The Doc's Music to sing is to pray twice*

Actually, I cannot afford an IPod, but I do have a low rent MP3 player that I load up with tunes, podcasts, etc. My 15-year-old son likes most of these songs and groups too -- what does that suggest about his tastes or mine?


  1. Fine Again (Seether, One Cold Night)
  2. All Around Me (Flyleaf) 
  3. Lonely Nation (Switchfoot)
  4. Lead Me to the Cross (Hillsong United) 
  5. You'll Come (Hillsong United)
  6. Wonder (Delirious)
  7. It Can't Rain Every Day (POD) 
  8. No Longer (Decyfer Down)
  9. Let Go (Red)


My Current Faves

1.  Hillsong: This is Our God (08).

2. POD: When Angels and Serpents Dance (08).

3. Flyleaf: check out the video of All Around Me -- passionate and very cool. There are multiple acoustic versions of their songs.

4. Falling Up: My favorite tune is Drago the Dragons, but I also love Helicopter, Guide to Marine Life, Hotel Aquarium, and Searchlights.

5. Delirious: Kingdom of Comfort (08) -- their best, in my opinion, since the Cutting Edge days that produced "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," "Shout to the North," "Happy Song," etc. 

Other notables: Red, Decyfer Down, Ivoryline, Brooke Frazier, Fee, Dizmas, Evanescence, Passion, Planetshakers, Krystal Myers.

July '08 Update: I have never listened to Switchfoot, but their song for the Prince Caspian movie ("This is Home") has intrigued us enough to give them a test-drive. My wife loves their songs from "A Walk to Remember," especially "Only Hope."