The Angel/Demon War

A note to the readers of this history: For the sake of clarity and ease of comprehension, some of the terminology used to describe demons and angels is taken from Christian lore. This doesn’t define what is or isn’t “reality” when it comes to religion in AL--faith in general is something more left to characters to believe or not believe in and define for themselves. People tend to believe what they want to regardless of evidence, anyway.

Angels and demons themselves borrow names and descriptions at times. While moving in the midst of other cultures, speaking other languages, they no doubt draw on the most common lore. They borrow the tales, though it’s likely they have inspired more than a few, as well.
Characters might think whatever they might being faced by these things, to doubt their beliefs or not, but that is all up to them.

Also, very very few people outside of demons and angels themselves know all the details that follow. It’s not like they go around telling their histories to everyone they meet. No doubt your characters will know very little of this, beyond that angels and demons do not like one another.

Finally, Kayla likes it most when she gets to tell it like a story. That’s why this reads less like a fact sheet and more like a tale. There you have it. Let’s go into the story.

So many ages ago that it would seem impossible to call it anything but “once upon a time”--regardless of the fact that the time between dimensions flows in an odd and disjointed way that is often unpredictable--Demons and Angels were one people with access to an immense power, all together learning to use it, growing with their power.

There came a time when these beings discovered a tear in their reality, a portal that allowed them to move from their world to a world that was similar to theirs and yet so very different. They began to explore and search out more of these tears, to study how to open them and control where they went, and they grew and they grew. They became explorers, ever curious to learn more of their powers and the worlds that surrounded them.

It was as they explored that the One People began to diverge.

As some came upon new worlds, some wanted to know how those worlds worked, to immerse themselves in the world in such a way that they could discover its ins and outs. The knowledge that they gained, they put in order. They sought out places where things were in disarray, the proper order unraveled, and did what they could with what they knew to set it right again. These became the angels.

Others saw these worlds upon worlds upon worlds as limitless resources of energy to manipulate, powers to consume. They came upon worlds and they tore them apart, scavenging every scrap of anything that would give them greater power. Most did not care why things worked or how they worked beyond knowing just enough to best be able to take and have. These became the demons.

The angels grew more bright and glorious, surrounded by an orderly magic, by science, knowledge, technology. They turned to a Higher Authority, the one they called their Father, and they sought to please him with their pursuits.

The demons grew more fearsome in their strength, loathsome, chaotic, driven by a hunger for more and more. The Master, the Deceiver, the Lawless One, King of the Bottomless Pit, Satan, Wicked and Soulless, rose to their head.

The divergence between the two became greater and greater, as actions by the demons were viewed as immoral by the angels, and the demons in turn thought the angels foolish not to partake of the plenty that abounded. Worlds upon worlds upon worlds exist. There was no end to their number. None of them mattered, the demons laughed. All else existed to be enslaved.

The angels, under the banner of the Father, believed that all the worlds mattered, from the first to the last, every creation a precious thing to be honored, catalogued, understood. They could not abide by the destruction that the demons wrought. When a legion of demons came upon a world where a host of angels had been observing and providing aid, only to kill the angels along with those natives of the planet and harvest it all, disagreement and debate became an all-out War.

Worlds without number, and on each one, it seemed, either demons or angels strove to take hold. Each world, a fresh testing ground for the demons and angels alike to discover how best to stop their foe. Every world, similar but different, requiring new stratagems to be won.

That did become their focus and intent as the tally of worlds won and lost continued to increase in number and the eons rolled onward and forward: stopping the foe. Granted, for each demon and angel in the battle, there was more to it than this. After all, any living thing free to choose is complex.

For the demons, of course, few had qualms with admitting outright that they would like to see every angel dragged down and subjected to their will and authority until the end of all days. But it also remained so much about gaining power, more and more power. Those that served the Master well and managed to align their brothers and sisters underneath them--by any means necessary--were granted greater power still. Demon Princes, with legions and hordes beneath them. They found pleasure in where they went, in scavenging and scrounging.

For the angels, well, in public they would always declare that they were doing this to save each and every planet, all the ends of creation, from the darkness that would consume them all should the demons win. A good number meant it, too, but hate and prejudice are such easy things to fall to when the enemy never gives pause, never stops, and the war must continue onward, without end.

