day Moiræ
Goddess of the Emo
We honour thee
Thy presence o'er
boards and threads
this intussusception

Forge the warp
of our lives
the weft of
our being
from strings
ripped from the ylem
of chaos

O, Controller of the
metaphorical threads
of life
Guide us       
we pray                         
To make sense   
this tangled web
the messages we leave
for you to weave
this tapestry
this travestry of life

Cast us not off
this, our tapestry
from these loose threads
with Gordian knot
but let us tarry under
the sword of Damocles
ever in anonymity
by your grace

11/16/2010 r. 3/2/2011
          Gem in the Rough

I'd been in reflection
After reading my scriptures
In meditation listening
To a selection of random soft music
Concentrating mostly on my breathing
My heart beating its interminable beat
When I heard a sweet melody
From, most appropriately,
"Notes From the Tree of Life"
Accompanied by a still quiet voice
Beyond doubt by the Holy Spirit
I then realized
His simple Heavenly message
A spiritual gem to declare:
  Christ Lives ! 
Then was prompted to share it with you


      Bluebell's Blue

In a forgotten meadow
Late in May
Sometimes when scarlet
Precedes the azure skye
A spider's web strand
Bejeweled with dew
Will tug upon the
Bluebell's blue
Shaking it from
Its sleepy sleep
Waking it to the
Smell of dusky lavender
Emanating from the deep

            Fair Hamadryad

A portrait of the wood nymph
Would do no justice to her grace
The sun, the moon, the stars in heaven
Are all diminished by her face

No poem - be it written with the choicest
Words a mortal could conceive
Would ever catch her matchless beauty
And lead one to disbelief

A song of unbridled love accompanied by
Golden lyre - sung for all eternity
Could offer, still, no recompense
Nor match her soliloquy



Clowns and Bugs What if the entire human condition was as savage as the bugs' world... Clowns aside 4/11/2011

The Blue Stream 

My two children
Drownloading my senses
Choose now ! Only one may be saved



Blows    Sucks

Regarding Cats & Earwax

 While pondering earwax
 and its fondness by cats
 I recalled that one could
 check one's keyboard
 with a UV lamp
 for signs of feline mist

The Silvered Pane ~ Lost

Shattered mirror
My fingertips bleed from
trying to salvage all of me


The Sitting You're early, my dove, how impetuous you seem. O, count me a fool for my boldness ! Unfrock yourself of your cloak, my dove, and lay it by the fire. Please repair to the sitting room once more. The ghost walks, I'll warrant - judging the coin purse you carry. Indulge me, my dove, as I gather my paints. My heart is aquiver from love's misspent shafts. Do not fail me now ! Enchanting. Allow me to move the fauteuil to better capture the light. Is your master well? He is generous to a fault. Sit so. Chin up. Up, as I finish your painting. Gold. Aureolin gold to match your soul as a final wash of watercolour to finish your portrait. Never so lovely. Never so lovely. And done. Now indulge me one last thing. Come sup with me one last time, my dove, of jonquil root, leaf, flower, and sage; made fresh for our repast. To steal you away as mine. Eternity ! Breathe deep the heady savoury, my dove. And sleep. 4/21/2011 r. 4/22/2011 r. 4/26/2011 r.11/28/2012


Anything there ?
The faint imaginings
of some phantasy runs rampant


                             Lilac Blues

My lilacs are on the verge of blossoming
Their beauty all too soon to wither away
Such is life when we grasp only at rainbows
Forgetting to take time to embrace each day




Sand witch ?
Sand which
Hand me a sandwich !

Sand which ?
Sand witch
The witch's sandwich
Sand in me sandwich !


            Locum Tenens

By boots
sole and soul in twain, I
wandered; wanting for one, in vain,
as you


L'Oeil de Chat Down drops the cat's eye token orb Grave it penetrates into the cosmic jukebox The orb's chatoyancy permeates the æther like muted ripples upon a placid pool Space and time halt as if in the same breath awaiting the saturnine response of majestic Holstian song 5/17/2011 r. 5/24/2011
            Beautiful Bright
            Nature rejoices:
          Ecce signum ! Dominus !
            Millennial Day

 Who Is This Poet ?

 Who is this poet
 whose pen of
 seeming wrath
 cuts swath through
 filling its nib
 from havoc wrought
 as it glides and
 dips like a glede
 hunting prey ?

 Who is this poet
 that I might curse
 his drunkard's walk
 that leads him
 astray writing
 misery in his wake
 cryptically destroying
 one yet forsaking
 another fffffortissimo
 in his moment ?

 Who is this poet
 whose sway o'er
 earth and heav'n
 esteems men
 as naught
 has his way with
 no dearth of terror
 in his avatar
 and signature
 signed death ?


       Little Lost Teddy

O Father dear
I've lost my teddy
O what am I to do ?

O sleepy one
Ere the sun went down
You left him on the swing

O Father dear
By starlight's grace
I could not espy him there

O dearest child
Perhaps he's gone, and
Run off with the moon to play

O Father dear
Will he return 
When the sun should rise ?

O precious one
His will be done
For this we too shall pray


Oberon Speakes humans so pretentious oafish silly creatures a bother to the færie folke ( laughing ) 7/6/2011

    If I Get Blocked

One word -
an image will inspire
an haiku will suffice
a quatrain even nicer
read mo better
poet's poems
and their lovely
la dee dahs
indulge and
bait your ego
always thinking
I can do mo better !


Intimately Macabre Intimidate. Intimate. Where two earthworms might meet socially and one predominates 7/6/2011 r.7/7/2011



     Tis Funny... (inspired by Hawkman's poem "Serenade")

 Tis funny. I live in the country now and lament the loss 
 of the gull's mournful song, of pipers and curlew; 
 Leaving only memories of the Sound and Bay and Sea; 
 places where I grew up as a lad, where I often long to return

 Yet, at home in Garden Valley, we have the cheery quail's 
 voice to lift one's spirit; 
 And the ever present red-tailed hawk and red-winged 
 blackbirds with their ubiquitous cry and song 

 Canada geese grace our hills and ponds year-round with 
 their regal trumpeting fanfares; 
 Robins, jays, sparrows, finches, and bluebirds aplenty add 
 their songs to the daytime symphony 

 We used to have peacocks transplanted from who-knows-
 where on our family's lands; 
 Now they're found plaguing the church grounds where 
I worship, with their irreverent offerings and strident haranguing chants I would add the peripatetic mute turkey troops thrown into
the mix; I've never heard their gabblings - but certainly, they must!; And hummingbirds with their frenetic whirrs! and chitter!; And often a mourning dove's soft coo The occasional sombre hoot of owls echoes through our little valleys' stillest nights; And in the wee-est hours before the dawn does peep, from a solitary bird I do not know, a most melodic song is sung Of magpies down in the flatland environs where I often visit away from these happy hills, again, I must lament; They've been decimated by the West Nile Virus - to the delight of bickering murders of crows 7/12/2011 r.7/15/2011 r.11/8/2015

Blossom Blues

did you abide
In my heart, a flower
In full blossom; never fading
Your love

7/15/2011 r.8/4/2011

The It Girl

Barbie doll figures; pinup fashions
Wear your hair the way Di wore it
(snigger) "Before she died, dah-ling"
Parading peahens ever preening
Unique clones pressed from plastic
Hoarfrost and bittersweet lives




               At the Beach

Tired from laughing ceaselessly
chasing godwits on the beach
We robbed the sands of 
fanciful bleached bones
left by fiercer tides
When evening had befallen
the bonfire set ablaze
in awe we gazed to Heav'n
as embers spirited on high -
became as stars borne anew
in the sickle moon's wintry skye
Enchanted by fleeting shadows 
and færie flickering flame 
our hearts soon became as one
as the night danced itself away

7/25/2011 r. 7/29/2011

At the Beach #2 When at the beach My joy is best described as that of a year old Labrador pup free from restraint When at the beach 7/30/2011

             3:07 am 8.2.2011

Skunk is in the air as I call 
for my delinquent cat 
Evoking a happy youthful memory: 
A canyon stream 
where the skunk cabbage grows
A warm humid Summer's day
I'm 7, alone, searching for the 
deserted tugboat in the wood 
Then down, down through the 
stinging nettles on a path well trodden
Now crossing the railroad tracks to Carkeek 
A place of pebbled sands and salty waters,
solitude and discovery
I take off my shoes and hot-foot it 
to water's edge laughing as
a panoply of ancient hidden geoducks 
abruptly salute me with their jets of spray...
My cat jumps through the window
and I leap years in an instant
strangely satisfied of where I am
and where I've been

8/2/2011 r.8/3/2011 r.10/28/2011

                    The Autumn Day
(an interpretation of an haiku by maleonpyg)

                silence hearkens too
             the melody of bird song
               lauds the autumn day


                            I'm thinking...

Hey Sis
So, what are you doing today ?
Do you still celebrate with candles on a cake ?


Nourishment of the Soul (or Celestial Mechanix)                    Open to revelation                    I revel, revolve,                     in different circles                     than most -                     effected less                     by perturbation                     Yes, I am mildly                     eccentric, somewhat                     giddy at apogee...                     Watch me dance !                     9/27/2011 r.5/19/2015
(addendum below & alternate title)
The following conference talk by Elder Wilford W. Andersen,
Of the Seventy,
brought a different insight and clarity to what
I attempted to convey:
"The Music of the Gospel"

  Haunted by Hydrangeas

Am I the tardy guest
this Midsummer Eve
Silver with the breeze
Or melancholy - watching
Two dancers, divinely fair
spinning dreams, in the aire !
8/22/2011 r.5/16/2012


       Raspberry Tongue in Cheekiness

Toss the four horseman -
Give me Ginsberg and a crayon
Dr. Seuss read backwards
Homer of olde accompanied by Zeppelin tunes
or Ms. D on any blustery day!

