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Well this is just a sample of what's to come ahead. The side story is part of the main story still just focused on the minor team. The main story hopefully will be done soon.

Again this is something I've made up while taking a break from "Apocalypse Alliance". Again characters are made up, so are locations and towns. Hope you enjoy... Side Story: Thunder Lions!

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 Side Story: Thunder Lions!

I don’t know what’s going on with me…

Thought a young lady sitting by the window of a pricey restaurant. Her emerald green eyes calmly watched the ocean. I never knew driving on the mountain side would be so exciting.

A sudden breezed lightly brushed her fringes sweeping them side to side.

I felt so alive, so dominant. I could still vision those tree’s flying infront of me.

The young lady wore a white silk dress that wrapped around her slim hourglass shaped figure. Her white heels dangles lightly. The sun shined lightly on her light snowy white skin as the sun began to sink.

Maybe, I should go for another run.

A young waitress walked silently up to her with a bill in her hands.

“Excuse me, miss. Here’s your bill.” said the waitress.

“Thank you,”

replied the young lady, reaching for her purse and taking out a few notes and putting it on the table. “Keep the change.”

Without another word, the young mistress got out of her seat, tucking it and slowly made her way out of the restaurant heading towards his car. Sitting under a cherry-blossom tree shined a white Mazda RX-7 GT-Limited. The young mistress slipped her key into the keyhole and opened the door, slipping her key out. Then he stuck the key into the ignition turning the 13B rotary engine on.

As soon as she got in, her cell phone rung. The young mistress answered it.

“Hello, Natsukawa Erika here?”

spoke the young mistress…


The sky turned darker and darker, stars slowly filling up to occupy the big moon. It was dead late and up around Dragon’s Route circled a twilight dover white RX-7 FC3S . A burst of fire exploded out of the muffler tip.

Erika upshifts into fourth gear watching her car glide over the 100km/h mark. The FC approached a v-turn, Erika braked exactly where she intended to. She turned her car in, soaring past the apex and flew out. Her left hand downshifts through two gears waiting for the revs to be shot back up.

I was away from the apex by 5cm this time. If I distribute just a little more weight and braking application I should be able to get a tad closer!

The FC cornered past a hairpin incredibly fast, the FC continued to quicken up as it soared through the twisty roads dominantly. More flames exploded out from the exhaust pipe into the air.

That’s it for tonight… I don’t think this car could do any better like this.

Erika silently drove the FC out of the mountains and back into the quiet city….



A loud ringing noise woke the sleepy Erika. It was 8am. Erika gave a soft moan and her arm rushed all over the place trying to look for the alarm clock. With a big hit, the alarm clock went dead. Erika slowly got up and looked around her bed tiredly rubbing her big round eyes. Her hair was all messed up and was all over the place.

Without any rush, she slowly took her time out of bed, she was wearing her light pink pyjamas with bunny rabbits all over it. Her room was piled up with books that she was using two nights ago. She rummaged through all of them to find the one she needed.

“Ah! I found it!”

Erika squealed with pleasure, she had found her Marine Wildlife study books. “Thank god!”

Erika placed the books safely in her bag and walked into the bathroom. She spent a good half an hour in there. She walked out looking all perfect. She appeared in a white blouse and a brown skirt.

“Hmm… what can I have for breakfast?”

She looked around the kitchen. “K-bars looks good.”

Erika pressed a finger against her soft pinkish lips. “Strawberry sounds good! I wonder if Kyo-kun will want one? I’ll bring one just incase!”

The grandfather clock in the living room rung nine times. Erika gave a big yawn.

I have an hour till I have to go to work. What can I do before then?

Her emerald eyes slowly closed.

Will… Kyo-kun be there… today?

She fell asleep.


Small trickles of light lit up the couch, brightening up the lounge and Erika. Erika opened her eyes and looked around.

How long have I been asleep for?

Her eyes winded up on the clock. It was ten o‘ clock. She had 5 minutes to get to work.

“Oh, crap!”

Quickly, she grabbed her bag and ran out the front door, her keys between her teeth. She opened up the driver side door, throwing her bag inside and jumping in. Within seconds the engine was ablaze and the FC was already halfway down the street.