So it was, after following a chain of worlds from one to the next, the demons and angels alike came upon the earth of our game.

The first time they came to it, demons and angels alike discovered the place at about the same time. Both armies descended upon Earth to claim it without time to truly study it, and it was in this mass entry into Earth that they learned their first lesson about Earth. Because of a unique element within its magic, when angels and demons in full force came upon its surface, a catastrophic explosion shook the planet. Thinking this world, this Earth, was entirely devastated, they left it for a time.

But the curious angels did always want to learn more. They came back and explored, tentative. And the demons, often finding a certain satisfaction in destruction, sought the world to see what remained of the chaos caused.

The beings of this world, this Earth, for whatever reason continued to live on. Those of high magic--High Fairies, Ancient Spirits, Dragons, Gods, rose up in strength and established their domains. Not only this, they crafted seals and barriers around their home to shut out the pandimensional war. The magic of this Earth became desirable to the demons and angels alike if only because it was so difficult to obtain. Oh, if they could have this world, surely the scale of the war would tip in their favor at long last.

But how to claim it? The matter was more difficult on a world such as this Earth, where if the angels and demons were to converge upon it it would surely be destroyed for the violent reaction. And still more difficult with the natives guarding their home. But angel or demon could be there when the other was not occupying the same space, and they could slip onto the Earth if they left their bodies behind, or if they were invited.

Moving as entities noncorporeal, they whispered in the ears of the mere mortals and inspired them to make the proper powerful sacrifices to open gateways to travel through. They explored ways of leaving behind their influence, making agents who could move upon Earth.

The angels soon discovered a means of strengthening some humans with their angelic essence. These became the Chosen. Throughout the generations, angels continued to come to young human children and bless them. They whispered weaknesses of demons to wise men and women, to strong magic-users and magic beings. They sought to support the Earth, the way it was.

The demons did not approach with so much artistry or caution. They whispered, certainly, to influence men and women, but where whispers were not enough they consumed humans, possessed them. They took risks and moved onto the world more openly, with more fierce daring. They made dying men drink of their blood, marking them. The first Sanguine. And from the Sanguine’s lust for blood mixed with the demons’ lust for blood came Master Vampires, who in turn brought about the hollowed-out demon hosts that are the spawn vampires.

Earth’s Magic Beings could not abide by this war, rippling under the surface of their civilizations, trying to take their world. In a last-ditch effort to cleanse their world of demons and angels, the High Fairies--overseers of the flow of magic itself--stopped the flow of magic, turning it back and aside. They all knew this would mean a retreat. It would mean that those amongst them who depended on magic as much as food, air, and water would suffocate if they could not find shelter, and they knew that there was not enough shelter for all.

So it was that the greater magic faded from Earth, though the near-human magic beings continued to exist. Humans continued to be born with the potential for magic and psychic ability, though all these things were weaker without magic pouring forth as it once had. Merfolk retreated to sanctuaries near underwater magic wells. Magic use, already rare and mysterious, grew only moreso.

The supernatural influences decreased to a point where in so many places in the world, they could be dismissed, ignored. Human ingenuity and drive for knowledge and power brought about better science and technology. It was easy for so many cultures to dismiss the reality of something that had faded into shadows and history books.

But, though fewer demons and angels could come through, so many had already placed themselves. The vampires and the Chosen moved. The angels already in place watched closely. The demons found ways of encouraging blood magic, sacrificing those beings with magic inherent in them, to open gateways and continue crossing over.

Earth’s Great Powers had cut off their own strength to try to cut off the angels and demons, to cut out the disease, so that it might regrow. But the disease remained and would not be removed. In fact, it seemed it was only getting stronger. As the year 2000 approached, angels seemed to see more and more need to increase their efforts in creating Chosen. Demons started to find ways to crack into the sealed-off magic and start it trickling back. Little pools of magic, little bursts of strength.

In 2012, at last, Earth’s Great Powers decided that they could sit with so little strength and watch on no longer. To keep their world, they would have to assert their power. So it was that the floodgates were opened on December 21st, 2012, and magic was restored. So it is that the war continues even now, a war for the fate not only of this Earth but so very many others just like it.