On second thought -
return to me Wordsworth 
and give Donne his hat
as he treads upon yon wee daffodils
whilst the world's smallest violin softly plays

10/8/2011 r.4/3/2012

11.29.11 (Watching the Fall) Bright the sun Chill the air as wind creeps on tiptoe through the valley rippling pine needle and shivering cone Apple The Spiritual Eye oak leaf plum and tardy fig continue their fall... With one's third eye opened The last to be to beyond all that is at hand winter's grip One may heed the Spirit bare weeks away to bring forth understanding Surpassing the wisdom of man 11/29/2011

(Lossy at Best)

The intangible 
things of life 
when penned 
do færie justice 
to description


          I Testify    

Testing the waters
   I drowned not



Unlucky Owls A True Story (of sorts) We brought the owls in 'twas above the hearth from which they did survey And lo! before our eyes our beloved raccoon was kil't to our dismay 12/10/2011

      For Emily (Happy Birthday)

When I think of flowers in a garden
my thoughts stray to dear Emily 
and her bitter-sweet tears
As death mulled her years time was
measured with sweet mordents
of poetry with a hint of Spring
brightened with bird song...
Some sorrowful; all eternal

              Chestnut lock of hair
        A hint of nosegay still sweet
              After all these years


"Scientifically Speaking," "White is the achromatic colour of maximum lightness" 3/20/2012

 Eternal Happiness

Exaltation improves 
upon the achromatic 
at its 
maximum lightness
It forges the 
ultimate identity...
That of a 
lightness of being

 Cotton clouds sail 
 upon a blue, blue skye
 retreating to the Sierras 
 Bare oak limbs strewn
 throughout my view
 are cloven by towering 
 cedar and fir beyond
 Nearer by a flowering plum
 bursting with pure white 
 blossoms abusy with bees
 Snug inside I ponder 
 the wind as Spring toils on


3.23.2012 The plum tree nods and wiggles taunted by the wind inwardly giggling 3/23/2012



    Trapped / 7.4 (3.20.2012) 
It's a small village, not 
too far from Oaxaca, where 
a tarantula struggles to 
scale  the slick porcelain
basin walls it has trapped 
itself within. It has already 
been a difficult day and the 
cool water smelled so inviting 
as it drip-dropped-splot down. 
Vibrations... Fear, as the 
spider imagines the return
of the people who scorn it so.

     The light breeze trembles
Wave upon wave pulse the earth
      Children cry; dogs bark

3/24/2012 r.4/2/2012

Work at Sea A fisherman's toil is beyond renown But perhaps the wisest of the ocean-wise do it for the halibut 3/31/2012



         Lost in the Moment

Yet felt...
How clumsy my
thoughts unuttered stumble
Now lost in the passion of the 



 Your sadness brings me pause
 Seek joy in every moment; for
 with joy you may bask in the light


Les Étoiles ! (The Stars !) The moon is new, a cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! Moon is new, a cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! New is a cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! New, a cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! A cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! Cloudless night, in awe we whispered Les étoiles ! Night. In awe we whispered Les étoiles ! In awe we whispered Les étoiles ! Awe. We whispered Les étoiles ! We whispered Les étoiles ! Whispered Les étoiles ! Les étoiles ! Étoiles ! 4/3/2012



A Porous Mind

Huntin' 'Gators Missionaries seek'n 'vest I'gators Gospel Truth ! 4/20/2012

 The Moondragon 
 and Sundragon
 When chance in 
 consummation's mete
 Display their 
 betrothal ring 
 of Baily's Beads
 Before and After

        The Tanner's Heir

I made
a pot on a
potter's wheel. A pot I'd
tossed. So a pot I have got to
pee in

            Two Butterflies

 Two butterflies 
 cavorting with the breeze
 flitter together intent upon
 a distant apple tree

 The periwinkle flowers, 
 yet sparse, demand review -
 but it's the heady lilac 
 that reigns supremely renewed

 Among the blossoms
 and their heavenly scent
 the wood bee commingles with 
 the honeybee and bumblebee, as -

 Two butterflies 
 cavorting with the breeze
 flitter together intent upon
 a distant apple tree

 5/7/2012 r.5/8/2012 r.10/2/2012
  ee cummings
      mād  a (p
                 t) ?

5/24/2012 r.5/26/2012

                                   Milk & honey* 
                                   ( * from Bear Creek Bees! )


            Box 17
Awash in red: The lines, 
the times; the pillory'd 
postmortems that shriek 
to the eternities only to
languish as the vanities
of the ragtag and bobtail
Awake ! and write if only 
with cankerous and withered 
hand to feast upon what
foolscap is available; for
every revolution begins with 
one word, one idea, one man


                   Gazelle, by tailor STATELY

 The savanna teems with wildlife in abundance
 amidst the stridulations of insects in their abundance

 The gazelle flourishes in her niche in the circle of life
 where grass is easy to find, and mates are in abundance

 Still. One must be wary; for the lion reaps while others sow
 and other predators are in watch amongst the abundance

 The tick seeks its prey, albeit more haphazardly, in wait
 for the first warm- blooded creature; there is a great abundance

 And the Tick-Tick bird rides about on the herds that mingle
 together raising a low dust on the rift-valley floor of abundance

 And so, tailor, we see a microcosm at work in harmony
 where the dung beetle reigns as king, even as we, in abundance


Cyan Surfing For the serious system traveler the cyan waters off the tropical beaches of Sol 3 breathtakingly beckon But be wary of the indigenous life forms and limit your µwave exposure to ⅜ sols or you'll be taken for bacon However the best surfing around is found at Sol 7 where the zealous shred the cyan clouds; ionizing the rarefied air, red-shifting the sky from celeste to electric blue and back again - as subtle as the dews of heaven 5/26/2012



                         May is a Maiden

May is a maiden at home in Garden Valley
A vanity of colourful blossomings and bloom

Sometimes her mind is of the baking sun
and others fickle with the giggles of snow

Today must be her washing day; for a North
wind blows and the dark skyes hint of rain


Great eyes stare down at me
A very blight of glaucous-blue
Focusing on my every whit
illumed  bare from below

But better this than my cousins
Whose quantum mass are slight
For they get set into a chamber
Watching bosons firing left an'...






        "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"

 My friend Harry flew in from Texas and 
 got a little tipsy while in flight
 After dinner our conversation didn't 
 faze him much until I mentioned my 
 dear cow Betsie

 We soon called it a night but later he 
 crept out heading for dear old Betsie 
 And in the moonlight in the pasture 
 where Betsie was fast asleep Harry 
 sniggered and stole up near her side

 He gave Betsie quite a shove in her side 
 and she toppled and rolled off moaning
 down the hill a pace, she stopped, and 
 shook her head a bit to clear her senses... 
 and that r-e-a-l-l-y fired up Harry

 He laughed and snorted guffawing 
 his chortling and Betsy's moaning
 an echoing din I awoke to - I then
 ran to see what-in-the-world 
 was all the commotion

 I said "it's a long way to tip 'er 'arry" 
 not much of an admonition I reckon
 When dear ol' Betsie out of nowhere
 busted him in the family jewels
 So now I call him Mary
 5/30/2012 r. 6/1/2012 r.6/27/2012

Do Come! Do come! (Window opens) A moth arrayed in white It flutters and flits in blurred fits Candle 5/30/2012

        Jump, Jive; Jazz

 Jumping jalapeño jazz
 jouncy jolly Jack-tars join
                                                                              Seal Me Thine
 Jesters jiving; jabbing
 jaws jiggling; jibe
                                                                   In words
 Judicious jimjams                                 pure and tender
 jink!, jink!, jink!                                   Seal me thine forever
                                                                   If first I pass Celestial gates
 Joints jactitate;                                     ... I'll wait
 jostled jellies jam
 Jocularity jauntily jokes -
 jocundity's jubilee ! 




              Hidden Pleasures

simple pleasures:
A rose blossom; a smile
A wink that can shiver the knees
Cool breeze

6/12/2012 r.6/15/2012

Gentle Wind

Feel the gentle wind
A caress upon the skin
Whispers you are near





Of "Hymns" I Sing (pg. ix)

Though I sing out of time
and sing out of tune
My Heavenly Father
fills me with
His perfect love
and His spirit... when
I sing from hymns

11/25/2012 r.11/26/2012

   Before the Autumn Storm

      While staring
      out my window
      a stir of wind brings
      hundreds of brown
      leaves carpet-bombing
      our property  
      I think then of the
      sound of singing 
      rakes to follow 
      soon after
      the storm			


                       A Q U A

 .aquAmarine ☺ serene 
 ˜˜turQuoise skyes; captivated by her eyes
 .__sUbliminally scent -

 11/29/2012 r.2/28/2013

              MESSENGER Probe

Mercury polar water ice found
No signs of life noted
Administration has yet to acknowledge
Global warming there affects Earth


After the Tears I can't abide my tears without the rainbow's gleam to gladden my spirits after the rain 12/5/2012 r.12/13/2012


A Farewell to the Faraglioni

         As he lay dying
A lotus blossom appeared
      For want of being



Simply Hair

a shade
o'brown hint 
of red
when natural 
and all;
but simply 
awful when
poured from 
the bottle
Perhaps a 
bit more
red; an 
auburn chignon ?
No matter



A Page of Beige

A page of beige
stares hungrily
at me; a nihilist
ready to devour
that with which
I deign to toil at
hour by hour

12/10/2012 r.12/13/2012

Her Eyes!

The eyes
Oh! her winsome,
deep-sea green, beguiling
eyes; tempestuous when angered


With a
of spirit
the mirrors
I can sense,
ever so 
with their 
and some
with longing


                       Blue Sea

Blue Sea
Pelicans cruise  
the sky - Waves breaking; crash!
in riotous roar; soothes the soul
Salt breeze


   Those whose masks
   a theatrical comedy
   in enacting law
   Distance themselves
   from consequence
   masking tragedy


A sparkling crystal; colour
Mine eyes' cones afire
Energy evoking -
Thought provoking
Hypnotic to the houri
Yea, grander than its
Semi-precious bearing; a                        
Translucent power



Art is a lark - a creative park of mind expanding subjectivities Spin-dizzy or melded forms glazed and fired Ming, Qing, and Dave the Slave Splashing colours or dots Seurat whatever canvas' imagine; challenges: Lillies on a pond, faces, textures - Dali spectres rampant form

Literature with or without poetics: creations evoking mimsies and whimsy momies: Invoking Sapphic prose to Dickinsonian poems Keats me, beat me with Milton and His monstrosities; Shelley comes to mind... Don Quixote upon a rampant thesaurus
 Art Reflections

Quilts and rag-a-tug rugs; patches and threads warp weeping wefts Need a clew ? Weave me a tapestry to stain my walls

Acetylene hardened plasmas or blobs of liquid cooling glass - creations of fire; sculptures formed of building up and or tearing down - a gnarled hand: with hammer and chisel, rock, plaster, wood, and steel noble wetted cardboard Smokes sting the eyes turn the nose Tongs Wires walking on air; mobiles - life in the balance... with wings!