Erika slid the gearstick into another gear, pushing the throttle harder. Her car revved louder exceeding 5000rpms and shooting forward.

Come on!

She recklessly sped past a give way sign not stopping for anything. Her eyes shot to her in car digital clock. One minute to go. She was nearing the marine club only a few more streets to go. Erika slips the car into fourth gear, there was a sudden hiss as the turbo pursue more power.

Moments later, Erika parked her car beside a nice looking Pontiac GTO. People stared at her car as it arrived. Erika rushed out of her car with her bag swing dangerously. She sprinted into the building and ran past a couple of the members.


Foot steps hurried along the corridors making a hell of a lot of noise. At the end of the corridor was the meeting room, where her and the other members were stationed before they go for a dive with the dolphins.

Then the door swung open and standing between the door was Erika, panting a little.

“Sorry… for… being…” she took a deep breath. “Late…”

“Take your seat, Miss Natsukawa,” said the club leader. “Take your seat, we’re just going over the procedures, do and don’ts when we’re going for the dive.”

Erika took her seat beside one of the older sempai’s in the room. The sempai passed her a bottle of water and smiled. Erika kindly accepted it. “Thank you, Kyo-kun!”

The sempai sitting beside her, was a year older than Erika. He had short orange spiky hair, round face, brown eyes with a small red tint, a few small moles on his face and medium size lips. The sempai was medium built, with broad shoulders and a very lanky posture.

The sempai reached for his glasses and positioned them correctly, he wore a black swimsuit with his pants and casual shoes. This is Erika’s sempai and good friend, Mutsu Kyoshi.

“Everyone understand what we have to do?” asked the club leader.

“Yes,” replied everyone.

“Ok, we’ll all meet at the Gold beach at 12pm.”

Group by group the club members left the meeting room. Erika sipped the bottle Kyoshi had given her earlier on.

“Looks like you were on a rush,” smiled her older sempai. “Fell asleep again didn’t you?”

“No!” blushed Erika, drinking her water.

“I was merely resting my eyes.”

“Sure sure.”

He laughed then smiled. Erika avoided eye contact with him. But slowly began.


“Hmm, what’s up?”

“Is it alright if I.. um… take a ride with you to Gold Beach?”

“Yeah sure.”

Erika’s inside did a massive back flip. I’d never thought he agreed that easily!

“What’s wrong?” asked Kyoshi, worriedly.

“Uh… nothing!”

grinned Erika nervously.


Later on…

Erika and Kyoshi got into Kyoshi’s black Pontiac GTO. Erika stared in awed at the car. It was big and powerful compared to her FC and it has a massive V8 for a heart.

This car… feels fierce!

Kyoshi fired up the 5L V8 muscle and a soft humming noise came from the engine bay ahead of them. Erika climbed into the passenger seat and buckled herself up. She felt the soft vibrations that moved the car a little.

Kyoshi got into the drivers seat and threw his car into reverse and slowly backed the big muscle car out of the parking space. He threw it back into first gear and let the car roll for a bit before stepping it down a little.

The GTO drove around the roundabout and kept going. Erika flipped through Kyoshi’s CD collection looking for a good CD to play while they drive to the beach. Erika got out one of the many CD and put it straight into the CD player. Kyoshi took a right turn keeping his car well in the speed limit.

“Kyo-kun, when is the next team practise?”

Erika asked conversationally.

“This weekend hopefully,” Kyoshi changed lanes overtaking a slower car. “We’ve got a challenge next week against the Titans.”

“Oh, really? I heard they’re a tough opponent.”

“They’re really hard to beat. But I’m sure we’ll stand a chance against them.”

“I hope so…”

Kyoshi stopped his car at the lights as pedestrians walked across. “Don’t sweat, we’ll do fine against them. Us locals will fight to the end, Erika. You know that, right? Whether we lose or not, we’ll fight them with all we’ve got!”

“Yes, I will try my best!”

nod Erika, smiling.

The lights turned green and the GTO slowly took off, making its way to the freeway entrance. The pair continued to talk constantly and listened to the CD.