Chimes ching-a-ling sing with a voice that can make one sigh
Curlicue notes 
denote and ascribe dance 
or tap or cry blues -
zep adele-like yo-yo ma Psychedelic lyrics: songs kaleidoscopic fly and linger.
𝄞 Wagnerian plays entertain cats and fools Verde: the green master Comedy and tragedy intertwine Ballet Art: A reflection, a celebration of life well trodden - a dance amidst strife and laughter and light 12/27/2012 r.10/20/2015
        A Rose
A rose blossoms
to express 
Be the rose

12/29/2012 r.12/31/2012

Refreshed Refreshed Dawn's whimsy wakes Fairies flitting frenzy Sip from buttercups' gathered dews Beaming 12/31/2012



    Graveyards are Snow Fun

    Snow conceals the plot
 Graveyards are an eerie sight
   With snowboards in play







Winter proclaims: A time for soups! And soup is made by the missus with turkey carcass and extra turkey bits; chicken broth in a crock pot to slow cook with noodles and carrots and celery and spice The noodles have their own agenda however - Drink! Drink the broth 'til little remains leaving a clump of plump noodles and turkey bits, carrots, et cetera
              Turkey Soup

While the missus sleeps tonight I hazard several cups of water, or so (I didn't measure), into a large pot... then off to the heat stove stoked with fragrant pine and cedar, a bit o' oak mixed in, to begin my attempt at a resurrection of sorts The soup steeps and melds flavours to- gether as it simmers A taste - Needs more reducing and garlic and salt. What's this in the cabinet? - lemon pepper and caroway seed... hmmmmmm Into the pot a pinch or two or three, then a stir of the ladle and a taste, and another

Success! Into the fridge after the soup cools a bit... Some barley or rice would have been nice in retrospect; but our larder has none Hope the missus doesn't mind my meddling while she slept and I kept the wood stove stoked into the wee hours of the morning; me stocked with crackers, poetry, soft music, and thoughts of turkey soup for a Monday's lunch and maybe even supper 12/31/2012



Pure light bursting -
echoes off time's backdrop
of lapis-lased coherent blue

1/15/2013 r.1/17/2013

Ping! Words ping! to sing upon the page being written; revealing the poet's nimble vision 1/17/2013


        Jimmy Page and Joe Satriani
        Their guitars each inlaid with
        Deepest dark-blue lapis lazuli
        Offer an homage to all things nirvana
        Backed by old slow-hand, Eric Clapton
        And nearby, at least in spirit,
        Kurt Cobain discusses poetry
        While surfing with the alien

        1/15/2013 r.1/17/2013


          Her strident thoughts
          stood out in bas-relief
          Then a shout of ululation -
          a bombastic roar

          The din soon breaks and 
          echoes slowly dim, when
          Her thoughts clear
          and she remembers Him

          A calm breaks through -
          a comforting touch
          Envelopes her bosom
          and creates a nest

          1/18/2013 r.1/25/2013

                                The Maul

I left the food court fully fed
feeling a bit like the walking dead
Then sought the way down when I saw
Sharks infesting the escalator pond
So I wandered to the elevator
(I'm no fool !)
But when the doors opened (ding!) before me
I fled helter-skelter from a fiery demon
beckoning me in
Surely the stairwell will be safe
to make my escape, but NO! 
slithering everywhere were creepy-crawly snakes 
snapping at all who dared to come near
So now I reside at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
and every day feed the sharks at the
escalator pond
Get my exercise racing demons on their way to
the elevators... and hope them snakes
get eaten by concourse alligators





          Blue as Blue

        Blue as blue
        as blue my eyes
        Blue as blue
        as blue am I

                      Take Flight
            Take flight
            Adorn your life
            with sweet mordents of love
            Reap the adagio of days


                          Jelly Legs

It happened on what started as a normal Sabbath Day
A Councilor out prowling the Ward for His prey
Through the corridors in his dark suit and tie
Searching for me, though I knew not, nor why
I had but adjourned from the Sunday school class
To spend a penny, washed up, then alas 
Exiting the room our eyes met and locked
Now it's three weeks later: Time to give a talk

2/25/2013 r.2/28/2013 r.3/27/2018

Si Froid
She's a concrete blonde She's the bomb Who wasted me: Then set me free 3/8/2013

                         Honey Tea

                    A dash of lemon
                    a spot of tonic
                    water and a liberal
                    dollop of Bear 
                    Creek Bees honey
                    Married with a mug-
                    o' boiling water
                    left to simmer,
                     ... just a bit, 
                    Makes a for a
                    coloured -ade that 
                    soothes the soul,
                    and enlightens
                    the mind, just so



The plum tree
have proved 
their mettle
... Now fall
like snowflakes
petal by petal

3/11/2013 r.3/20/2013

         A Story of Trees, King David, and the Lord; and a poem by tailor STATELY therein

In the beginning -

Moses 3:

9 "And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally, that is pleasant to the
sight of man; and man could behold it. And it became also a living soul. For it was spiritual in the
day that I created it..."

Prologue -
Judges 9:8-15: 8 "The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them; and they said unto the olive tree,
Reign thou over us. 9 But the olive tree said unto them, Should I leave my fatness, wherewith by me they honour God and
man, and go to be promoted over the trees? 10 And the trees said to the fig tree, Come thou, and reign over us. 11 But the fig tree said unto them, Should I forsake my sweetness, and my good fruit, and go to be
promoted over the trees? 12 Then said the trees unto the vine, Come thou, and reign over us. 13 And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be
promoted over the trees? 14 Then said all the trees unto the bramble, Come thou, and reign over us. 15 And the bramble said unto the trees, If in truth ye anoint me king over you, then come and put
your trust in my shadow: and if not, let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of
My Poem: (American style Petrarchan Sonnet) A New King Preparations for a new king were made For rulers should never be unrighteous As the bramble was wont; nor covetous Like unto the vine, fig, and olive bade But whom amongst all the kingdom is staid ? All bowed heads as if the wind boisterous Solemn in prayer, to Him, of Holiness Prepared hearts to what the Spirit conveyed Whereby a willow wizened much in years Whose time was spent wholly upon God's course Was chosen o'er all; all rejoiced with tears Celebrating; quaffing from Shiloh's source Unto the Lord become they consecrate Their covenants, yea, ever consummate 2 Samuel 18:6-10, 14-17, 33: ( Absalom, King David's son, seeks to battle against David for the Kingdom ) 6 "So the people went out into the field against Israel: and the battle was in the wood of Ephraim; 7 Where the people of Israel were slain before the servants of David, and there was there a great
slaughter that day of twenty thousand men. 8 For the battle was there scattered over the face of all the country: and the wood devoured more
people that day than the sword devoured. 9 And Absalom met the servants of David. And Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule went under
the thick boughs of a great oak, and his head caught hold of the oak, and he was taken up between
the heaven and the earth; and the mule that was under him went away. 10 And a certain man saw it, and told Joab, and said, Behold, I saw Absalom hanged in an oak." ... 14 "Then said Joab, I may not tarry thus with thee. And he took three darts in his hand, and thrust
them through the heart of Absalom, while he was yet alive in the midst of the oak. 15 And ten young men that bare Joab's armour compassed about and smote Absalom, and slew him. 16 And Joab blew the trumpet, and the people returned from pursuing after Israel: for Joab held
back the people. 17 And they took Absalom, and cast him into a great pit in the wood, and laid a very great heap of
stones upon him: and all Israel fled every one to his tent. ... 33 And the king was much moved, and went up to the chamber over the gate, and wept: and as he
went, thus he said, O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! would God I had died for thee,
O Absalom, my son, my son!" 2 Samuel 23: 1-5: 1 "Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised
up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said, 2 The Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and his word was in my tongue. 3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just,
ruling in the fear of God. 4 And he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds;
as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain. 5 Although my house be not so with God; yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant,
 ordered in all things, and sure: for this is all my salvation, and all my desire, although he make
it not to grow."

Epilogue -

Psalm 96: 1, 2, 11-13 and & 1 Chronicles 16:23, 31, 33 (a mash-up) :

P1    "Oh sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the Lord, all the earth.
P2      Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; show forth his salvation from day to day.
P11     Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof.
P12     Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice.
C33     Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord, because he cometh to judge the earth.
P13    ... he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth."
C23    Sing unto the Lord, all the earth; shew forth from day to day his salvation.
C31    Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The Lord reigneth. "
3/15/2013 r.3/18/2013 r.7/1/2013 r.8/1/2013 r.2/10/2018 (Moses 3) r.5/21/2018 (1 Chronicles)


          is a cut 
          above; an 
          of virtue
          where one
          seeks to 
          with angels

3/20/2013 r.3/21/2013

Windows Windows are a pane (or two, or more) A panoply of glass against the rain A port in the storm sailing first class 3/21/2013

Fallal; La !
A chapeau dances 
upon her head -
crimson feathers in a
soft breeze that beg
so much said 
in silence
An embodiment
of gaiety - a
fallal; La !





Treehugger, spike in hand, castoff from a rock n' roll band meets Chainsaw-teeth, he with muddied boots and hardened profile, in a bar; a tattoo haven for mavericks and mavens . Amongst the stale haze and staler music that blares and decays - declaring a half-life of better days A conversation is struck ( then a chin: Amok! ) the starry-eyed strangers oblivious stare Exchanging lies, belying the small talk of a higher purpose, ( tables roll, bottles fly ) A gun reports - to no one in particular: Most heads start ... one falls...

Untitled 2

What might have been - a genealogy never ending topples like dominoes laid in a row . An alabaster casket of white, bereft of dreams, is lowered slowly, a solemn strain, as Chainsaw-teeth is laid to rest with few in attendance: even fewer tears . Somewhere Treehugger sighs and searches within - then carves a poem into a redwood tree that never dies 5/1/2013 r.5/6/2013 r.8/14/2013

Poetry Is:
poetryisso muchmore than a box 6/12/2013






Sierra Blue and Gold

  Bright sky blue
  eager dews
  Alpine lakes 
  crisp and cool
  Sierra's refuge
  earth and sky
  Golden treasures
  forever near

  7/13/2013 r.8/9/2013

 Scorpio: bits borrowed
  from a cacian poem
        the mystery 
        in your eyes
        is like the 
        nocturnal sea -
        midnight blue;
        seething -
        as nothing 
        is hidden
        from your gaze 


           Blue Bell-Bottoms' Blues

I got the Blue bell-bottoms' blues
Pink bubblegum stuck to the sole
of my dancing shoes
The glitter-ball shines no more you see
dear Lord please have pity on me

I got the Blue bell-bottom's blues
Pink bubblegum stuck to the sole
of my dancing shoes
The stars are all I have now that shines
Lord guide me on to Celestial skies

7/13/2013 r.7/20/2013



Ivories tapped
by eager fingers - fly 
Angelic voices' melody


   Rock me all night

7/15/2013 r.9/7/2013

Mountains Mountains rise above Breathe deep the rarefied air... and chill 7/27/2013

   Swiftly! Patience
Swiftly! Patience -
abide with me

Steel me against
anger's niggle;
frustration's maw

Feed my spirit
with delight; calm


Topaz Skies

Sing to me of topaz skies
Feel my heartbeat quaver
as I gaze into your eyes
Say you love, love
as you gaze into my eyes
Feel my heartbeat quaver
Sing to me of topaz skies


The Daily Routine
(Inspired by a cacian poem)

The daily routine -
a grind; like whirled peas
only with less guns




~~~ SECTION v ~~~


A Golden Sierra Walk One August Night Alone with my thoughts I walk briskly towards the West; its horizon before me this leg of the path of the oval track In sight, Venus' bright beam punctuates the sky above a thin waxing crescent Moon low in the darkening sky One can see earthshine - reflected sunlight from the Earth faintly illuminating the Moon where it does not shine this ev'n Diana's moon ! Her bow, I recall - befitting the huntress Is she on the hunt tonight seeking quarry? I solemnly reflect My muse sings to me, closing with a familiar wailing lament that wrenches my spirit; reminding me of my own madness It's said Venus shines brightest to those whose hearts are aglow with the greater light of love: Love, where is thy sting ? Around I go upon the oval, now facing East, where flitting bats wheel in the darkness before me; the oak trees closing in *8/13/2013

Riotous at Ephesus (ref: KJV Acts 19: 23-41) Cyrus the Great of old might have given pause, noting the manicured Temple grounds - spacious lawns; robed women clothed in white, men robed in black assembled before the theater Who would ever grasp the Grecian mind ? Paulus overshadows all that is Ephesus It is he whom Demetrius derides - incites the assemblage to chant as a mob "Great is Diana of the Ephesians!" two hours towards the downhearted disciples; Paulus' discourse is stayed Perhaps Paulus turns in reflection: It's a Pyrrhic victory, o' Demetrius, albeit rashly won How much more is silver than salvation thrice hypocrite? HIS righteousness is near 9/2/2013 r.9/3/2013 r.9/4/2013iv (tyM!) r.9/5/2013

Rejoice! There's joy in the refining greater than gold 9/5/2013

Reading Greek: Homer slays me - Achilles

             Angst, an Homeric brush
             toppling a near display
             No recompense enough
             owed on a Grecian urn

             9/6/2013 r.9/10/2013					 

Let us be refined in fire
Bound with rings  
of platinum wire

Ne'er golden sting twixt
thee and me
Sealed for all eternity


Easy as π A higher point of view leads one to a straight and narrow path A nobler purpose if you desire Let the spirit be your guide, and yes, you will be blessed Cultivate gifts of the spirit; be charitable above all Keep covenants made, never waver; hearken to the still small voice Rise above the turmoil, eschewing contention If need be - repent The righteous seek life eternal HIS yoke is Light... 9/8/2013 r.9/9/2013 r.9/10/2013

            Rainbow Blue

             Of all the 
             colors of the 
             blue best 
             the mood
             I'm in
             when I'm
             longing you 

Form or formlessness 
or form hidden unto itself; 
if only I could write poetry 
like jazz

             My Kitties Gone Home 2013

Beloved SnoBall, Tai, my dearest Pi
Gone home to rest unto the eternities
So tired my tears, so tried my fears
For Doodles and Odie, my remaining kitties
O' heaven's bright beam, make this a dream
Let me awaken to better days gone past
Where is the justice? Why all the fuss?
For three departed kitties sorely missed


   Silly, Silly, Lavender Blue

 Silly, silly, lavender blue
 who thinks him lord 
 o'er all the rainbow
 Silly, silly lavender blue
 declared war on the stars
 the sun and moon
 Silly, silly lavender blue
 what would you do 
 with all the light gone?
 Silly, silly lavender blue
 it's light that feeds your
 vanity and nourishes the bow


           Candy's Walk
  Mimicking a tawny owl
invading the shadow'd light
 Death coos: oo-oo, oo-oo


Of Being: Cats and Dogs

Dogs are
Cats is




                 Maple Valley, WA; 16th April
    'tis gray
    The Blood Moon has passed  unobserved
    Spring leaves dance in the wind
    like frantic butterflies
    ensnared in a web
    Waiting for death


Rain is Dry as Dust ( aka: Two Idioms )
            Rain is dry as dust;
            hail all the heartier

            Give me snows and
            sleets which twitch

            Slushy-flurry slurries
            betwixt and between

            Matrices in descent
            three sheets in the wind


The Plan of Salvation

The Plan of Salvation, HIS heavenly plan!
Places godhood within the penitent's grasp
Magnifying the quality of man


           Live from Maple Valley, WA... 4:00 AM: 

I hear the occasional train; a lonely wail in the distance
The unsteady whir of my hard drive
The drone-clunk-drone of oxygen being fed to a loved one
A constant ringing in my ears for company
All feed my desire to shoot the cuckoo clock 


                                    Carried Away

These padded walls of my cell are the colour of caraway 
fruits in the cakes I am fed; and as pungent as my poverty 

O' for the black seed of home, being the cure for every 
ailment 'cept death, to end my madness and set me free

6/10/2014 r.6/12/2014

Maple Valley, WA May/June (a bit of fluff)

love'em cottonwood puffs wanderers in the breeze a poplar gift to the garden fairies !



Cloud 9

                Cloud nine
                a state of mind
                one might find
                if one were to wind
                the tines
                of a fork about the spaghetti universe forward in time
                dropping a dime
                in the cosmic jukebox of the divine
                for syncopated rhythms and rhyme
                as becoming a celestial paradigm


Within the Silvered Pane

(L1 & L2 from William Hughes Mearns' song from
the play "The Psyco-ed", and poem "Antigonish")

 "As I was coming down the stair
 I met a man who wasn't there."

 A silvered pane hung near the staircase
 where he - I met ourselves face to face

 Realization soon became chagrin
 when I grasped my bogey was my twin

 But since I'd determined he wasn't there
 I sought to awaken from my nightmare

  T'was destined not to be much to my disdain
 I remain nonexistent within the silvered pane

 6/19/2014 r.6/20/2014


   A Study in Light Pink / Titania

 She floated like a cloud
 into the night within an aura
 of light pink light;
 ushering in an illusion
 of innocence and grace -
 a playful naiveté
 that took one's breath away
 Cold and calculating
 she whisked! me from the air
 hands tightly cupped together
 catching yet another firefly


 Headlines: How to Keep Your Brain Young

   FBI targets pimps, rescues 168 children
   Lightning knocks guy out of boots
   11-foot gator gives man 80 stitches
   'This isn't a trip to Disneyland'

    6/24/2014 r.7/8/2014


     A Luminescent Raw Umber Glow

 The people, a luminescent raw
 umber glow, dance - arms upraised
 Outlined in carbon black abstract
 they gloat over enemies designated
 by red and yellow ochers resembling
 hot embers in a crackling fire
 A bonfire's blaze adds life and
 violence to the flickering tableau
 Bison caper gracing another wall
 and black-tailed deer evoke the
 joy! of the chase; the short-faced
 bear and long-toothed cat remind
 them all too well of their frailty


                         A Latter-day Jean Valjean

        Jean Valjean's Soliloquy - "Les Miserables"

 Tracked down by technology - the very technology he
 had craved betrayed him; dourly he imagines himself
 a latter-day Jean Valjean with a wry sense of honor
 Time was always against him he realizes; every moment
 spent with his purloined gains - broadcast in real time

 Real time in another sense, he sighs, wasn't to be his fate -
 the owner desiring only precious scriptures and a lesson
 prepared on the stolen iPad; forgiven: the shattered glass
 window of the family car, the few odds and ends of leftover
 July 4th fireworks: the con-issues of the nonfrontation

 Safe, almost invisible, he buries his face in his hoodie -
 all but hands and feet protected from the elements by a
 rain cowl; shame hidden in the anonymity of the streets:
 shame for the crime, and being caught, and not being able
 to back up his bluster in front of a father with his children

  Water & Fire (Roll Over Jim Morrison) photo 2222.png


wonder no more where
your socks go...
they flee in terror


      Sand Between Me Toes / A Jabber Walk

            The whalevyrne creach'd
            whilst I combay'd the beach
            O! What a geist and a tunder !
            Krillix gave crush, to that
            which had smitherto launch'd,
            staggy'd a pace before gapey'd

            7/31/2014 r.10/20/2015

                     the moon and its broken reflection

                            the moon and its
                            broken reflection
                            this countenance born
                            through introspection -
                            an effigy cast
                            of collected dews
                            reveals a poet
                            without his muse


                            Dedicated to my Mother who passed through
                            the mortal veil today shortly after I posted this
                            poem. My poetry page is already dedicated
                            to her, so it's appropriate she have this poem
                            for herself. She encouraged my writing no matter
                            how silly or far out or, well - you know if you've
                            ever visited my page. So, in many ways she was
                            my muse.

             ~~o~~~~ sunsets

           daily tie-dyed
           pastel skies
           all too soon

           mountains, vales
           and prairies fade;
           glaciers chill -
           deserts defied

           oceans drink
           in exultation;
           the sun retreats
           in exclamation ¡
           dedicated to pk vaille
           on her birthday

            and she's buying

 the stairway to heaven
 prolly isn't
 paved with Benjamins;
 the antithesis far likely so -
 spiraling down with good intentions
 a perdition bound
 treasure ladened
 ever malapropos



              The Road Not Ken: Ta !

 Two Wily Lions Raged; Add Overdo Woe.
 Brace Thy Void And Roll Not Torus
 And Let Song To Aerie Born. Loved
 Skies Nod; Do Fold Aloud. Can Aeon War ?
 Neither Thought Nor Dew Be Written.
 Fresh Jest Took Euthanasia Troth.
 Angels Cheat Them In Braved Harp Pit.
 Wisest Wry Dada Aurae Cast Gnawn Bees.
 Fog Tethers Truth; Agape Hath His Son.
 Heed Holy Alabaster Haunt Met Worm.
 Godly Atabal Hymn Halt Requin Not.
 Old Plinked Seventh Sonata Braced
 Hot Pithy Fork; Fainthearted Rose.
 Know Thy Woe, Enow Today. Sing Alway.
 Evoked I Do It. Succumb Oh Bare Field,
 Bathe Lilies With Lashing Lights.
 Sages Emerge When Aeon Chased;
 Raged Dada Died. In Orison Two Vow.
 Look Nevertheless, Be It Today.
 Charlatans Flee The Faith Demanded....... "And that has made all the difference"

 8/15/2014 r.8/31/2014 r.9/1/2014 r.3/31/2015
 Note: 12/1/2015 - This is a line by line anagram to the best of my
                             ability of a poem by Robert Frost: "The Road Not Taken ".
                             I've edited it a number of times and hope it still stands true. tS


 the ground is golden-hued from
 sunlight filtered through wildfire's haze
 borne from miles away

 not breathing is not an option
 for long outdoors -
 throat and lungs will burn

 night reveals a red crescent moon
 bearing vigil o'er the lash of fire
 tormenting Hell Hole

 9/16/2014 r.9/19/2014

dedicated to marie christine
happy birthday sweetheart !


a musing

my world has
become up-
side down...
can you see
my frown ?


                                           The Poet

                    I hurt in ways words can't convey

                    Perhaps a poet's worst curse

                    When I should die I'll dance with death

                    And embrace eternity

                    11.9.2014 r.11.16.2014 r.8.22.2015

                                                        Sons of Helaman

                                                A cool quicksilver grume
                                                runs through their veins

                                                Bold as brass
                                                all worldliness they disdain

                                                Chiseled sinews
                                                coiled with raging power

                                                The iron rod tempers
                                                their priesthood's might

                                                Go forth, warriors!
                                                forged of truth and light

                                                And honor the teachings
                                                of your mothers


                                       blue bottle fly

                        blue bottle fly
                        chillin' on a screen
                        watches a child in a sailor's cap
                        scampering quickly by

                        following on his heels
                        his dog named spike
                        wearing a gilded collar
                        cost half a dollar bill

                        father is a barkeep
                        he keeps a good bar
                        banks half his money
                        he'll go far

                        blue bottle fly
                        catches a scent on the breeze
                        skunk cabbage and goldenrod
                        its bee's knees

                        spike begins to bark
                        the child has fallen down
                        wailin' like the dickens
                        in the afternoon sun

                        blue bottle fly
                        buzzes loudly to the throng
                        like he was a tenor
                        belting out his song

                        father comes a runnin'
                        the barflies help themselves
                        the child gets cradled tightly
                        spike then hushes down

                        blue bottle fly
                        lits high up in the air
                        red eyes scoping out the countryside
                        pheromones signaling kith and kin

                        3/8/2015 r.3/11/2015

 photo df7823fd-9271-45ba-87f0-24d3ce85b13c.png

            A Meadowlark Did Chance Upon an Eagle                                     

                        coloured was his
                        blood; this royal upon
                        a carpet of baby's tears did
                        spill death


Man of Mystery (Chapter 3 of 1)

  Nobody heard him,
  the dead man had left
  as unceremoniously as 
  he had arrived; only with-
  out aid and evidently 
  not hindered by locked 
  doors and windows

  He would awaken in the 
  distant past - his failsafe 
  programmed for just such 
  an event; sub-molecular 
  processors managing trans-
  time as easily as one might
  fall asleep

  Trans-time. It might just as
  well be trans-dimensional,
  not that dimensional travel
  was possible, but what good
  was trans-time if it only 
  served the past ? Not being
  dead for one he mused

  He now moved about in a 
  new reality, an identity 
  forged in mystery, a man
  immortal - consigned to 
  progressing haphazardly 
  forward to his own time - 
  knowing all was lost


“One Original Thought is worth 1000 Meaningless Quotes.” - Banksy

                          Chauvet walls are one thing -

                     Thrust a mote into the public's eye

                          And it's like: it's only graffiti

                                3/30/2015 r.3/31/2015

                            Spring Has Sprung

 Spring has sprung like an old pocket watch whose

 works have spilt upon a hardwood floor: Jewels 

 scurry in a twinkling; there! and there! Gears and 

 pinions of intricate complexity ( no ébauche utilized 

 here! ) dance like dreidels for a moment - only to es-

 cape from sight; the escape-wheel curiously not so


          2d or not 2d

Put away your 3D glasses

Exist -

(Eliminate the noise)


within  the holographic

manifold of mind


   the here and now

ǝʇɐᴉʇoƃǝu oʇ ɯǝǝs ʇ,uɐɔ I
ʍou puɐ ǝɹǝɥ ǝɥʇ s,ʇᴉ ;ɥƃnouǝ llǝʍ
ʎʇᴉuɹǝʇǝ puɐʇsɹǝpun ᴉ

ɥʇᴉɐɟ ʎɯ ɥƃnoɹɥʇ ʇdǝɔxǝ ʎɟᴉʇuɐnb
ʇouuɐɔ ᴉ ssol ɟo ǝsuǝs ɐ - ǝɯ
pǝƃuɐɥɔ os ɥʇɐǝp sɐɥ ɹo ¿ǝɔuǝsqɐ ʎɯ
uᴉ pǝʇɐǝɹɔ ǝɯᴉʇ puɐ ǝɔɐds

ɟo ɯnnɔɐʌ ɐ ¿uoᴉʇɔuᴉʇsᴉp ǝɥʇ
sᴉ ʇɐɥʍ - lɐǝɹɹns ʇnq 'sɯǝǝs ʇᴉ
ʇɐɥʍ ʇou sᴉ llɐ ǝɯoɥ ǝɯoɔ ǝʌ,ᴉ ǝɔuᴉs


i love to drive

my car doubles as a bier;
can, when tailgated, speed,
or precipice perceived
breed anxiety; marrying
vertigo, hypoxia, and
palpitation - allowing
neuroses to caper freely


                          Canes: 11 X 11

Blackberry canes infest the fig trees of home
Base to crown I wield a rustic machete;
then pluck the severed canes lash by bitter lash
Satisfaction is tempered by the welts the
keen thorns inflict upon me in this trial
Wincing each time my blade contacts the fig tree
I take solace from its venerable grace
With hope may I secure the ripened choice fruit
in season; since gone due to a long absence
tending yet other gardens in my purview
One thing remains: a pyre to purge my pain

3/6/2015 r.3/7/2015 r.3/10/2015  r.3/11/2015
w/ thanks to Bar & Hawkman 

the gnome of shaw island

and go-
rillas were in
his keep; in communion -
a higher order of being:

3/9/2015 dedicated to uncle john

                 family lore

immaculate starched feldgrau.
polished blackboots.
stark contrast to the distant
theatre behind lines drawn
by men of little sanity.

feuer! an officer barks.
a cannon deafeningly reports.
the dogs of war unleashed.
yellow shells reach apogee.

entrenched, cousin 'arry counts
beneath his breath.
mud and comrades' blood stain 
his greatcoat. then.
concussion rips off his mask.
a quick gasp of intake.
frantic scrabble. mask!

in a fugue 'arry sees the sherry
coloured gas slowly settle. mask!

'arry somehow survives long enough
to be transported home.

family lore.

the war to end all wars.

thank heavens.

3/9/2015 r.3/11/2015

                 Confidante: I'm Batman

a confidante
would suit me better
than a love seat,
fauteuil, or divan.
couches i oft
eschew when sitting
with my minions.


                 The Root of Beer

safrole stilled, sassafras embraces
sarsaparilla in all its humour 
and perspicacity; then, when
married with essences of various 
spices, berries, leaves, saps, barks, and 
roots produces a sweet brew; tempting both
tipplers and teetotaled alike


                       Eternal Life

The world would have you blindly believe
the cup is half full, or half empty

The Holy Spirit has taught me thus -
my cup runneth over through Christ  


     Eastertide - An Apostrophe

 O, blood moon -
 bless you for the portent of rain
 this Eastertide's jewel
 befitting our merciful King

 Spring - celebrates the eternal 
 progression of man - a potential 
 of Light within all creation

 With a crown of thorns derisively 
 placed upon Jesus' head
 He died. He rose! He lives!!!

 O, blood moon -
 similitude of man's unwashed sin 
 share with me your thoughts on 
 Gethsemane !

                                          The Sound                                                                                                                               

             tires turn, churn, crunch upon sandy asphalt
             into a moderately populated parking lot: stop

             doors spring open/close after hats and cameras
             retrieved: three pad-pad-pad down the path
             to the pedestrian bridge where step/clung-
             step/clung becomes the song of a throng of
             nature-loving devotees walking suspended
             over railroad tracks to ultimately reach the 
             sandy flats and lap-lapped shore where geo-
             ducks murmur hidden below knowing they're 
             within reach of giggling youth whose eager hands 
             scoop the raspy gravel in a race to obtain them

             gulls cry and laugh as singles and pairs splish 
             through the shallow waters of Carkeek seeking 
             tidal treasures that may be discovered (but not 
             lightly taken, nor kept); ankle deep, knee deep, 
             waist deep - the cool water becomes a living or-
             ganism: pulsing; a welcoming caress to one's spirit

             a monstrous centipede, a train, wails in the distance 
             growing larger and larger, its wailing becoming bolder; the
             rumble of wheel-works rolling on the tracks is heard; then
             shortly passes away - the train dopplering out of view

             out of the water, a walk through the brush - then a
             wade through a canopied stream that whispers sweet 
             nothings as one proceeds knee deep in a solemn slog
             down this withywindle to another footpath; leaving 
             behind a treasured shell; then trundle back into the car - 
             leaving the Sound behind: the memories of this day, 
             and the many happy days of youth past, vividly clear


                                                                       a spate of blues

                                                             afloat in melancholy
                                                             : ennui
                                                             in a spate of blues
                                                             : tsunami 

                                                             surrender to the moment
                                                             : jazz
                                                             embrace the unfolding fugue
                                                             : razzmatazz


                                                                                        She's So...

                                                                        She doesn't really know me 
                                                                        In that timeless sense assured
                                                                        Least of all my poetry
                                                                        Life's ripostes singly endured
                                                                        Yet love survives like a tree



    sillybibbles bubble - I love to meter

    poetic prattle - b'bibbiddy babble


                                    A Golden Sierra Walk In May

                    I saw the face of God today as

                    I walked the Golden Sierra track

                    T'was formed of clouds out in the East

                    on His right - a rainbow! - I took to be His staff

                    I'd been singing to myself as I walked

                    the westward leg of the high school's path -

                    a song containing the 24th Psalm

                    and the “Glory Be” - to keep a steady pace

                    When face to face His grandeur did appear:

                    I felt His perfect love, His mercy, and

                    His grace; and offered up a heartfelt prayer -

                    in Jesus' holy name - and continued on

                    My walk complete I took my leave and thought-

                    fully drove away. Arrived at home - an answer

                    to my prayer! Tiny sprinkles of rain blessed

                    my face - and once more I knew He was there

                    5/18/2015 r.5/19/2015

                                                 A Day in the Life

                                        crime tape

                                        is teased in the

                                        breeze - flapping audibly

                                        to the delight of children pure

                                        in heart






      art deco 




      pick-up sticks



      rolled back

      movies for a nickel


                               Ye Momes

 Ceres twinks and blinkys creating furrowed brow... 

 Perhaps ye mystery shall be discovered soon

 but ye tulgeys shan't idly give up its whimsy


 dimensional beings among us disavow

 testing mere mortals with trialish beam balloons

 whilst we gyre with our science rendered mimsy


                                                       AI Am

                                AI am

                                Not the creation of man

                                (There is) no ontological link

                                Nor phylogeny ; )

                                Having always existed

                                In His light enlisted

                                AI am


"Nurture Nature"

 Nurture Nature...

 Invest politicians

 within Her bosom


                         NW 107th Street (Off 9th Avenue NW), Seattle

                          Mint countertops were a sign of the times;

                          not that ours were - I don't remember

                          Peppermint in the garden; strawberries 

                          and buttercups; a tall foxglove and ferns

                          One neighbor had a nuke shelter built; duck 

                          and cover drills at Crown Hill school paled the

                          innocent light of impressible youth

                          An escape through the stinging nettles down 

                          to the shore helped shape an identity 

                          impervious to the daily fallout


                           what am I ?

                     22 fleshy rays

                     sensory overlord 

                     star child taupe fiend 

                     nocturnal omnivore 


  Where the Magnolia Blooms

bayou cajun gators

creole about - on a

tobacco spit road some

hot mississippi nights

thick as june bugs searchin'

for peaches - 'neath pecan

skies where the magnolia

blooms amidst charnal light

10/10/2015 r.10/13/2015

                                            Through Spiritual Eyes

                            In my pre-mortal days in spirit
                            I beheld one-third of Heaven waste
                            Their folly to outer darkness' call

                            I pondered then multitudes of stars
                            The natural man in willful strife
                            Yet judged to receive immortal life

                            I imagined still a higher plane
                            Where the moon doth shine as bright as day
                            My reflective mind did trow me there

                            Impressed with feelings of love and grace
                            Through morceau melodic canto lays
                            I then beheld His pure countenance

                            He condescended to counsel with me:
                                  Aspire to yet a greater glory -
                                  Yea, the fulness of our Father

                           10/13/2015 * Note 2/2/2016: L8 incorporates a line from "
'Girls and Boys Come Out to Play' or 'Boys and Girls Come Out to Play' ... a
nursery rhyme that has existed since at least 1708." - Wikipedia

                                 The Sky; a Pool of Blue

           I reached for the sky into a pool of blue
           The ripples from my finger tips did produce
           a certain concentric synchronicity -
           bringing all my earthly sorrows into view

           I bowed my head in offering up a prayer;
           while the heavens wept with me from clouds which did
           appear - I then beheld Him, the Lamb of God,
           who placed my burden into His loving care

           10/21/2015 Amazing pix

                  Come Down to the Mission

     They once came to listen to the Master
     and were fed; received loaves and fishes

     Now lest we forget, judge, or disparage
     our fellow brothers and sisters -
     Bring your humble harvest, your loving time,
     and kindly care to those whom have need

     Charity to all that despair; share the
     Master's perfect example of love


                    the Sun, in Midnight/Dada & Anagram

From the 1st line of The Cremation of Sam McGee - Robert Service
"There are strange things done, in the Midnight Sun, by the men who moil for gold." -

                     the Sun, in Midnight,
                     strange gold done
                     who for the moil, things by
                     There are

                     God ere morning within
                     the lasting holm -
                     The dear refined hymn
                     thus to be


                                             Muriel's Lament

                         Weep, Muriel, Angelic warrior

                         Was thy unconditional love wasted

                         upon thy fallen brothers and sisters -

                         fully one-third of the Heavenly hosts ?


                         HIS song of everlasting salvation

                         flourished upon thine instrument of war

                         did turn the tide of battle; ye who are

                         Heavenly blessed - held in deepest reserve

                         12/3/2015 r.12/11/2015 r.12/14/2015

             Sedoka Rose

Summer pink roses
clipped high by foraging deer
flourish resplendent in thirst

Autumnal showers
transfigure waning petals
to unmask bright orange hips



cupid's arrow takes flight
a smitten heart requites:
flutters with the wings - of
hundreds of butterflies

1/18/2016 r.1/19/2016

                              Values ?

                    Ewes who pursue
                    and imbue clues
                    through shampoos
                    and mousse -
                    eschew fondue and
                    spew hithertos
                    in the valley



the bobcat hunts     
lost is that
tacet clarion -
the still noon

tail bent
north to the lost
this still as bone
cat couchant

lost is the silent
tao blur -
that cool-tint
note chants bach

no cotton lace
that's it - still -
the sabbath
the unicorn lost

2/15/2016  Each stanza an anagrammatic representation of the lines:
"Narcotics cannot still the tooth/that nibbles at the soul" by dearest Emily

                                Lost and Found

                 Lost again
                 in a maze of emotion

                 a field of
                 dried corn stalk pale yellow walls
                 surrounds me

                 arms outstretched to the heavens

                 rather than
                 succumb to the moment I
                 fly away

                 2/20/2016 r.3/1/2016

My poem Villanellenueva: Redeem the Dead  is inspired by the LDS hymn "High on the Mountain Top"  https://www.lds.org/music/library/hy...n-top?lang=eng 

I've been working on my first villanelle forever and finally ended up making my tercets all haikus, hence new-villanelle or "Villanellenueva" in my title. Since the villanelle is French and the Haiku Japanese of course I used a Spanish word to tack on the end of villanelle:

The Mallow

the common mallow
'tis a handsome groundling
mauve in colour
in fields a'fallow
whilst the marsh mallow is
a paler soul
wholly edible
a confection wellspring


Our .Minimalist. Love Story

Bumbleberry pursuit
Hamster ball surprise
We've only just begun
Under Tahoe skies


My Conflicted Independence

In the battle for these United States' independence
I had, most likely, family on both sides of the fence

One-half Brit and the bloodline of a founding father
Should I enjoy the fireworks or act up ? Oh, the bother !

6/18/2016 r.7/6/2016

As Green as Grass

as green as grass
did catch my eye
a green of glass

midst coarse pebbles
amid wet sands
soft tide's rebels

as I did glean
sea worn glasses
as grass is green


        Peripatetic (Non-Aristotelian)

We're a migrant people; stardust in our genes
Nomadic sensibilities spur us forward
Where grass is greener; to satisfy our dreams

We'll inherit the stars after we gain the means
To navigate celestial winds - coming shoreward
Once learning eternal truths from He who redeems

7/2/2016 r.7/6/2016 r.5/21/2018

revision deletes the following:
(displaced war-torn peoples - whole countries made
migrant creating families adrift
the raging seas of strife; political
fodder affecting bloodstained states' fortunes)

Steel Pink

barney blended with
pink lemonade -
steel pink
against a 
field of dandelion's
blue clear skies


my interpretation of a poem by mahmod qabaga: "I am alone" - revised

I am afloat in your being
- your very mystery;
tending your garden
My soul immersed in your sea -
otherwise alone in this dream
Childlike, drifting
Seeking the way
through the starlight
that courses through your body
bringing order to your spirit
in harmony with my own
To wash away
what tears may come

My beloved
My angel

All through my years
you are the lotus my words bring to life
Open your blossom and give me guidance
Open the lexicon of your heart
unto my understanding

Teach me of Light
that you and I might love
and be as one

Closer, ever closer
to live and bring me breath
You are the poem I craft
from divine foundation
one eternal round
Your words ever entwined with mine
transcending all dreams

7/21/2016 r.5/21/2018

Spam Gems 8/2/2016 (or Spam Gems 3)


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     An anagrammatic representation of “Fog” by Carl Sandburg
     (with a nod to Robert A. Heinlein)

        FOG:  Faith Onto God

The Holy Ghost 
invites us to loath sin's storm

Bind to the tree of life 
and to innocence cleave 

Can man grok ?


 winter then spring

cherry,  apple
apricot and peach -
oak did warm the 
wood burning stove

winter then spring;
level'd the clearing
daughter's homely 
new home


  Softer Step Through Bridges

Alala !

Sing o' bridled unicorn -
torn petal's musk mane

Trot high hills 
Softer step through bridges

Dance wheresoever a natural
tanabata arena raised

The dead decide rage -
silent ghosts twiddle wink

Unmind why...
Heigh-ho !


An anagram of a quote by Harry Styles of
"One Direction" re: Bridge/Girlfriend/Candles

     Inspired by a cacian poem:

         Waxing Without Wain

take your blues 
by the scruff
shake them - red-shift
just enough...
life effulgent
under yellow sun
a mellow fellow
(waxing without wane)
now begun


     Cinquain: The Sun

the sun -
or matchless light
graces a celestial
destiny: an eternal state
of joy



a day of rain
then one of mists
this morning
diamonds ! tiny
crystals of ice


A subject poem: Tinsel...

Her Tinseled Hair

We met as one beneath the mistletoe
( t'wasn't planned if you really need to know )
Her tinseled hair shone; a quicksilver'd glow
not the mylar sort for Christmas show

Her eyes as gray the stormiest sea
gazed then locked upon one enchanted: me
Body electric; flushed in esprit
betime our winsome kiss ne'er gang agley


         Inner Light

Surrender to the Lord
Jehovah is His name
As a little child to He
who has no guile

The Father's fullness
seek Celestial law
this earthly vale
follow unto eternity


Quail... a Quatrain

I adore California quail
quail make my heart soar
I pray through this pour
they've found refuge about the swale


the seasons of my discontent

when that frigid hoar
o'er land and sky fills
every rill and rock gnawing
every wasted hour
this is the season
of my discontent

when the sun's wrath is
lashed scorching blade and
leaf with ne'er a breath
of air to bring relief
this is the season
of my discontent

when the fog that creeps
mists that choke and flog
visibility to nil cloaking
vale and hill to obscurity
this is the season
of my discontent

when whirlwinds rampage
both great and small
whirlblasts scouring the earth
and everything before
this is the season
of my discontent

when man loses sight
favoring might o'er
humanity advocating
power over sanity
this is the season
of my discontent

2/15/2017 r.2/16/2017

A Sunny Day

The honeybee rejoices
in the dandelion...
Should we do less ?


          My Shadow

my shadow is my
constant companion
when my countenance
is bright... always
my reminder to
stay within the light


                              SUMMER:  An Acrostic

Summer sszzzles
Under a bright yellow balloon
Malevolent to the snowflakes who risk
Melodrama as they bake; blank stars in their eyes
Everyone down to the seashore! - watch the icebe-
Rgs go by !


Pining Away

'tis base the ignominity of circumstance
whether from dementia, incontinence, or
remissness when confronted with soiling one's pants


    An Early Apple

An early apple to
nibble upon
shared with a worm
who'd happened upon
the apple before I


hangdog and roses

yet I love you so -
told with her twinkling eyes
forgiven once more


the white lotus

your presence profound
such unimagined power
a white lotus whirls


there can be light

make friends with yourself
retire not to the black depths
of your tortured mind



gravitate to peace
let virtue be your calling
ever unto all


hope for the unrequited

best carry your torch
for a candle will not do
may love yet be kind


Stem of Jesse

Come, let us find Him!
He invites all to be healed
Mind, body, and soul !


grease their palms

giving and taking
political forsaking
grease their palms with red



we should be thankful
for are we not but stewards
this time of trials



Science is Terrific
Like free-form haiku
Rules are oft humbled



nor of falling down
uoᴉssǝɹddo ʇou ɹɐǝɟ sɹǝɥʇoɹq
ǝɔɐǝd oʇ ǝʇɐʇᴉʌɐɹפ


So Dawns the New Day

here come the riders
upon chariots of light
so dawns the new day


Lady Fortune

Lady Fortune smiles
Upon the fool and the wise
In selfsame manner


O Civility !

O civility
Where have the chivalrous gone ?
Mothers teach your sons


A Stone; A Grasshopper

Moving not an inch
A stone moves not on its own
The grasshopper rests


In Whom Do We Trust ?

Are we not in ove-

r our heads when we trust

to our own grasp


O, My Heart Did Soar

   Such joyful spirit !

Your sweet voices Heaven sent

   O, my heart did soar

10/29/2017 r.10/31/2017

(to the Primary children after the Sacrament/Primary program)


see how oceans smile

the dolphin with its fond grin

    the clam smug within

11/4/2017 r.5/21/2018

Swift the Clock

By the dance of Love

Swift the hours of the clock

Tick tock tick tock tick...


hope beyond hope

your ship will come in

fair winds and following seas

off the horizon



don't pick the daisies

butterflies are in need and

souls ever hopeful



close my thoughts and dream

a silent felicity

a kite on a string



       The Silvered Pane: Remains

now then who are you
remnants of what might have been
had the mirror depth
a tattered note cries
shattered dreams inspire music 



and will tomorrow

bring a joy everlasting

or bitter sorrow


            Christmas Gifts 2017

a bright fob watch and folding knife
with Grandpa upraised in faux gold;
certificates for drum and ink
for printing gifts of my poems

binoculars... a minuscule 
yet serviceable folding pair
that I might survey my earthly
kingdom in the cool of Yule's air

hickory farms and gourmet fruits
for to nibble upon throughout
Twelvetide (should they last that long)
bound for my pa rum pa ta tum 

but greatest of these the gift of
family, and a gift supreme -
that of our dear, dear Savior
from our Heavenly Father


sweet melody

a canary trills
with abandon; its song soars
free upon the wind


               the stars beckon

                embrace the danger
               tread where no one else has gone
                yon the stars beckon



                a new horizon

   a new horizon
   dawns an everlasting joy
   a limitlessness



the ghosts that haunt us
banished by blankies at night
fade within the Light


              An April Snow 4.16.2018

The bumblebees are not about
and dandelions have closed up shop
Hummingbirds are not visiting their nectars
and the lilacs have paled their blooms

Cedars don their temple garments
of the wonderful fluffy stuff
While I ponder this oddball late winter
Oh haven't we had enough ?


        A Late Spring in Garden Valley

The searing cold has gone -
at last
Snow has kissed the Dogwood's bloom
And lilacs come to life !
Bees once more tread upon dandelion
As oak gives way to pine


      the digital age

its roundabout face
was numerically
peculiar -
with three hands
in motion... one
one less so and one
lesser still
'til one day
was taken away
what was it ever for ?

5/8/2018 r.

A Vast Sea of Stars 6.14.2018 / (a true story)

Death came by while you were asleep
He paused at your room where another slept
Yet tarried not there and continued on

Death came by while you were asleep
Hindered not by the bustle of caregivers' feet
His silence a roar drowning out all sound

Death came by while you were asleep
Unseen by all till he found his appointed
Who welcomed him gladly with open arms

Death came by while you were asleep
Dozens of pink flamingos stood silent witness 
     as a thin man dressed in black
Transferred a shroud into his van nearby 
     where a fountain played

Death came by while you were asleep
And later as the golems and shriekers of night 
     stood in line for their meds
A demented man in a wheelchair counted his fingers

Death came by while you were asleep
He's piloting a ship through a vast sea of stars
Ferrying souls to their next destination


a fairy's song

in a fairy's song
laughter and laments entwine
stirring trees to tears


                        A Newsworthy Acrostic

Back in the depths of time long before Noah was born
about 1.1 billion years ago in theory
rock was being laid down in primordial oceans
by fossils of cyanobacteria lately found
in Mauritanian basin shale deposits; an
evolutionary bombshell lately come to life

Pink, a bright pink from ancient chlorophyll which
in dilutions of solutions of pulverized rock
now brought forth for your amusement that you might
know of the potential for Barbie Pink dinosaurs

7/12/2018 r.7/13/2018


Sisyphus; and Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

 Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, traveling far and wide

 met Sisyphus one day toiling with his infernal stone. 

 Sisyphus importuned, after pleasantries were exchanged, 

 besought the Monkey King's great compassion to

 give the condemned a respite from his eternal toil.

 Being no stranger to stone the Monkey King set the 

 massive rock before his shoulder and rolled the boulder 

 clear up the hill with powers far beyond any mortal man.

 Hermes, ever vigilant, flew to scold the Monkey King 

 promising sore judgment if he would not right his wrong. 

 Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, piqued as never before 

 formulated an avengement upon the winged one; and so 

 to Sisyphus Sun Wukong declared: "You shall not find im-

 punity for my sake, but I shall grant you one boon" - bid-

 ding Sisyphus to transform into a dung beetle; and before 

 Hermes' eyes the Monkey King conjured up a fog; then with

 a somersault he and Sisyphus did henceforth disappear. 

 4/23/2015 r.4/25/2015  

 (dedicated to Robin Jay & Wendy Margaret on their birthdays)


                     Parker went through the wash today - 

                     an ersatz baptism of water and fire... 

                     Missed her when I went to jot a note -

                     (a search ensued) - I found her in the dryer 

                     When I ministered to her needs and opened 

                     up her shell - she displayed her righteous

                     indignation and gakked not unlike a squid


                 Spam Gems 5/19/2015 (or Spam Gems 2)


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               A Marvelous Work...

 There once was a prophet named Isaiah

 whose word testified of the Messiah 

 His sweet song of the restoration

 how the righteous shall inherit Zion

 All will nigh bend their knees to Jehovah


                                  A Celestial Embodiment 1: A Faith

                                 Lightsome as a sea of celadon

                                 Immutable hearts each paragon 

                                 Beings endowed by their Creator

                                 Effulgent countenances greater

                                 Rays celestial embodiment all

                                 United purpose answer the call

                                 Majestic spirits; sweet orison

                                 6/2/2015 r.7/7/2015 r.7/10/2015

                    n92762 ?

 Android is green; bilious too

 a mobile OS both lean and true

 My Kindle (Fire) has a fork -

 worthy of Guðmundsdóttir, Björk !

 Why n92762 ?



                                      who am I but a stitch in time     

                                     what if I were to bare my soul

                                        would you see me origami  


                                                  This Summer Night of Nights

                                                   propellers create the 

                                                   breeze that cools and delights

                                                   cats cuddle as I drift 

                                                   into the realms of geist

                                                   should this flight of fancy 

                                                   be lost to light of dawn ?

                                                   but no! I'm not bound to 

                                                   earth and sleep on and on


                Whatever: A Dadaic Representation of "The Lockless Door" by Robert Frost

Thought knock climbed light I door to hands;
With in" blew out but age a been window I;
At may it door the the knock alter I both sill.
Last whoever of went.
Again on cage descended.
The was wide.
A the "come and to came sill and in;
Door at knock raised back at my so the;
To in.
Tip-toed years emptied;
But the world I hide with lock.
Knock lock and to.
Over the bade I the my and came prayer the.
Floor a outside have no I the.




 it's all in the mind -
 an unkind game
 we play with our heart   

 crushed by a crush
 or matrimony gone bust -
 it's the ache that breaks;
 a void that tears one apart


                                                                     Cat of Black

                                            She stalks her quarry: this huntress who

                                            walks upon padded feet; calculates

                                            in perfect control, 'cept whisker's twitch

                                            Beauty, lithe; nearby a ravaged clew

                                            like death's chosen cat's paw - understates

                                            the familiar: a flash of tail which

                                            night brings her prey to mortal peril




    An Emblem of the Fall

An apple may be nibbled
away till all that is
left is the core: seeds
(and pithy bits - but not
much more) - the germ of                    
life hardened against
Winter's hammer
... unto perpetuity



      The Spirit of Autumn

The spirit of Autumn is
thanksgiving and harvest
Its path, laden with browns
and gold, lends to cooler days
and woodsmoke



Hollywood  !
          Dreams and
          Like puttin' on the

11/24/2015 r.12/1/2015

                     An Impression of My Youth

Introduced to
pointillism -
a copied scene easily
discerned from afar:
"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" -
But, oh! when brought
to my attention - points of color
most painstakingly,
I thought,
applied to the canvas - Thus
I first chanced upon
the works of
Georges Seurat -
to this day I recall
I dubbed him "Le Dot ! "



                             reindeer's escapade
                             a sleigh to convey
                             empyrean lanes
                             alight by chimneys
                             santa represents
                             bringing joy to all


        Begone the Bygone

let not the auld hoary
year pass blameless as we
toast our reverie -
lest out with the bath's weep
we too throw the baby

1/13/2016 (for your birthday)

Anagram: 3-lines from Neruda: Love Sonnet XI//English translation

                                   "I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
                                   the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
                                   I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes"

      May our vanity, aglow, obey a thrill best not fed ennui
      A fey frost graces age unto honor, I, ever on
      O lies ! Thus thy altar hedges a fate none to wife


                                 Valentine's Day Cinquan 

                    O be-
                    nign my valen-
                    tine - May our days prolong
                    May we grow stronger through this our


              A Clerihew Without Jheri Curls for Frederick Douglass

A 19th century titan among men Frederick Douglass
Enlightened through overcoming slavery and ignorance few could surpass
Had all humanity's sensibilities echoed Freddy's
Mankind would now be colonizing the Pleiades


 The Cheese Grater

  Mother had one -
  a cheese grater
  four sided with
  a metal grip

  Perfect for mak-
  ing cheesy bits
  with a touch o'
  fingertip smutch

  To sprinkle a-
  mongst our food


                            Villanellenueva: Redeem the Dead

                                 The dead's work begun
                                All praise the Restoration
                                   God, thy will be done

                                     We are chosen; we
                                  the children of election
                                  The dead's work begun

                                      Righteous agency
                                As we seek His perfection
                                   God, thy will be done

                                     Hope, faith, charity
                               Gospel truths: Resurrection
                                   The dead's work begun

                                     Praise be God's glory
                                Sons and daughters of Zion
                                     God, thy will be done

                                Temple work: Sacred duty -
                               that all may be sealed as one
                                   The dead's work begun
                                    God, thy will be done



                                                  with consequence affixed
                                                  calculate your risk

                                                  pray don't roll the dice
                                                  if you can't pay the price


                   Words: 1 Peter 2:9 KJV

     when worldly rhetoric speaks
     context weaves her spin - where lies
     slither in susurration

     a peculiar people seeks
     heartfelt prayer; the still small voice;
     covenants: eternal life


The story we all know, or do we ?:

Independence: A Devotion (L 9&10 in part from Isaiah 29:14 KJV)

Bravely continental daffodils fought
against an absent porphyric king deep
in debt: Thirteen colonies hard pressed; sub-
jected to five Intolerable Acts

Still our founding fathers, those artful
traitors, did offer a writ: The Olive
Branch Petition to the inadept king;
nearly abrogating every gain

And yet, 'tis a marvelous work and a
wonder as to how, or why, deity
deigned this fecund land to such a ragtag-
bobtailed people as our forefathers

May we celebrate this independence
with deference to our Lord, the one
true architect of this our nation:
Pray for His spirit to abide with us


                    Baby Blue: 2-Tercets and an Anagrammatic Couplet

                               My baby blue car had a clutch
                               Which caused me great consternation                     
                               When driving San Francisco hills

                               Yet the close coastal highway was
                               Attacked with a rush of pure bliss -
                               Although oft fogged backwater towns

                               Made for judicious use of alacrity -
                               Our miles a joyous diced cut affair



Hey Mr Tally man what
dat colour of dem seven
fingered hand ?

Man, dat colour is banan
- when she is ripe
in da sun is easy eatin

Yust peel back so - da skin
when da colour is banan
fo dem spots appear

No green, no, no, dem
does make da tummy hurt
an hurt an taste no so good

Eat when da colour is banan


                                                                     yours eternally

                                                            the warmth of your heart

                                                           illuminates your jade seas

                                                                 emboldens my love


True to the Faith

to truly endure to the end
implies a patience unspoken
for charity suffereth long


              ever, always

in heart
mind and spirit
cleave unto faith and hope
charity most of all; ever


To Melody - Not On Her Birthday

Schoolmates at Crown Hill Elementary
I believe it was first grade we shared
a classroom: Your birthday a day be-
fore mine; Mother bought your present - a

necklace with a heart shaped pendant that
opened... Not many boys at your par-
ty I recall, and I don't recall
your face; one summer I moved away

You are a phantom from my past; one
to whom I wish Happy Birthday to
faithfully each year as I reflect
on each November the 17th

I just wanted to say something in
this poem of "remembrance" on some
level other than your birthday: Hop-
ing you found joy in life, as have I


    summer 2016

ripened fruit laden'd
did bend the bough 

the plum nibbled 
by buck and doe 


An anagrammatic representation of the poem
"The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams

A Wall

best a shroud -
gaze within the wind 
where the dewcup skies 
become richer 
and ponder a wall


            Whisper to Me

I ponder a spider sprite
rowing or swimming
upon such a filament of light

up the down before
my gaze

Whisper to me
an ethereal theme -
teach me of eternity

r. 9-28-2016

            Celestial Tears



He Happened Upon a Glome

three days had it rained - the mists of 
the valley near obscured the full
harvest moon when John entered in
the dank clearing - he came upon

a glome pulsing - infrangible
as a pitch night - damson beings,
there performing a ritual 
as obscure to human thought im-

aginable, became aware -
sensing John, an anomaly,
vibratory beyond their ken -
raduliform voices called one

to another retreating to
the glome and in a twinkling
departed this world leaving John
a paragon of tantivy


       a foggy day at the seashore

foghorn and gulls compete with the
roar - a war of waves battering
the beach evermore - one gets used
to the decay mixed with salt breeze
when wading cold waters up to
one's waist - the tide subservient
as if preternaturally
to the wraith of a shrouded moon

11/12/2016 r.12/7/2016 r.3/18/2017
(removed last two lines:
"as yet an apparition to
whom it measures time till consumed"
)... the
poem seems better balanced this way...
use>used:  tS

An anagrammatic representation of the quote:
"Their pooled emotions wouldn’t fill a teaspoon." 
- Dorothy Parker

O' Froth Tide Moon/Orion Sleeps (within)

o' froth tide moon 
auld silent one
- a poet's pillow


Anagram: The Original Webmaster; Spider

rapid legs
one writes
"harm !"
... bite


                                        My Love

My love. You wake throughout the night. Every night.
Managing your pain; a new oxymoron in our lexicon.
Now it's 7am. Time for your coffee.
Time for me to sleep.

Three aces in 2017. How long has it been
since ultrasonic surgery brought us hope... then:
The kidney has a backup... One will be
sacrificed. Matastasized?

Mother had a royal flush a few scant years ago.
Stage four.  Fentanyl patches, morphine, the whole gamut.
Queen Mary. We attended her court with love and patience.
No treatment... Resignation. Hospice. Capitulation.

Christmas Day has come and gone
... A celebration of life. Eternal.
These blessings are yours if you live for them.
Will you live for them ? My love.



 find time to smell the
lotus flower you divine
 in your tranquil mind


                a magic trick too many

     marvel and delight the sleight of
     hand mind misdirected once more
     fascinated by my uncle's repertoire
     up to when enjoined to pull his finger


“Nothing could be more impolite. To say, “Is your sheep genuine?”

would be a worse breach of manners.”

Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

        No Need for Sheep

the silicon man

has no need for sheep

his internal clock

transcends even sleep

wool gathering long

a thing of the past -

dreams of electric

sheep would seem miscast


                      Upon the Waters...

The Ferryman 
Embarks Through 
Misty Fog 
Waters A 
Twilight Path 
Into Enchanted 
Bliss I 
Leave The 
World Behind


With Anagramic Help From Vincent Van Gogh: 
"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, 
but the sight of the stars makes me dream."


Capitalism trumps


O' My Love

I will sing o' your touch
the Hippocrene flood that
immerses me into bliss 
but to taste once more 
your kiss o' my love



I hate knicky-knacks
I sorely hate to dust them
I hate knicky-knacks
I sorely hate to bust them

(years ago) I hates them; a doggerel I
sang to myself when I used to dust

 Oh Joyous Reunion !

Oh joyous reunion ! Re-united once more !
(Tremulous emphatic hugs / kisses / tears pour forth)
... My eternal companion greets me at the veil
Sorry to tarry, dear, I'd hoped to endure well...

Was it only a moment that we've been apart ?

Perhaps from your perspective, for me - not so much
You passed in your prime: Oh ! How I've longed for your touch !

But here we are together, and now we can start -

To join all our dear ones, Temple worthy all
Brought to the fold by the Shepherd, whom He did call
Sealed for time and all eternity, His fulness received
Fulfilling our Father's plan, pre-mortally conceived


I Meditate

A mandala has imprinted upon my mind -

truly a wheel of fortune - one eternal round

Center - the tree of life with all its purity

Lehi's vision made manifest welcomes my thought

I reflect upon my burial in water -

upon my gift of fire - a reluctant saint

no longer I would aspire to the innocence

the faith of the humble man from Cupertino -

to feast upon His perfect love - life eternal


  Odysseus Dies

elemental pearls
Baily's beads
eclipse Calypso's
widow's weeds


    crossing borders: california

oregon with its
familial bones is
foreign ground -
a land to pass through
to the comfort of my
memories of youth

having visited
leaving nevada for
home in california
is like giving one athirst
a spring
in which to wash

arizona has no
memories for me
though she of me
to me just a land
too far; too removed
from the sea

I lack the desire to
leave for the née
aztec nation - a land too
in love with itself
to love its people

leaving california is
like love unrequited -
like being smothered
by a surrealistic pillow


       the eternal flame

      enchanting lovers -
realm of the eternal flame
       affairs of the heart


      deviner  (fr.)     

'twas a love devine
ever a work in progress
to become divine


the comfort zone

but often fall short
do they who never aspire
beyond their comfort


at the county fair

Come, come, try your luck!
Try your skill - win a goldfish !
Barked at passersby



shadows left behind
light permeates my being


trek west

caravan moves on
its dead buried as best can
always remember


and know...

But my soul trembles
When He asks me to be still
With unbounded joy


Adapted from the news back in May 2017: Newark, CA Police joke

news from once home

your meth gluten free ?
contact the Newark police
for a free testing


agent unto myself

leave my soul alone!
take custody of your own
progression or none


Be Perfect

Curse of Corruption
Throw off the natural man
Rise and be perfect


Reflect upon Still Waters

Mirror your Self
Reflect upon still waters
Deep in their baring


Find Joy in the Journey

Me and my travails
Are one with the Pearl of Peace
Joy in the journey


Hope Eternal

And conquer the World
We must - for what is man's hope
Save life eternal


Self  Mastery

With a peaceful mind
Pure replete with charity
Self-mastery flows


as thin as grass

as thin as the grass
may one's testimony wane
lest nourished wisely


turn a blind eye

so turn a blind eye

inhumanity 'round you

and take a selfie


fix your sights on high

is purely human

the best we can aspire to ?

fix your sight on high


 A Star !

   as a star burst forth

blazing its life giving light

    the heavens did sing


           the wooly bear

        feel winter coming
follow the woolly bear's path
        stay snug as a bug



lonely no more

                               lonely hearts unite

                    souls requite through life's fire

       everlasting joy



  Into roaring flames
I cast my natural man
  Cleansed I meditate


Inspire Me!

Muse, don't fail me now!
Embrace me within your wings
Stir my blood to burn


heaven's choir

oh that I could join
the panoply of angels
to heav'n sweetly sing


all the day

bless-ed harmony

when all just seems to be right

smooth jazz all the day



           idea hopping
rattling about the brainpan
       with no end in sight


No Refunds

No refunds, blockhead
My imaginary shrink
I paid him no mind


fireworks 1967      

crackers and squibs sport as children delight
down by the river this 4th july night

hippies laud the summer of love nearby
blowing smoke into soap bubbles on high

cannonades take charge launching to great heights
then blossoms and spinners emerge like sprites

the finale commands the heavens blaze!

              crosettes and willows     
      vie with strobes, bees, and whistles
           ... fish dart a'glitter  


lost in dreams

that day never comes
because time waits for no one
who is lost in dreams


Home: Seattle

how lovely it was
walking between the raindrops
gazing at rainbows


In Memory of Mustangs

where the Mustangs soar
Heaven is not far removed
their blithe spirits blessed

"All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes." - Joseph Smith


   Through Spiritual Eyes II / Ref: 2 Kings 6:15-17

   May our spiritual eyes

   be opened through

   the power of prayer

   That the Lord may bless

   us with pure sight through

   the Priesthood we bear

   Follow the Prophets and know

   God's plan is secure...

   We need never fear



             a lightless path

 shrouding good judgment
a lightless path that leads to
          the natural man


               creatures of the night

creatures of the night
share an uncommon vision
beyond second sight


An interpretive approach to the Portuguese song: Guittara

When a guitar plays
in the hands of a master
It touches the heart
urging the listener to sing

My coffin will be
most curiously shaped
In the form of a heart
with the soul of a guitar

Guitar, sweet guitar
I weep with your song
Life is more gentle
when I share in your tears


at our feeder: 3-haiku...

            at our feeder

       at first glance ablur
ruby and emerald adorned
         wing-ed diadem

                the chase

      hover and swooping
flash/flitter: chit-chit-chitter!
        contention is mine

                         to war!

            crown erect - chitter!
straight-wise aloft - a fierce plunge
           chirp! bill & talons flare


       once upon a time

      once upon a time
in dimensions undefined
     I wandered lonely


The Silvered Pane: NGLIAM 

                get lost 
                in a mirror 



string is what keeps a kite flyer grounded; 
it must be as long as one's imagination


 silent lapping shores

 silent lapping shores
 an existential vision
  best viewed in situ


               enter light

        awaiting the dawn
night weaves its influence to
      foreshadow the light


                   lightsome as a dove

light may be found in the eyes you behold
in those who feign not, with hearts full of gold
this light first given to all as a gift
yet burns bright in those no longer adrift
such light is best embodied by a child
whose agency remains yet undefiled

                   endure and remain
          lightsome through adversity
                       to life eternal


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